Do you enjoy tragedy series...

Do you enjoy tragedy series. Is there a certain threshold for you before the tragedy in that certain series becomes obnoxious?

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It depends. I enjoy short ones, but I feel like when they drag stuff then I get annoyed with the tragedy.

dropped this at 31 chapters bc i couldn't stomach it. sometimes it just so gratuitous, you really wonder if it's just a fetish

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Tragedy is comedy

>you really wonder if it's just a fetish
At some point I think it is, but I like the artstyle of the series you posted.

I like Azumi tier, multiple arcs of nothing but despair

I only enjoy it when tragedy isn't the only big aspect

Do you feel like you become desensitized to the despair at a certain point?

There's a certain threshold when it goes from tragedy to misery porn. Like you know how battle shounen need to keep one-upping themselves with antagonists until it gets ridiculous, tragedy manga can be like that

Yeah I get that.

>Fifteen-year-old Jeremy Butler moves from Boston to Hampstead with his mother Sandra after she marries Greg Roland, a widowed British aristocrat. While Greg maintains an idyllic relationship with Sandra, he regularly subjects Jeremy to physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. Fearful that his emotionally fragile mother may re-attempt suicide if the truth is exposed, Jeremy initially bears the abuse in silence. As the abuse intensifies, Jeremy conspires to kill Greg by tampering with the brakes in his stepfather's car, though the resulting accident kills both Greg and Sandra.

>Ian Roland, Jeremy's adult stepbrother from Greg's previous marriage, suspects that Jeremy is responsible for his father's death. When he attempts to convince Jeremy to confess to his actions, Jeremy flees to Boston and begins injecting heroin to suppress the memory of his trauma, supporting his drug use through prostitution. Some time later, Ian discovers the truth of Greg's abuse of Jeremy; horrified by his father's actions and his own ignorance of them, he becomes Jeremy's caretaker to make amends for his father's abuse. As Ian and Jeremy grow closer, Ian finds himself disturbed by the growing sexual attraction he feels towards his stepbrother, and begins to fear that he may ultimately subject Jeremy to the same abuse that his father once did.
I quite like Hagio Moto's works. But Jesus Christ.

it's my favorite theme, the more the better
as long as there's a happy ending

user, I don't think you understand what the word "tragedy" means.

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sounds right up my alley, picked up

just because a series has tragedy doesn't mean it needs to end in tragedy, the overcoming of such is so moving

The ending doesn't have to be a tragedy as well.

not simple is genuinely one of my favorites. Tragedy tends to be a hit or a miss for me, like said it can easily just turn into misery porn and it really depends on how the characters are written and how they handle tragedy. In Ian's case, he was a nice guy dealt a truly terrible hand in life, but still tried to make the best of it. Shit like Boy's Abyss is a horribly written trainwreck that I can't look away from because I have to see it through to the end. Same with most of Oshimi Shuuzo's works, his stories start off strong but either fail to stay interesting or comes off as super pretentious and edgy.

is heavy on misery and does seem to be the author's fetish after some point, but I'll also give it a pass for style.

I read Himizu last year and it's just misery porn
I read Shounen no Abyss last week and it's the trashiest schlock I can remember ever seeing

The end is what makes it a tragedy.

Yeah I liked not simple. I just used it as a pic because I liked the cover. But I could never get into Shounen no Abyss.

no it isn't


If you're referring to the story itself being a tragedy, then yes, it has to end in tragedy. This has been its definition since antiquity and I'm sort of confused how you don't know this.

If you're just using it as a synonym for "unfortunate events," then sure, a story can "have" tragedy in it, but the story itself isn't one.

Yeah I meant later. I wouldn't call a series with a happy ending a tragedy series, but I was focused on said as using it as a theme.

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Oh shit I saw this in a bookstore many many years ago and forgot about it completely

where's the tragedy here?

Light was robbed

Any manga like this?

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Juat browse netorare tag in sad panda

>there a certain threshold for you before the tragedy in that certain series becomes obnoxious?
Yes, tokyo ghoul, it was one after another fuck up by kaneki

rocketmonkey on your fav hentai site

He got what he deserved

misery porn thread? can't forget about the classics.

why is it that these stories almost always use child/teenage protagonists to depict suffering and tragedy? such is the case even in classic children's literature, beyond japan.

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plus time

I like my tragedies only when the characters smile despite everything.

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had a phase when i get addicted to tragedy, nowaday my brain is rotted from sol and cgdct. I keep putting back some promising tragedy manga in my backlog. Few days ago i try to reread wolfsmund, but i know the early chapter is so depressing that i just can't continue reading it.

that is not ntr

>Do you enjoy tragedy series. Is there a certain threshold for you before the tragedy in that certain series becomes obnoxious?
I can enjoy every type of tragedy only if it makes sense.

The perfect tragedy needs a mixture of internal and external fault. Too much internal fault and you lose all sympathy and want the subject to die, too much external and it becomes purely an exercise in lurid torture.


I think they are good to experience so long as its not gratuitous. for instance, has no moral the end of its story--it simply exists as a tragedy for tragedy's sake.
pic rel on the other hand as well as provides a moral and allows you to draw conclusions based upon the tragedies depicted in context, so long as you're not a sociopath or autistic.

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Why do people read obvious fag shit and then act surprised when it's shitty and faggy?

Light did nothing wrong

for me it's 177013

I recently read that because I really liked ACCA. That manga was just the author sadistically torturing the twink MC. I speedread it to see if it got any better, but no it only got worse.

I wonder if gembutts can be considered a tragedy.

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I like the. If the tragedy became excessive though, I just view it as a comedy.

>Killed jailed cunts, then claimed he was a good citizen.
>Detective shitposted on television. Brain circuit so short that got snapped by it.
>Killed the detective, then claimed he was god.
>Got nabbed by the tail because of that.
He more than deserved it coming.

I could almost feel the pain physically with Punpun holyshit

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he was robbed because they felt the need to drag out the season and timeskip 5 years instead of doing a second 26 episode season

depends on the author

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Never been a fan

Some of it can, but recent chapters are just too incoherent and rapid-fire to be ANYTHING.

This was why I liked Puella Magi. There was a certain level of self-awareness in how it went "yeah, all this misery is magically contrived and an incomplete picture of the human spirit" and then let the heroine fix it with similarly bullshit magic.

everything is his fault.

I think i now understand the whole tragedy is comedy thing now, this shit is just absurd.

not the rollocaust

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Devilman is one of my favorite tragedies of all time. I have a real weakness for tragedy in the classic sense, implying a flawed protagonist whose flaws are what lead to a catastrophic downfall.