UQ Holder 26

Continuation for latefags

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Anyone have a link to that weird video about getting paid to press a button that sends you into a timeless void of nothingness for a gorillion years?

Is that some boob sucking in the top right?

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Why are so many mangaka hesitant about sex?

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Was posted in the previous thread

What happened to Negi's mom?

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Because sex in a non-H manga is low-brow entertainment.

It only kinda worked with UQ Holder due to the fact that the manga was unpopular, dying and was scheduled to be properly axed in a year.

The retreads are easily a reflection of this, the last time a thread quickly maxed out and needed a secondary thread was during the very early chapters of the manga.

Is it this video?

Is this low-brow?

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Actually tasteful since there are no H-scenes involved.

Is this low-brow?

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>literally IMAGINE-tier sex scene
>really, really dumb excuse to age her up
I'm sorry Ken it's just not enough. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'm glad she no longer has to suffer such a cursed ability, but you should have kept her the same age.

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The biggest crime is that we didn't get a Yukihime sex chapter

I expect one tomorrow or I will riot.

>introduce new and improved hot Eva body
>no sex chapter
>conveniently shit out Kirie back to the OG world at the same time Touta gets rescued by the remnants of the Numbers
>doesn't age one bit, isn't even in her teenage Naru 4.0 form

Please tell me the retard just bites her next volume

Not with that attitude you can't!!!

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Do you really need them all?
Here you go.

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Well yeah I just noticed you had a ton of big boob girl crops.

>What happened to Negi's mom?
She went to non-magic earth to find her first love.

Are you getting a lot from this chapter?

Practially every page of Karin's chapter is crop-worthy.

>Just seeing your face makes me ill
>When Touta met Nikitis he thought to himself that he looked like Fate

I get it, Ken sameface etc, but the fact he has Touta remark on it feels like there was a reason behind it, but of course he doesn't expand on it further.

Sometimes people just look similar user

How did Karin and Kirie know that Touta banged the other girls?

I made those while reading Negima/UQ, and while I appreciate big boobs just like Kirie I can't reread all of UQ just for Yukihime.
Just post some pages/panel and I'll do them. No matter how many you have.
Here you go.
I got some when she was huddled like a ball.

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Didn't some mangaka straight up jump to another magazine to do like a whole volume fo banging and then switch back once he was done?

Seo is even a bigger hack than Ken.

>The biggest crime is that we didn't get a Yukihime sex chapter
We will have it in the sequel.

ken should have made a sex volume in negima with all of his students

>"End of the universe" is a very DIFFERENT thing to her. She'd be back at square one (birth/when he got the power) or latest save point. It sucks that best girl is used as a message, but I understand that for some people this would genuinely be a curse if you just had to re-do your entire life yet again and couldn't properly remember every single step along the way that you just have to fake it to reach the golden years again, of which you're worried about butterfly-effecting and going off course.
She already lost her reset power.

Nothing strange about that. When 3-A girls left Negi's village they commented that Ayaka and Nekane looked the same.
Yes, Itagaki did it for Baki.
They would have milked him dry!

Their smells.

Based, Does Kodansha have an adult magazine?

Maybe Ken should've switched to that for UQ and Negima?

Also, now Im wondering if Light novel companies have similar things?

Nekane could be Ayaka in disguise.

not 10 year old negi, like 20 year old negi

>not 10 year old negi, like 20 year old negi
His body remains the same.

>Nekane approves
>even in the fake Phantasmagoria she's the perfect daughter-in-law to Arika and Nagi
>dies a granny who doesn't even meet her bestfriend back

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negi aged properly unlike in negima, he didn't have to pop pills anymore

Is this low-brow?

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Do you honestly think that will improve his chances against girls like Chizuru?

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>Chizuru in the chapter
>we didn't even hear about her first love

There is no excuse she didn't become immortal.

No, he always use pill, reread the chapter when Eva dating Touta.

>granny Kirie
I thought Ken wants everyone to love Naru?

Didn't Negi, Fate and Eva briefly turn back into their true child forms during the first Holder confrontation with Negialda?
All the same, even 10 year old Negi could perform physicalm activities greatly surpassing the limits of normal men. He's got tons of stamina.
He MIGHT be able to experience erections already if that scene in the shower with Makie and Asuna is an indication.
>perfect daughter-in-law to Arika and Nagi
Ayaka would probably win if Arika were still alive, Arika would probably be uneasy with the idea of Negi marrying Asuna and I don't see Arika and Chisame liking each other a whole lot.

Kirie is blonde and Ken's hatred of blondes surpasses his love for Narus.

She hasn't had one yet,if Negi did something ultra chad with her,she'd probably fall for him.

Only Yue and Nodoka became immortal, they didn't even age.

Given the deal they made, they all pretty much knew Kuroumaru would be first. Kirie had also seen Touta's interstellar travel on the news so she could probably piece together Karin. Karin not assuming he had found and boned Kirie before coming 4.3 lightyears to get her is a bit of a plothole, but I'd guess that was Ken maintaining the drama/mystery around Kirie's circumstances until the next chapter

I'm not surprised, being an ojou she probably got trained on how to sing.
>Arika is gone because she would have helped Ayaka win
I believe it.

we didn't even get a proper pactio chapter for her...

>Has never mentioned this before
>Makes it a point to differentiate between her immortality (skill) and agelessness (peach)
>Yet giving Dana the peach took away her skill as well


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She chose to kiss Negi instead of Kotaro (even though a Pactio with Kotaro would probably work just as fine for Negi's purposes) so she probably likes Negi better than him.
Then again maybe she just doesn't want to step on Natsumi's shoes.

>giving Dana the peach took away her skill
I had assumed it was because of that power cancellation thing that gets mentioned multiple times but never explained with any detail.

I thought it was clear she lost her skill when she and the demon canceled each other out

>Negi, you've asked for this young lady her connections and money
>You best marry her on the spot
I can't find Ayaka crops from that chapter, looks like CropAnon skipped them.

But that wouldn't last forever would it?

Also, if she didn't have it fighting themagic mosnters in our world would've been way to dangerous.

Reminder that Nagi was rumored to have over a hundred girlfriends. Touta had a harem end. Negi should get the entire class at minimum.

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Negi's harem at the end of this timeline is actually bigger than Touta's.
As for the good timeline... the whole class became an impossible once Kotaro entered the picture, taking Natsumi and Madoka. Maybe Kotaro should have been given the secondary girls of Takane, Mei and Nutmeg instead.

Ken's vtuber character he uses to promote his work or something.



No idea if she's voiced by an AI or someone with a voice changer.

Kotaro didn't care about Takane

Also Takane is redundant since Nekane and Ayaka exist already

I don't think that's really clear at all.

Indeed, Negi desrves a big ol' pile of booba.

In the end of the Shaft series, the whole class become Negi's Ministra and walk away from Mahora with him to find his father. That's the closest to a full class harem you find in the franchise.
In the finale of the movie, the whole class become Negi's permanent Pactio partners (although not by sex but through the stupid method of all grabbing hands and chanting or something). There's this moment that kinda cracks me up where Natsumi doubts, looks at Kotaro, and he smiles and gives her a thumbs up. What a cuck lol.

>be Kotaro
>have hot big boob onee-san
>have a cute girl pining for you close to your age
>have hot cheerleader
>goes for the generic, ugly chick instead