What are some 10/10 character designs wasted on 1/10 anime?

What are some 10/10 character designs wasted on 1/10 anime?

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Hotaru was so fucking hot it's actually unreal

Sayu did not have a fucking chance, holy shit

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Ebino deserved better

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Heavy object was decent

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I love moms

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Knockoff Ebino.

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everyone keeps shitting on her saying she was unnecessary but if you put her in a harem or SoL series she would be best girl.

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DxD girls...

I legitimately thought she was farting from her finger tips.

Imagine being this wrong.

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sexy virgin

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bro you gotta sauce me up

i think she was legitimately the first character i thought looked way too attractive for the show she's from
kotoyama draws some of the most attractive female characters in anime/manga

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>bro you gotta sauce me up
I say this with all seriousness, it's fucking terrible.


That's the name. Great for getting fan engagement with a name like that.
That clip is from the second season, K: Return of Kings

Is it even terrible just because its a retarded fanservice chuuni show? I can at least get into the proper mindset to enjoy some shit like that like Freezing

repost of a repost thread. OP = Soulless

wtf OP this is literally the first time in history someone has reposted a thread topic

Not that one

petanko are disgusting

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No, he's right

Sex with Ebino.

>Is it even terrible just because its a retarded fanservice chuuni show? I can at least get into the proper mindset to enjoy some shit like that like Freezing
I wish it was a retarded fanservice chuuni show, I like trash like that.

It's bad, no terrible for other reasons. Go and watch a bit of it.
I mostly remember not liking the MC, the plot is about factions fighting each other but not really and some lame powers system overlaying the whole thing.

and with Megumi

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I got baited to watch it by the other girl, went in blind, still confused why would a fujo show would need female fanservice shots. They were too greedy.

>Sex with Ebino.
I can never tell Ebino and Akira Toudou apart.

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>I can never tell Ebino and Akira Toudou apart.
Ebino has sexier eyebrows

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Altair and some other characters had no business being so well designed. Although Re:creators wasn't COMPLETE garbage it shat the bed towards the end hard

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Best girl

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she isn't flat; just small

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i'm so glad she wins by not ending with this pure faggot

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I didn't even watch it

In alternate universe, Black Torch didn't get axed and the anime adaptation could have finished airing already.

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Blood Lad isn't bad, but something about her makes me like her even more than the anime and manga itself

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lets hope he comes back soon so Heart Gear can gets an anime

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>no pan

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Wonder what this guy thought about Nier Automata

You know, just curious

was the game prior to the manga?

I dunno, how old is Heart Gear?

I think Nier 2: Thigh Robot came out in 2017 (Yes it has been that long)

Akame Ga Kill is full of these

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>click thread expecting "10/10 character designs" as in "characters with interesting characteristics"
>its coomer bait thread #40814125 instead

>I dunno, how old is Heart Gear?
>HEART GEAR (Japanese: ハートギア) is a >manga written and illustrated by Tsuyoshi Takaki. >It has been serialized in Shonen Jump+ since >April 3, 2019.

gay post

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Okay? Post a character design you like man, don't be a bitch.

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Go back crossboarder.

It's been 2 fucking years since the latest chapter came out. Fuck damnit. I just want more of the best girl.

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Post your 3x3 oomerfag

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