Choujin X

Tomorrow is the 1st year anniversary of Choujin X, let's review what happened in the past year with this series and whether or not some theories have been solved and where you think the series is going to be like in the future

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I can't look at the MC without thinking of pic related

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Wouldn't surprise me that ishida was inspired by it since he is a pop culture fan in general.

Hoping a new illustration for the anniversary.

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seriously wtf does this mean? the more chapters we get the less it makes sense.

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You'll get it at the ending

He needs to deliver as he did with Tokyo Ghoul and the entire sex chapter.
No excuses Ishida

Are those teeth?

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Nvm it's just the hair. Would have been cool if some fucked up face would hide behind the shadows


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Stop, you fiend

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One year of Ely getting ryona'd.

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It's the opposite, the more we learned about chaos state the more this started to make sense.

>1 year
What the fuck

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Asuna will die

Not even gay but black reaper Kaneki is pure fucking sex.

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objectively wrong, haise sasaki is the best tokyo.......... ghoul............

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New chapter in 5...


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Another promo art similar to pic rel but with Azuma/Moon Beast volume would be nice. He'll probably also draw new art distributed to several shops.
If nothing else, we still have the volume extras in a week

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I want to see a colored Ricardo and Ume illustration

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I really hope Ricardo and Une will be okay after all this is done.

Agreed. We need a whole chapter of them dating and going to a Sauna.

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Ricardo hasn't used his Raise card yet plus his body seems to function differently from normal humans, so Im pretty sure he's safe

who wins the mcbowl in this?

his one and only soulmate

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Shipfags need to fucking die

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Who is the touka of this then?

I can only see Ely as a contender, since Ishida usually establishes this sort of stuff early on in his stories to avoid shipping cancer. It could also end like Dorohedoro with them just being platonic.


>Who is the touka of this then?
Birdman because he has her haircut

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Sato is a double agent for the tower

this is a ishida work, sato will be a good guy when compared to the mother/smoker faction but still a complete psychopath

i think he comes off like that because he's very pragmatic and doesn't hesitate to go all out with his power and position

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How about a chapter schedule instead

He'll just drop new chapters whenever he feels like

As said, Ishida setups this stuff early, in CJX MC (Birdboy) have 3 possible routes.
She saved him and now is basically his new best friend and partner. Together with her deuteragonist status, it can easily go for platonic relationship or romantic. She also interested in finding her Prince Shining.
His future senpai from X-men organisation, pushes MC siscon button. He has a crush on her, but to be fair barely knows her.
Femme fatale similar to Rize from TG, she tried to kill him, but he admittedly holds no hard feelings for her, even fantasizes about her a little.

I went from being confused and dissapointed by the first 2 chapter into being captivated more and more by series with each chapter. Not sure, if Ishida will manage to beyond his inspiration and make this series truly something special, but at least it probably will be an enjoyable read.

I think the first chapter does a good job at introducing all the important characters, selling you on the madness of the world and has a good emotional hook at the end.
I wonder how much of that initial confusion was due to the long break between ch1 and ch2 and jumping right into the chaotic truck chase. Because once I reread the series from start, it flowed much better.

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Poor Azuma just wants his precious simp back

Needs more gigachad

Maybe he'll come take down Moonzuma

Pls be daijobu Ricardo-kun...

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We need more nudes scenes with the mc!

He just died once, he's fine. Unless he's a raiselet

Thanks, Ame You're Ishida's rightful heir.

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First chapter was cladded too much into ambiguity, it had so much stuff like this instead of simply telling basics of their world and little story to hook the reader. Only established author like Ishida could allow something like that and not everyone bought this at that time. Second one was simply a mess on top of a long break. Well, now with new developments first one looks much better and second one was nicely reworked by Ishida.

Gay sex, this time.

Momoma was introduced a few months in actually

Personally, I hate when authors infodump all their stuff in the first chapter before making me care for the characters, so I welcomed the approach to dive right into the story with the plane crash and have the villain interact with one of the main characters. That page you quoted had more of an "oh shit, wonder how things will lead up to that point" effect instead of feeling like a mystery bait because the text clearly gives you a direction. And there weren't even that many pages like that either, but it could be that my memory is a bit fuzzy. The rest of the chapter mainly focused on Tokio and his relationship with Azuma which was thoroughly shown through their dialogue and bit of backstory, so I was already interested in their fate from that alone.

Can't really much say about the second chapter because that was also my initial reaction, But in retrospect, some of the stuff was recontextualized later on and it gave Ely more agency in the story which makes it fine. I think he wanted to go for a different vibe since Ely was in the focus this chapter, to match her spunky character

Pic related still remained the most kino moment I'm the series so far, despite the ridiculous amount of kino in the recent chapters.

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Makes sense, it was a climax of introduction arc. I feel like current one also only around the middle and there will be the second phase after Ishida finishes showdown at the hotel.

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So the colours represent arcs?

This was the culmination of that arc and since we spent a decent amount of time to learn about his character, this felt satisfying. The azuma stuff stretches over what looks like the entirety of the manga, so the emotional pay off will come later.

I think so, Nari and Shiozaki stuff were heavily interconnected by Tokio and Ely development. This one brings Azuma into the story and maybe will give us a glimpse of fraction war.