There's been many threads about this and two my friends got into dispute over this as well. Is she Slavic or Asian?

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Better than either of those. She's 2D.

she is from bolivia

She drinks like a Slav, that's proof enough for me.

Chugged down 7 bottles of wine. If not fully she's partially Slav at least

But she can't handle her licor user.

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Slav, there are no asians

Go back to int, tourist


Yor is mexican, pure bean dip

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And what are Ostinians?

Isn't she german?

The only good kind of Germans (east Germany/DDR)

east germans

Maybe both?

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>Is clearly not asian girl asian
hurrr durrrr

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Confirmed for American or Japanese then. No Euro or Slav would have a problem with half a litre of vodka.

Some keep saying she's Slavic or Asian though.

Damn you trabby Wolfgang you didn't even have proper cars.

From what's being explained,
She's neither of those

What is Yor's weakness?

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A fictional race

What are they related and inspired by which are east germans

She’s a dumb dork


I guarantee you they're going to make her some descendant of some old ninja sect. Japs can't help themselves inserting that kind of shit

I'm willing to bet people only say that because she has black hair.

When is she getting pregnant?

100% Germanic
Prussian master race

First it was these kind of threads with Tifa on Yea Forums, now this autism has spread to Yea Forums with Yor, great

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in the epilogue

Drinking large quantities of wine makes you drunker than almost anything else.
More than 3 bottles is pure blackout territory.

kill yourself getonigger

>implying murders get a happy ending epilogue
It's prison and hell for her.

who gives a shit you dumb nigger


Canonically, her butt

>Setting based on east vs west germany cold war
>All characters have british or slavic sounding names
She's clearly not meant to be japanese, same goes for the rest of the characters.

Protip: When a anime/manga character is meant to be japanese, 99.9% of the time they will have a japanese name.

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Anya is a miracle of the universe when she can awaken my paternal instinct after decades of having a cold black unfeeling heart.

Anya has killed millions, perhaps billions

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Go home, Fiona.

Well it's not a real name of any sort and it's phonetically written Yoru so I thought she was supposed to be randomly a jap. Especially since it kinda doesn't fit in well and she has kinda distinct looks with black hair being somewhat uncommon and has red eyes. Traits that Yuri also has so they are actual siblings so he also would have to be. It could also be a case of just anime things, but anya aside characters tend to have more realistic colours so it makes those 2 come across like they were supposed to be different race than everyone else.


Is she Asian or Italian?

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Originally, her name was supposed to be Yoranda or Yolanda until the author just shortened it which is clearly not a Japanese name.

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Yor's ancestors are tough people from the steppes, so she's superhuman because that's what it takes to live out there
You soft euroscum wouldn't understand

She's Slav and fuck all the retards saying she's asian. There's NOTHING in the series even implying she and her faggot brother are from Asia

Oh, she's a Jola, okay now it makes sense. This is a name a slav could have. Though I don't think any language has a Jola and Yuri at the same time. The former is more of a west slav thing (well germanics aside) and latter is pretty much exclusively Russian. West slav version of that name is substantially different.

>The former is more of a west slav thing (well germanics aside) and latter is pretty much exclusively Russian.
I personally think it's because Spy x Family world is probably different from our own and share a few similarities like the Apollo mission and etc.

Ostanians are people from Ostania.

Yor is retarded. Give her tough math questions.

>she was supposed to be randomly a jap
>with black hair
>and has red eyes
Oh yeah, how could I forget those trademark Japanese traits?

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Alucard is japanese now.

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Maybe she's Central Asian who are like Asians mixed with some Slav but speak Slavic.

yor is anime ethnicity

She drinks wine, therefore it either italian or French
Germens prefer beer

>Yea Forums hates nipponwank
>Series with a non-japanese setting and cast of characters appears
>Yea Forums starts doing all sorts of mental gymnastics trying to link the characters to Japan
Why are you faggots like this?

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>Yea Forums hates nipponwank