Nagatoro is CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!! I want to turn her into a woman

Nagatoro is CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!! I want to turn her into a woman.

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i want to turn her into a corpse

Dios Mio...La Goblina Negra...

fuck off retard

Gamo > Naga

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Yoshi >>> Gamo >>>>>>>>> a literal hunk of shit >>>> Senpai wearing a dress >> Naga

Yupiel >>> Honoka > Suzaka >>>>> Naga

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She's already a woman.

Nagatoro > Shikki >>> Gamo > Sistoro > Yoshi >> Fujimin >>>> Sakura

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We know Naoto.

wow i hate waiting for new chapters what a let down how do you anime manga readers do this?

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Legit kinda hope Sakura plays with their hearts a bit and they gush to Naota about it, then he one-ups them.

Marin>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yupiel >>> Honoka > Suzaka >>>>> Naga

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Shes very popular at school and has tons of friends. But also has time to be a loser otaku, and obsess over anime with hundred of episodes, porno doujins and video games. Definitely an impressive feat. She loves to stuff her face with gas station fried food but also cannot cook, yet she can make a living as a thin sexy model. She indulges in a super popular and time consuming hobby that is cosplaying while being portrayed as an anime otaku loser who schlicks it to hentai doijins and porno flash games, but also super popular with a healthy social life and a large amount of friends. Something doesnt really add up to me, a sense of artificial nature in an attempt to appeal to everyone in an unrealistic manner is what becomes apparent. Right off the bat she has very little flaws and her interests are so varied it seems hard to even have the time for all of them, in particular her popularity and a healthy social life and obsession with long formed anime series. We see the artificial and corporate nature of her overall character. An artificial creation, not a realistic character, designed to appeal to anyone not smart enough to pirate their anime. Perfect for coomers because she hot and nerdy and fulfills an unrealistic fantasy. Perfect for weeb broads who want to self insert pretend like their trucker guts dont matter when looking for love. And of course for people who are legitimately interested in the cosplay hobby , looking for tips on building their own outfits. Sounds like a winning combination for a large corporate entity looking to make big bucks from a group of people who are too stupid to read free manga sites or pirate anime properly.

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Nagatoro IRL is abusive.
If you had children with her, she will beat up your child (and you)

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Lobster risotto

Yet Naga feels more realistic and refreshing than Marin with her antics
Nagatoro = SOUL
Sono hiatus = soulless

If i want realism i read Oyasumi Punpun you dumbo.

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Is it refreshing tho?

Clearly you don't want quality either, Bisque troon

Marin is quality

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Marin is lowest common denominator trash

>Two nagatoro threads
>0 sono bisque thread
Who would have thought a legitimate story breakdown of Sono in our own threads would have cause such a melt down.

Generalshit isn't needed when there is nothing to talk about, Yea Forumsigglet

>No memes
>No OC
>No discussion
>No fun
>No community
>No fanart
I see why youre upset because you'd have to go to reddit for your favorite show. You have my sympathy.

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Holy autism, Batman!

None of that "criticism" was legitimate.

Its ok if you cant take criticism, but the story is very artificial. Changing a single aspect about either of the characters makes the entire story collapse. It has a very artificial "made for mass appeal" in almost every aspect of the story and characters including surrounding them with the super popular hobby of cosplay. If you like that its fine, some people like unrealistic and perfect stories for escapism from reality, but it was clearly crafted in a manner that was attempting to gain popularity by taking few risks and being appealing to a wide audience. An audience that typically doesnt pirate anime or read free manga sites. Which is important because "muh sales" always seems to be the main shitposting point.

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Stop typing autistic walls of text in response to Yea Forums-tier bait, you absolute faggot.

I want her to hurt me

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She's a girl.

>it was le corporate psy-op
Popular romantic manga just got a nice adaptation. Meds.

>Autistic walls of text
>4 complete sentences
I know the Sono Bisque threads usually revolve around a few dudes jerking off to demon marin until the thread dies instead of actual discussion or memes, so critisim of your series might hard to swallow, but I still enjoyed the anime atleast. But the later chapters are somewhat stale. I hope it still brings you joy. Ill atleast watch the second season

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i think im going to start season 1. seeing it talked about a lot and marin looks cute

>no fanart
That's the only one still going for them. Lotta NTR shit, though. Oh, and that same yellow-black bikini over and over.

Shut the fuck up, you barely literate faggot. You are literally the most insufferable retard in these threads, and that's saying something since we've been full of tourists since the anime aired.

All stories are artificial. You start with the masochist audience you want to appeal to, with the smug sassy Wendy's Twitter waifu and you build from there. That is simply *your* personal wish fulfillment. Even Marin doesn't appeal to everyone, even within Sono Bisque Doll's own fandom. And I don't know where you get off with this victim complex pretending Nagatoro is simply so niche and underappreciated when it's more popular than Sono Bisque right now. Senpai without his meekness, without his art. Nagatoro without her abrasiveness. Wow yes, I suppose the story would fall apart then, wouldn't it? Soooo corporate, fucking evil trannies and jews, am I right?
But let's face it, the gyaru trend was pretty dead for awhile. The masses tend to have disdain for characters that could be perceived as blonde bimbos and the like, and even the first few fanservice heavy episodes rubbed a large number of people the wrong way, but the people who could get past the clunky introduction found a genuine appreciation for it. An extensive arc on crossdressing as Rei-sama, a relative lack of nudity doesn't speak to me as being desperate for mass appeal, and isn't really what you would expect from the outset of the manga. So what, because Nagatoro has a little sexual teasing right off the bat, that discounts the whole thing as well? Because from the way I see it, the trend of BDSM and the "look at me I'm so sassy, such a snarky smug trolololol" act is more popular than ever, and you spread this disease even to Sono Bisque Doll with all of the fucking NTR art. You, yes, you Nagatoro fags (I'm looking at you mamapuu) propagated this to start. But you aren't a special snowflake because you ERP like a sassy faggot and like having your balls stomped on.

The anime is pretty good. But the manga is kinda boring to read unless you are into cosplay. And from what I've hear isnt as good in the later chapters, although I havent read it myself. I might get to it eventually.
Shouldnt you be in bed old man? The dennys senior special is over at 7 am

And it's not the first teasing bully romance manga ever invented by mankind. Nagatoro recognized this trend and capitalized on it, so stop pretending this mainstream fucking hit manga with nonstop generals is so alien and so unique.

It's just good. Ok? You aren't some 2 billion IQ god emperor for liking something that's capitalizing on the popularity of smug sassy gremlins and sadomasochism and troll culture. It's a good manga, but not high art. Alright? Alright.

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Whew, I'm glad my falseflagging finally paid off

Why do twitter zoomers adore irony and sassiness so much, anyways?

Smugness makes them feel invincible? I don't know bro.

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>twitter filename

You're awfully familiar with such a peculiar filename. Mind explaining how?


Although Ill agree with you on some parts my biggest problem is that the GojoxMarin relies on factors outside of their control, IE their good looks and in particulars Gojos family business which gives him the skills to transition into the cosplay (which is super popular everywhere) talent that wins Marin over. If he is short, or poor or comes from a different background. It relies on factors above the characters controls. Also I dont believe a girl that hot is also a horrible cook who eats gas tation food 24/7 who also binges 100+ anime series on the reg while obsessing over porn games is also ; Skinny and a model, popular with a large social circle . But some people want escapism so thats fine, just stay out of other peoples threads.

>Juju and shinju
Come on they are definitely there for the coomer and female audience which is a brilliant duo that appeals to two different spectrums. A legal loli complete with a nude cunny introduction and a Chubby underage slam pig that has a cross dressing desire. Very appealing to coomer and western women immediately.

>Because from the way I see it, the trend of BDSM and the "look at me I'm so sassy, such a snarky smug trolololol" act is more popular than ever, and you spread this disease even to Sono Bisque Doll with all of the fucking NTR art.
Although Ill agree that Nagatoro may have that appeal to some Sadomasochists but it is extremely off putting to mainstream american audience who pay for their manga and anime as opposed to free options. But lets be real, Nagatoro is not influencing artists to draw Marin getting black in NTR fashion. You and I both no its the twitter cucks who are demanding such art

>But lets be real, Nagatoro is not influencing artists to draw Marin getting black in NTR fashion.
Many such cases

>Nagatoro is simply so niche and underappreciated when it's more popular than Sono Bisque right now.
it is absolutely not. not even close. just on Yea Forums, which has never amounted to anything

You mean exactly like Nagatoro? Because you just described Nagatoro.

>Sono Bisque is love by the mainstream audience
>Nagatoro is loved by the rejects and the pirating audience
Simple as, if we stop crossposting we'll go back to having fun for both of us, marin bros started tho.

>oh my blacked doujin
Find better reading material. Top Doujins are vanilla. And high quality too. Nagatoro has like one western made meme doujin and that's it.

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>marin bros started tho.
Lemme fix that for you
>trolls who aren't fans of either series posted obvious baits and generalfag retards took said bait hook line and sinker

Imagine having a girl care enough about you to bully you personally.... imagine.

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Not really. Sono relies heavily on the looks and backrounds of the character. Gojo being tall and handsome while involved in a niche family business that translates well to the main focus, cosplay. Marin being both a loser otaku that eats nothing but fried food while also being super popular and hot enough to be a model. Make Gojo short and poor or Marin fat or unpoular and the story is immediately changes in a drastic way. The story is about the circumstances that lead up to the romance and the hobby it involves.

With Nagatoro its all about the relation ship. You make Noato a band geek or ugly or Nagatoro fat and a culinary student the story doesnt change much. The story is about the relation ship itself, not the circumstances and hobby that created the relation ship.

Just different ways to write stories thats all. I just find Sono bisque more ariticial, However I dont like escapism or happy stories and I also dont self insert. So if you do like that then its fine.

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I dont read any doujins, I was just responding to user blaming the NTR on nagatoro

Most likely but All i did was deconstruct the story of sono bisque from a personal perspective while being a smug prick.

What's with the guy trying to start console wars tier bullshit every thread?

Marin isnt abusive like Nagatoro
If we gonna level it :

Nagatoro 15/10 level of abusive
Marin 3/10 level of healthy teasing

Nagatoro is a shit. Also shes ugly

>we are less escapist than thou
Cease this embarrassing faggotry.

>Nagatoro 15/10 level of abusive
In the beginning, yes. Back when she was a socially retarded goblin with elementary school tier shows of affection.

Now though she's pretty great.

>No memes
>No OC
>No discussion
>No fun
>No community
>No fanart
Is that supposed to be a bad thing ?
Reminder only shit series has endlessly discussed on Yea Forums

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