Daily Spectral Wizard chapter

Extra: Necrokinetic Wizard

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The manga's artsyle is so fucking cute

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Thanks OP

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>took her other can of lemon soda
truly, wizards have no sense of right or wrong

Done. Damn glowies have no respect for wizards' private lives.
Post embarrassing excerpts of your diary. You know you want to.
Last chapter of the first manga tomorrow, see you then!

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I was gonna drop it but yesterday I had a magic wizard dream.

I've been planning on getting a diary, but never got around to it. Anyways Necrokinetica is cute. Almost as cute as Spectra.

get spooked

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spectra dies, sorry

Thanks OP

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lmao 2spook

What a cute little thief.

Thanks OP.

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>there is no saving me anymore
wow she is literally me

so is chaos just a barley functional drug addict?

I wouldn't even call her barely functional.

noncommital drawfaggot here. any requests?

be gentle.

also no porn.

all seven chaoses samefaging

Spectra, Chaos, and Kinetica playing Mario Party.

Spectra and Aqua having a tea party.

chaos wizard mixing good tasting and bitter potion

Thanks OP

chaos wizard in kinetica's outfit

>well I'm not your buddy, guy


Great plan there, worked like a charm.

different draw fren dumpin

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spoiler that shit, that's terrifying

Has science gone too far? Imagine all the medical applications for a mediocre tasting drug.

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This is some primo shit

this is really good, although i'm lamenting my artistic incompetence


Thanks OP

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looks like toothpaste

you're good

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I took some artistic liberties cause (i just found out) im shit at drawing chibi the way this mangaka does

that’s great, user!

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