What is it about Satsuki that is so alluring to you?

What is it about Satsuki that is so alluring to you?

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the eyebrows

The most appealing thing about her is her sister, my wife Ryuko!

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Most appealing thing about Ryuko is that she's friends with Mako!

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I like confident women. But Is also correct. Fpbp

She has steel. She was getting ready and keeping a mental list of every payback she was owed since preschool.

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I like girls with swords. Also her big butt.

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Her being pregnant with my child.

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Nothing. I just want to hate fuck Nui and Ragyo

good god



Her huge fucking cock.

Her big fat fucking ass.

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Her huge black pubic bush

Ryuuko's ass > Satsuki's tits

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eyes and hair. i just love straight long hair

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Straight long black as night hair

>INTJ 8w9.
What's not to love?

what is satsuki trying to convey here?


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>perma-scowl giantess
No thanks.

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Patrician taste.

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Pretty much this.
I want to lick those bushy caterpillars and make her squirm with pleasure.

this and the hime cut

She's like 180cm


yeah same here
there's other reasons but it's mostly the eyebrows

first post based post

I want her to step on me

Ryuko shouldn't even have been in the second half, it was clearly Satsuki's show at that point.

Like I said, giantess....

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oh my

Satsuki has the type of personality that naturally lends itself to being followed and revered; a wonderful combination of conviction, unshakable confidence, passion, intelligence and general steely attitude that practically commands your attention and respect. She's the type of person to look you in the eye and have you wonder if you deserve to look back at her. It's basically everything that made Hitler so popular back in the day, minus all the shit that made him so reviled by the time he died.

There's also the fact that she's a young woman with an unreal figure, but this should go without saying.

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Yup yup. Enough said.

Himecut, and brows

I like how confident she is at showing her big ass

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c'mon, man. you know there is only ONE BIG reason people follow Satsuki.

There are about ten thousand female characters with a fat ass and gorgeous figure that I still wouldn't follow to battle, Satsuki is a good character and worth talking about beyond the fact she's pretty.

none of them have an ass like her.

She has the perfect ass.

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"While many can pursue their dreams in solitude, other dreams are like great storms, blowing hundreds, even thousands of dreams apart in their wake. Dreams breathe life into men and cage them in suffering. Men live and die by their dreams. But long after they have been abandoned they still smolder deep in men’s hearts. Some see nothing more than life and death. They are dead, for they have no dreams."
Plus, himecut, long black hair, spotless military uniform = aesthetic win. Also . Also I like girls who are confident and domineering, it's hotter when they're secret subs in bed that way .

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She's just really cool, and also The big fat fuckin eyebrows are so perfect

It was brilliant to draw them over or at the same level as her hair, even when time was clearly taken to animate the scene.

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Ass and eyebrows - a powerful combination.

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i don't know how i've got this far without watching this

maybe i should

For me it's best girl.

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>check em (pubes)

Long black hair.

You definitely should. It's good. Fun animation, crazy plot, very rewatchable, and a girl for every taste.
We are not of the same mind, but I will acknowledge that you are a man of culture. Have a Nonon.

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Satsuki has an excellent design because there is a simile between her face, Junketsu and her personality.

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stupid sexy jakuzure anons

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And this simile continues to exist even when Junketsu transforms.

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Vinnegal cosplay

...And one more Satsuki, just to even things out.

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The beating she took from her mother.