No one ACTUALLY likes initial d right? They only like the music

no one ACTUALLY likes initial d right? They only like the music

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its realistic portrayal of all women being whores still rings true to my world view
I live off of the things I learned from Initial D

I watch through the first race at least once or twice a year. The setup and build up is perfect.
It's also very unique. Drifting in races may not be realistic, but that's far less of a departure from reality than basically any other "sports" anime, and the number of legit /racing/ series are basically /just/ Initial:D.
Other than the PS2 graphics in early seasons, what's not to like? (and shitty visuals hasn't stopped people from fellating LOGH for decades.)

I like it. It rightfully earned it's place as a classic.

It was fairly boring. Which I should have expected to be honest, driving as an activity is kinda boring even when using a manual. The only thrill when racing is being on the verge of having a letal crash at any moment, but that's nowhere to be seen in Initial D since everything is so predictable

It's great

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silence zoomer

I like it. And I like the music.

I like JDM cars from 90s, especially Evo.

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>I like it.
why the mc is so dull
im 30

The first 3 Stages were fucking great. Then it loses steam on Fourth Stage and it just shits the bed on the last 2 stages. I feel the series overstayed its welcome, there was little to nothing else to do around the end.
Retards who claim people like the series only because of the eurobeat are just showing they never watched the show in the first place. There's a reason why MF Ghost (by the same author) is kinda failing to generate hype despite the fact it's also getting eurobeat.

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>images scaled so all cars are the same length and height

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Mogi a shit

Pretty much spot on about Initial D. MF Ghost doesn't really interest me, then I read on a thread last week that Takumi was the mentor or something? How lame is that?

Mogi a Mercedes slut

You mean that isn't a giant Miata?

stage 1 was great becuase it really did just seem like a bunch of teens/young adults getting together in some bumfuck town to race on some mountain roads
then it got too professional and thus boring

stage 1 was kino.

Considering there's not many (car) racing series in general, it's popularity was started due to filling a niche and being entertaining for those into it.
>t. Had a friend really into it years ago who only read the manga because his dialup couldn't torrent anime

Over Rev was better

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The first episode of 5th Stage was pretty good because it actually had a plot that was like something you'd see in Stages 1-3. Then it devolved into the godawful melodrama that Shigeno seems to always fall back on.

Will anything about that cancelled anime ever be leaked?

I remember reading MF Ghost and I think I read something about Takumi having an accident while being a professional racer. I don't mind Takumi trying to be on the big leagues, but my main problem with MF Ghost was the story itself. I just couldn't feel invested in either the characters or the story. Ended dropping it after chapter 20 iirc
MF Ghost is the same experience as the last arcs of Initial D

The only thing I remember from 5th is the episode where a bootlet Takumi and Keisuke get fucking exposed, maybe that's the same episode. The rest is fuzzy in my bird brain.

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I'm sure all the material is still in a studio's dusty closet somewhere. Whether it survives until it's uncovered again is a different story.

What was the author thinking making a gold digging whore the mc's main love interest?

Because thats a woman actually is in real life. In fact, none of the girls are pure in initial D. All are fucking sluts

>Civic is ripped straight from 3D tuning

the early stages were cool
the project d shit sucked

I read the manga years ago but struggled to finish it. I thought it was because I was in high school and didn't know shit about cars, and while I still don't know shit about cars I can at least drive now. Is it worth watching the anime?

The last stage against that little kid was so fucking lame. I liked everything else

Just check the story till the point Project D begins. It goes downhill after that

What was he driving that he was stuck with used whores?

I didn't like Takumi winning fucking everything on the first session. Specially when they hyped up the last faggot as some sort of demi god and he got mogged by a new techquine thrown out of nowhere. But I'm just nitpicking, series is orett good.

First part is cool, project D sucks balls except for the god hand part. Should've ended there instead of the dumb kid battle.

MF Ghost races are boring since they have around 10 cars in one race, and most of other racers are boring jobbers.
Only a handful of the rival racers are kind of interesting, like the German and the playboy pedo.
Also the cars are suck, they put European cars since JDM legends like Impreza, Evo, etc. are all dying.

I think over-rev is the superior racing series but initial d is still good fun

I’ve been aware of initial D for several decades. Seen some random episodes, read some random chapters when places still only hosted them as zip or rar files. Never once did I actually know what it was really about other one guy racing another guy. Seriously, the Eurobeat was the only memorable thing (either that or the shitty dub)

30 years later
>rx gone
>86 a corporate shill money grab
>rotary engines gone
>supra, NSX, and GTR look nothing like their originals
>WRX still basically the same in function and look.
When the interviewers asked Kishimoto why Naruto got so many design changes but Sasuke so little Kishimoto answered: "Don't need to change perfection".

I guess you can also throw in the Miata too. Not really my cup of tea, but it's staying power is incredible.

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it's realistic with the times and community circles the manga deals with
it still holds true to this day even

The only good looking WRX is the 1998 22B.
Then it's all going down from there.


Only because no one else has said it. fpbp

I genuinely liked the early shit when Takumi had no idea he'd been groomed by his dad to be some kind of idiot racing savant and just wanted to deliver his fucking tofu as fast as possible. Him actually wanting to race/drive and get good never quite sat right with me

this. over rev keeps the high points longer and has a better story around it


>no FTO
even japan has forgotten it. I've seen it dirt cheap on import sites. like well below 5000 US

1st stage is fantastic aside from awful CG cars.
Slight drop off in 2nd and 3rd stages.
4th onwards is where it becomes too focused on races. There's still some good stuff here and there but pales in comparison to the earlier stuff.

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What's on display in Initial D is Takumi's drift technique and awareness which seems to be able to overcome any advantage. This technique instilled in him by Bunta is actually a large plotpoint that develops over multiple episodes.

You are supposed to watch the races, which are high level.

>Specially when they hyped up the last faggot as some sort of demi god and he got mogged by a new techquine thrown out of nowhere
Ryosuke? Didn't he lost because he fucked up the tires of his car?

Haha time to buy an affordable new sports car
>sold out before they even get a confirmed VIN number from the factory
Okay let's get a fun used car from 10+ years ago
>5x the price and slammed

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>Lexus SC300
>Acura NSX
Retards don't even know the Japanese names of these.

season 1 is unironically one of my favorite anime
not a single second feels wasted in 26 episodes

who /wanganmidnight/ here?

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hope i never meet you irl

i'll probably fuck you in the ass if we do

well, initial d fans are gay...

das rite

It was the anime version of Drive for the same autists who live Drive now

It's a timeless tale.

The Subaru losing on a downhill with that many hairpins honestly strained my disbelief

I think you're exactly right about there being too many racers. A 1 on 1 race with a simple rule of finish first or don't get overtaken is just a lot easier to follow especially if you're not already into racing for other reasons. Also introducing that many characters from the first race is just kind of a bad idea story wise when the MC isn't even established as a character yet.

its literally the early fast and furious movies

dom is an actual character
unlike takumi

What happened?