One Piece

New week.
New chapter.
Will Onigashima at least move out the way this week?

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Kaido will win. The raid will fail. Cope.

give it a few more months, who knows we might even see Luffy's fist land this year

Will Oda finally remember how to draw and write properly or will he continue to destroy his manga with shitty pages that cram tons of ugly panels, drawings with no depth and ugly thick line density, and plots that drag on and on as he constantly introduces literal who’s with the ugliest most retarded designs possible and stretch and drag fights out as much as he can?

>Most favorite moment in Wano/Onigashima?
>Least favorite moment?

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What is with the edgefags who constantly insist villains are going to win? Did you not all get embarrassed already when Katakuri lost? Seriously I don’t get it, one piece has never been this kind of manga, the good guys will win, Luffy is moving on to bigger and badder foes.

Remember, break next week.

More Samurai shit with the same chapter ending for the 4th time.

based oda allowing luffy GODS rub in are victory for a whole week against kaidofags

who cares. one piece is shit

End wano already I want to see Yamato's elbaf outfit

Shitmato is not joining lol

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>Most favorite moment in Wano/Onigashima?
The introduction of the tobi roppo, I thought things were finally getting back on track.
>Least favorite moment?
Everything that came after.

>Top 5 Sexiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Cutest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Prettiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Funniest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Personalities:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato

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>>Most favorite moment in Wano/Onigashima?
Luffy upper cutting Kaido with CoC
>>Least favorite moment?
Peros and Jack defeats.

>Favorite Moment of Onigashima
Bracchiosnakus. The Sanji Queen fight was already great, but the comedic timing of that gag was legendary.
>Least Favorite
Kinemon's return from death.

Ulti was the only thing keeping the raid fun

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We are entering nightmarish territory if that punch doesn't come down.

So uh, what's Luffy and Roger's dream?

It's literally brainwashing from their cancerous e-celeb idol who constantly shills his bad takes in these threads. The same retards whining about stakes will legit scream about Wano being bad because the MC is fighting to free it to the point of cheerleading bad guys.

This shitty behavior has been popular since Dressrosa, with muh "Doffy did nothing wrong!" Doffyfags, which only got louder when Doflamingo was revealed to not only be scum who doesn't really see his 'family' as anything more than objects, but literally killed his father and brother for not letting him slob on that sweet Celestrial Dragon nob.

>I want to see Yamato's elbaf outfit
Boy, you better hope we get more Wano if you want to keep seeing that coom bait.

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the raid is successfully, kaido lost and yamato is joining

Bracchiobomba was pretty great

to be the pirate king because that sounds really cool and also go on awesome adventures

Is it wrong to think even if the supernovas, scabbards and yamato were fighting Kaido together from the start that they still would have been fucked and lost to him despite the numbers advantage? Even now it feels less like Kaido's using an all or nothing move like La spada ro Shadow Asgard and more like he's humoring Nika Luffy

dumb ass

Someone should really wake her up

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It's dumbass*, dumbass.

go to the moon is the answer.

What exactly was the point of Luffy's loss and falling off the island? Did it serve any particular purpose at the end of the day? Did it advance anything that couldn't have been advanced without it?

it showed that Kaido is like really really super stronk

We know he has long range telepathy now at least. VoAT is an interesting power.

For Yamato to stall and do something. Again, no reason to exist.


Oda needed Yamato to get some hits in but didn't want her to actually team up with Luffy.

>Wano favorite moment
Roger and Whitebeard clashing
>Onigashima favorite moment
Luffy grabbing Kaido with one hand when he first activated Gear 5
>Lest favorite moments from both Wano and Onigashima
Stupid fake Oden appearing before a break week, I'll never forgive Oda for that insanely retarded moment

luffy needed one more zenkai boost to activate nika mode

Esto es el fin kaido

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>Stupid fake Oden appearing before a break week, I'll never forgive Oda for that insanely retarded moment
Thank God I was distracted by Eva 4 and SnK ending. That March was crazy.

Is Orochi dead?

Oda pandering to all fans this arc, that’s why the raidfailfags still exist.

He better be

That's not Queen, Who's Who, Sasaki, Kanjuro or Kaido.


No, he needs to be offed by the Amenohabakiri

padding chapters

I guarantee no one cares about that save for the kind of people who still about
>Franky's anti Kaido weapons

Man what happened, current One Piece looks like shit

Bait takes strange forms.

>he thinks that spic monkey Luffy looks good

>muh Old Piece…

Aging up Momo.

My final prediction. Momo finally moves onigashima by overriding kaido's control of the flame clouds instead of making his own and strengthens them.

Man one piece used to be beautiful

I told you nerds that Luffy's giant punch was going to be Birdcage 2, but you didnt believe me. Look at us now. Honestly it might be Birdcage 3 after the fucking wedding cake debacle. But I digress.

Oda couldn't have luffy just steamroll a yonko after all of build up and hype.


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I hate when people draw robin the same height as nami

What the fuck are you talking about, are you braindead

of course he isn't

didn't it need a life or death situation for his fruit to awaken?

Who will be alive and who will be dead at EoS?

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