Spring 2022

It's almost halfway through the season. What show have you dropped or put on hold for sometime? Any of the popular ones?

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I dropped aharen after they introduced the trap. It was average anyway but that was the final nail in the coffin. I'm tired of traps. It's such a shitty and half assed attempt at a surprise

Is there any reason you only put the 7 worst anime of the season inside that image?

I haven't dropped anything I've picked so far, so this season has been fairly enjoyable. I still have to finish the first season of Rikekoi and catch up with the rest however.

I just grabbed something that shows a bunch of titles, without making each of them look tiny or something (like the usual season charts).

Absolutely shit taste, even more so than OP's list

Havent watched a single anime since 2019

Dropped everything that has censorship
Latest one to drop was cuckoo

I'd love to watch SpyxFamily but it's my personal rule that if there's a manga, I read that first.

What happened to original anime like Cowboy Bebop, Scryed, and the Big O? Now every season it's light novel and manga adaptations out the ass.

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>What happened to original anime like Cowboy Bebop, Scryed, and the Big O?
This season has many original anime
>Now every season it's light novel and manga adaptations out the ass.
This always been the case, but from the anime you listed I can infer that you don't even like anime

this is just a stealth rec thread

I stopped watching anime unless it is some really eyes catching originals.

I think the last one I watched was Odd taxi.

>What show have you dropped
i never even picked any of this garbage up. worst season since last season.

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Dropped Tomodachi Game and Shikimori.
Might drop Spy Family too

I watched one episode of Shield Hero S2, then dropped it when I realized I just didn't care about Shield Hero anymore, and also I couldn't remember why the green-haired bitch was even there. I still love Filo, but fuck it, I'll just read some doujins and shit.

Also dropped that Kunoichi show. It has some hot little bitches in it, but aside from that I didn't care for it. I just don't have time anymore for a show that's mediocre aside from the girls.

because he's dumb

I also dropped Tomodachi Game. I watched two episodes then stopped when I realized I didn't give a shit about any of the characters. They all suck. I hope they all die in the end.

Dropped Shield Hero because every possible aspect of it so far is dogass and in retrospect I'm not sure why I was hyped for it given I had similar feelings about the ~second half of the first season.
Dropped Aharen because they rode the premise into the ground in the first episode and everything thereafter was just rehashing the joke. Komi-san is heading the same way: more of the same but just with a larger cast of wacky characters.

I dropped the first season halfway through

Probably gonna drop Shikimori too, the MC is too faggy, is unbearable

Started all shows but dropped everything except Kono Healer, the only one worth finishing.

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Was kinda surprised too, I thought this season looked like garbage, but it turns out that my taste is shit so I like everything I picked up for something.

I’m still waiting for ikkitousen

Watching (in order from most enjoyable to least enjoyable):
Paripi Koumei
Skeleton Knight
Summer Time Render
Spy x Family
Birdie Wing
Kunoichi Tsubaki
Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall
Tomodachi Game


Mendokusai Healer

Anything that I'm overlooking?

I dropped spy x family after the school interview episode. I will come back to it when I can watch it all at once.

definitely pick up aharen

Shoukei Shoujo no Virgin Road or w/e has been surprisingly decent for an isekai. They set up some time fuckery like Summer Time Render, so that might be why I'm enjoying it. Pacing is a bit fast imo, but I'm not an lnfag so I can't comment on it. If the pay off for the spoiler is happening, then it will probably be a top 5 of the season for me.

Healer Girl has been an interesting take for an anime original. iirc it's the first time I've seen something close to a true musical in anime form, comfy slice-of-life with low stakes. The seiyus are awesome and the character animation is solid.

Love After World Domination has been my enjoyable romcom of the season. Strong reiwa energy and plenty of gosling posts in the episode threads. Very refreshing after so many will they/won't they romcoms. Animation is nothing to write home about except when Desumi is in frame, they are killing it in that department and she might supplant Eiko for "best girl of the season" for me.

Didn't know Shield Hero was a romcom.

Finally picked up shield hero and SxF, dropped kaguya and the loli ninja shit

Only newfags drop shows.

Will definitely get to soon, my buddies have been loving that anime. I saw a bit of the rapping episode and it was funny.

Is Virgin Road the one where all of Japan gets isekai'd? That one looked interesting, weird name though what does it have to do with virgins? Will probably watch it because it seems like the sort of shit I'd be into.

Virgin Road is the one where the MC's job is to kill any Japanese teenager who gets isekai'd so their isekai protagonist superpowers don't fuck up the world.
As for the title, fuck if I know.

>Is Virgin Road the one where all of Japan gets isekai'd?
kinda, the plot is basically isekai'd people are really common but always come in super OP, so they are dangerous. This follows the adventures of an isekaijin and a priestess.
>weird name though what does it have to do with virgins?
Nothing yet, I think? Full title is "The Executioner's Way of Life " (処刑少女の生きる道〈バージンロード〉 ). The main character is a priestess, so it might be a reference to an in-universe holy path or something. Regardless, I don't know if it's relevant yet, or if it means anything at all.

It sounds like Talentless Nana if you've ever watched that one. Similar sort of premise, girl with no powers has to kill a bunch of kids with superpowers before they become adults

This is a pretty above average season. Certainly compared to last season at least. Plenty of stuff I'm enjoying. The only show I outright hate is the elf healer show.

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Kongming I cannot stand this drivel. The most overrated anime of the season. That last episode with the rap battle was cringy as fuck. You have to know Japanese to understand the meaning of what they were saying.

Another issue with this anime is Kongming has no weakness and he can do everything and that takes away the believability of how he solves most the problems.

>Kongming has no weakness and he can do everything
So just like in ROTK. No problem there.


Virgin road is Japanese word for the wedding aisle:

As for why it's named like that, who knows. Apparently it has a meaning of casting away your purity/virginity in order to dedicate yourself into something or someone for your entire life. The main character is doing her church's dirty work, that is, killing innocent people. So, in a way, the word "virgin" there is half-sarcasm.

god you're retarded

Kongming was specifically chosen because of his lack of weaknesses. Imagine if they made an anime about Tesla and a guy went "What the hell, why does this guy know so much about electricity? That's not realistic.", that's what you sound like

Kongming does lose many times in Three Kingdoms though
That's what makes it interesting


All without soul. Not a kino among them.

Too many Otakus like you and this faggot are creating anime these days.

Virgin Road means wedding aisle since the premise is "a girl's journey to kill a girl"

Just started it and am caught up. It get's a chuckle out of me and Carla's awkward expressions really get to me for some reason.

Dropped Shield Hero, one episode into Shikimori or whatever probably going to drop that too

Bitch elf is annoying

nu-Yea Forums has really turned into Yea Forums filled with retards who don't even consume the media they talk about

Those two are legitimately trash. Koumei also.

Kono healer

On fence with Paripi Koumei, depends if future episodes will be rap focused.

kill yourself, media isn't cool, consuming media doesn't make you cool, all there is worth appreciating is art and modern anime isn't art because the people who make it don't care

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It's a pretty trash season, pretty trash year really, but spy x family honestly isn't that bad, it's sort of clever

get a life

Virgin road is a good adventure series set in a post post post post apocalypse world, inspired by series like Darker than black and Ga Rei Zero, so if you like those you will probably like it

Vastly different because the danger is actually real here and the story is focused on a girl journeying around looking for ways to permanently kill a girl

pic related
I'm also watching Love All Play, but it's painfully average so I don't save it.
I'm gonna drop Build Divide really soon. I feel like I'm only watching it out of obligation because I watched S1. It's fucking trash even as yuribait anime. Same with Yatogame the previous seasons were fine, but this 4th season is really boring for some reason.
I don't know if I'm gonna keep watching Ao Ashi, Tomodachi Game and Dance Dance Danseur since I'm already reading the manga all the way to the latest raw chapters. They're okay, but not worth my precious HDD space.

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LNfag here, Episode 1 to 6 is just one volume so pacing is just right. Which means Episode 7 to 12 will be likely be just v2, whiteout.

It's a decent adaptation so far, the only faults are the usual things like lowering gore level a bit, slacking off in some fights due to budget, skipping on some lore and setting because not enough time etc

> is worth appreciating is art
Oh boy its a underage retard who escaped his discord server pretending to be some anime connoisseur by looking up reddit top 10 list

holy based