Well? Explain this.

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Aren't most characters just walking stereotypes?

Threesome with komi and tadano when?

Men make the best women.

I hate traps and trannies but Najimi is alright.

the stereotype is that osana najimi is an osana najimi but osana najimi also happens to be a tranny


Najimi is the only person other than Tadano that Komi trusts implicitly.
It can be argued that xhe is the glue holding the show together.

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10 points

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He is so cute I would love to see more pictures of her ass

Its a butt. Xhey poop from there

This faggot ruined the series.

How are you all enjoying the Among Us arc?

I want to put my dick up Najimi’s ass

All of them.
That's the point.
It's so on the nose that it's always literally their names.

I hate how they look
All of them

Najime is a girl
she was cosplaying as a guy in middle school because ti was more interesting
now that she's in highschool, going as a girl is better, so she's going with that

Najime is a biological female pretending to be a trap

It's a standard anime trope to have a comedic relief trap character.

I'd fuck him/her, I don't care which it is.

The best

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What's to explain?

Built for anal.

everytime i see this series i can't help but feel sad that Hitori Bocchi, the objectively better "can't communicate" series will never be as popular in nipland because of it's all female cast

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w-what throbbing...?

Najimi is the epitome of "Don't care, looks female enough."

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Hideyoshi is Hideyoshi.

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Should have made it overt yuri.

bocchi >>>>>> komi

this ^^^^^^^^^^

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I hate traps and trannies but I want to find out what the fuck Najimi is

we're in the same boat

Bocchi ROCKS!!!

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Someone needs to use the Goku method of finding gender on Najimi.

Is it worth watching for this slut?

Clothes stay on, mouth goes on dick
I don't care what's under the pants

It's some kind of shapeshifting alien

looks vomit-inducing

>Not flipping them over doggy style and lowering the pants down just enough for anal while leaving the genitals still covered
It's like you don't even know how to fuck in denial.

Prove kt

The character is obviously a female that tries portraying herself as male for the ambiguity attention. If author says anything other then that he/she is full of shit.

>The character is obviously a female that tries portraying herself as male for the ambiguity attention
Then explain or Jun Watarase

I just want a show where the trap is violently threatened into not being a trap anymore

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go bald about it

Hideyoshi is just a meme, everyone who actually watched the show knows that hist sister was better


Look at that body retard, no amount of strogens/onions would achieve that.

Najimi has Klinefelter's syndrome (47, XXY). As you can see, the narrow pelvis clearly implies a (in this case, micro)penis.

Tell me about Osana, why does he crossdress?

>w-what throbbing...?

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it's not gay to sex the najimi

>brb Komi-san I have to go slam the absolute life out of the najimi's hole


>trannies actually think that their face and body can look like this when they are already in their 30s and balding

Ways to refer to Osana Najimi
>he AND she

Any questions?


I don't like futa, so I'd prefer if he/she had just one set of genitals tbqhwyf

>bringing up trannies out of nowhere

Najimi is built to be a power bottom, meant to tease while taking the dick. Especially Tadano's.

I used to love komi-san, but then i got into manga, and now i root for Rumiko Manbagi, the cutest of all Gyaru in the world. Can't wait for another season of Komi-san where Rumiko will steal the show

Sorry user, but Gyaru are beyond shit taste

Saika is a way better trap than him

She is not a gyaru. She's just a valley girl incarnate