Surely it wouldn't bother you if your waifu were to put on a few dozen pounds, would it?

Surely it wouldn't bother you if your waifu were to put on a few dozen pounds, would it?

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Not really, but this woman doesn't stop at a few dozen.

only if they all went to her tits

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Fat women are gross as fuck
Tight, taut tummies are where it's at

As long as it goes to her breasts

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Wouldn't bother me at all.

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I'd love it in fact

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Even if little of it went to her boobs?

Okusan is a perfect woman

Captcha: R0mpk

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Fat women and men are gross. Oku-san used to be okay, now she's not okay.

Round here we call that a good start

How far is it to go?

never ever.

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Fellow architect reporting

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Only if it bothers her.

>They cut me off so fat

Not if it all goes to her butt

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Only if her boobs get fat too.

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Okusan is fantastic.
Anyone have any recommendations for similar content? Slice of life stuff featuring fully figured adult ladies. So far this author seems like one of a kind.

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>never getting translated

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>Tight, taut tummies are where it's at
Wrong! Loose and jiggly like jello is the way to go

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I'm trying to get my imouto to lose a few dozen pounds.

the tiny punk wife is the best okusan

My 3d wife did. I was fine with it IRL, but I don't need it happening to my waifu.

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Yeah, because it allllll went to the places it SHOULD on a woman, unlike IRL women where it just makes them ugly fat instead of sexy fat.

Just more to love

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How is it going?

Her tits are too perky for my taste.

She isn't losing weight for some reason

Just fuck her more to compensate, easy.

The author's other work, Ashitaba-san is basically the same premise, but an entire house of them, with the mom being a teasing nympho.

>a few dozen
That's it?

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Those ears are a huge turnoff.

This artist needs to draw more often. He's just too good.

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Why is everyone so fat?

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Every single waifu should be retconned to have put on few dozen pounds or even more desu

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She's pregnant, give her a break.

God she looks so soft and squishy, I really don't understand stickfags

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got i love this fat bitch

feederism mmmm
FORCED feederism MMMMM

>this thread

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>artist has done ntr

Lucoa's spinoff manga has been a treat, she's drawn incredibly soft like she should have been in the first place.

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Tell me fellow architects, what got you into fat women?

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>Mid 2000s
>12 years old
>stay late playing vidya and watching TV cuz I am a bad boy
>Add pops up about accidents or some shit
>The twist was something like watch yourself or you will treated by an ugly and fat nurse
>fat nurse was wearing one of those slutty nurse oufits with the biggest tits I ever saw barely contained while puting a plastic glove and throwing a kiss at the camera
>Instant boner
>Time to sleep
>Dream about the nurse
>Next day wake up
>Pee all over the mattress
>Mom laughs and tells me I should get a gf
That was my first wet dream and the reason fatties are so hot to me.

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I love this author's artstyle, I still don't know what the hell was he smoking when he made Hime Koukan though, considering that his other works are so whilesome, catharsis maybe?

Fat bride in a plus-size wedding dress......

>Munimuni Kinoko
>Bamboo Ale

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try getting a job

Haven’t they crossed over already?


Fat cuddly babysitter

I found our theme song

How old were you? Typically fetishes get developed from a young age like for instance when a cartoon they were watching showed a fetishy scene

I'd guess like 5-7. She didn't molest me or anything but she let me get very touchy.