Who's your favorite idol?

Who's your favorite idol?

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why does this guy love to draw mika getting raped

Maki. Now and forever.

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Arisu or Haru

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Imas is rotting my brain and pulling me further and further away from reality. I just want to fuck Arisu soooo bad

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Whichever one sucks dick the best.

my imaginary wife has imaginary pets

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Would you eat her ass?

>Would you eat loliwife's cute asshole
Is that even a question?

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She's very clearly asking for it.

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Very very small crab

Tachibana butt

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Which Idol from IMAS has outie belly button like Minami Kotori?

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Mika needs correction.


Thats Komiya Kaho, bozo. She is avery cute and busty 12-year-old

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I want to educate Kaho

JS tits

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For Love Live it's Eli. For Idolmaster it's Chihaya. For Bandori it's a tie between Kasumi and Lisa.

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Why is IMAS and LL still intact even after Proseka while Bandori is easily fall soon by Proseka? Is bikini irrevalent now in Idol genre?

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Quite funny that Kaho cannot wear a bikini at all in Shiny colors while she can wear a bikini in Console. I thought Kaho would get bikini costume restricted in Stalin season.

Wholesomely bullying Nono in bed

Momoka sama


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Your fetish sucks

Every single music game franchise got mogged by Proseka except for Enstars. And even then it's barely clinging on to 1st.

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One that has proper trigger discipline, and since best girl is smart enough to know that and not mix it with her indulgence, its obviously Kaede

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>Kaede with four beers in her
She's less than half an hour from going baby-crazy and demanding unprotected sex for the purposes of procreation.

Before or after peeing herself due to the beers going through her?

I have a mouth for a reason.

Because it gives him an excuse to draw Rika getting raped.

The pink hair one only because she looks like a grownup sexy Madoka.

Yuki Himekawa

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What's the deal with idols and tummies?

Witch idols will definitely not flop.

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i love her so much.

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Lapis already did

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Is this the Cunnymaster thread?

Is Sexualization with scantily clad, especially bikini costume irrevalent in Idol franchise now? Proseka lacks bikini and Childish while Stalin stage has bikini even in PS5 and mature.

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I love this Charismatic Gal.

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Anya and Chika brought me into idol hell

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chie cute

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>one of the plainest designs
>somehow completely hot
How does she do it?

The power of unquenchable semen thirst.

It's been irrelevant ever since Aqwhores danced naked on stage.

I love junior idols

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imagine the muri on first time


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Cumming to junior idols.


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The Chuuni has lost it

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Chihaya has the best voice, Kaede is the most beautiful, Takane is the funniest, Shiki is the most erotic, Haruka has the best personality but my wife is Ritsuko.
And yes I'm still mad that she wasn't on stage in the movie.

Kaori, Shika and Kohaku were also cute in the new game.

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Nina, she's cute and unlewdable.

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I would say that Nao Kamiya(I think that's her name) would if their navels weren't all drawn the same way.


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It's Shiho, because she has the biggest ass of the cast.