It's been 18 years and best girl Kyo has never been surpassed

It's been 18 years and best girl Kyo has never been surpassed.

How does she do it?

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not even the best girl in her series.

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Not even the best girl of her-

nagisa is better

did kyo get a whole ass sequel VN? I didn't think so

Abandon thread.

No one gives a shit about KyoAni pre Haruhi.

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>best girl Kyo


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>Haruhi aired 2006
>Clannad aired 2007

Literally just a psychotic bitch

Hang yourself wojakspamming twitter immigrant.

Don't be mad because you're retarded, just take your loss and move on.

18 years and Kyoufags are still whining.

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Fixed that for kyou.

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You can't improve perfection so why even try.
She doesn't need sequels

She almost did.

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Both better than Nagisa

She should have!

she gives my penis a boner if you know what I mean

>literally hooker stockings

That outfit shouldn't be legal.

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the strongest bully

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Nagisa being the main girl makes no sense.
Tomoya is too damaged to take care of her. They're both takers. They need givers.

>her series
nice job admitting that its her show without even being the protagonist

Tomoyo best girl.

Even by Key standards she has been surpassed though. In a gacha game, no less.

Kotomi best girl

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That was a real monkey's paw considering how Tomoyo's sequel VN ended.

I hate Nagisa, well not really but she is very bland, but I do get the logic behind it. It's basically forcing Tomoya to become a adult by giving her a useless girl to take care of.

i like nagisa and i like ayu

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Why did the Kotomi route not even have a gag about the whole club being in it out of Tomoyalust?

>It's been 18 years

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The older you get, the easier it becomes to appreciate that blandness. Kyou's cooler, but Nagisa's a great fit for Tomoya and being around her matures him splendidly.

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Nagisa was perfect for Tomoya. Their relationship didn't just have Tomoya doing all the work to fix Nagisa. Nagisa pushed herself to the best of her ability and helped him the moments he was the most lost, gave him new motivations, and even helped Tomoya come to terms with his father -- no other Clannad girl could do that. Tomoya told Nagisa about his situation and only her. I think that speaks volumes, because Tomoya has to help every other girl endlessly with them giving him nothing in return. And this was in the VN and the anime. Kyou NEVER, not even in the VN, helped Tomoya out with his father troubles and she knew him longer than Nagisa.

Clannad is not about YOUR waifu but how Tomoya fell in love with HIS waifu, not YOURS.

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>not even in the VN
Kyou's damn useful early on in Kotomi's route, something which is mostly cut from the kyoani adaptation, and in general she does a lot of good stuff in the background. She's a lot less mature, sure, but she still beats out every other girl except for Nagisa, and excluding her Tomoya lust, she does what she does for far less selfish reasons than someone like Tomoyo. Everything else you said is spot on, but Kyou does deserve more credit.

Clannad is one of my favorite vintage anime

Oh yeah I missed the father part, but that's just one part of Tomoya's development, not the only one. Being there to help out in other regards still makes Kyou solid, it's just that Nagisa was so reliable and especially so pushy (to a fault sometimes, as this wouldn't be nearly as acceptable in a less family-centric country) that Tomoya naturally ended up gravitating towards her on that front.

>vintage anime

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Not that user, but he is sorta right. "Vintage" maybe implies it's 70s or 80s old, but Clannad is older than much of Yea Forums's userbase.

worst girl
best girl

>bug eyes

Let's be real, her main appeal was her parents.

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Honestly, I can normally appreciate blandness if there's enough normal girl appeal but Nagisa doesn't really have that since she's a massive spas. She's somewhere in-between "Autistic girlfriend" and "basically a daughter you can fuck", which isn't very appealing to me.

I do get that. Like I said, she isn't for me but I get why Tomoya likes her I guess. [

>It's been 18 years
and here I am still on Yea Forums

brb killing myself.

Trailer for a new Clannad x Higurashi Mei (the gacha game) collab. This time featuring the twins (both).

I kinda want Key to keep collabing with them so they don't have to do collabs for their own gacha.

Sucks because I'm beyond 30 now and still no family like Tomoya. I always knew my ending would be the same as Sunohara's

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I will keep crying for Kyou until the end of time...

plus she dies for the sake of the story's message. how thoughtful

I always found the ending of the main route lame.
Instead of rebooting time with the wish power/insanity ending, now that Tomoya had actually accepted his wife's death he should've moved on and remarried.

Ryou was better

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how did it end?

Tomoya dies of heart failure.

Fuko IS best girl.

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haha oh no

You misread it. Nothing from the death onwards ever happened, he just got paranoid. Probably the adaptation's biggest failure was that it didn't make that clear enough compared to the VN.