Do you think that sometimes by refusing to kill in an isekai world...

Do you think that sometimes by refusing to kill in an isekai world, you only end up damning more innocents to die and are therefore a worse person than if you were to choose the difficult path of killing someone directly instead?

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Her brother was a chad

>the difficult path
It's difficult only if the person you're attacking is innocent or otherwise is not malicious, but usually the people in question (or at least the first one) are complete niggers about it

Anti-tropefags gobble up every single garbage since they have no concept of criteria.

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It depends.

sure I agree but the two worst MCs I read just happen to be female. they make even the most dickless MCs look like total chads

Please Stop spoilering isekai.

Is this last boss queen

>post a series that subverts by making the villainess actually evil and does it well


depends on the cheat

OG pryde is someone you can't fix, only put down before she can cause more suffering and misery to herself and everyone in the world.

That would only work if
>The girl supposed to be the villainess is not a reincarnate that has played the game before.
>It's not an otome setting where said villainess is just rightfully seething at getting cucked.
Anything less is just crying apple computers don't grow on trees thanks to bad MTL.

Or come out on top and rewrite the history books.

I stubbed my toe with legos because I was distracted.
Therefore the trope of listening music is bad, it ruins everything by making me stub my toe with legos.
(Your) favorite thing is garbage because cooking is practically the same as listening to music, therefore it's literally the same trope, so it's shit.
Anyone that disagrees gobbles up every single garbage since they have no concept of criteria.

There will be no history books if she wins.

>OG pryde is someone you can't fix
not with that attitude

>new novel, quartet movie, season
I am happy.

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Now if only Overlord was any good

yet what actually matters, the next volume, never fucking ever

Even better, make a new official one.

There's nothing wrong with being cautious about an overly affectionate stranger, even if she's pretty.

You got a resident schizo here. My condolences.



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>Heat slowly transfers from rock to other things next to it
Isn't this just conduction? Do the rocks they had before not do that?

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peak zero reading comprehension

Nowadays we are too soft to just execute criminals and rich enough to get away with it. We pretend life imprisonment is any better. Most people don't really have to deal with violent crime either. It's something out of sight out of mind, but in shitlands or historical settings you don't really have a choice to ignore it. Moralfaggotry is just foolish.


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>become prime minister to the king
>war with neighbor
>one of the generals lost a battle
what do you do

anybody that is a danger to others should be killed

so we should just kill people even if we don't have to?

>We pretend life imprisonment is any better.
We don't pretend. Prisons are a lucrative business.

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Law exists to protect the society it exists in, not for the benefit of the people living in it. Killing someone and imprisoning them for life both serve to remove them permanently from society because they've been labelled as somehow disruptive to that society, but imprisoning them costs money and killing them shouldn't if people weren't an ass about how you go about deleting people that do not belong.

I'm not saying that, but I'm also not not saying that. In my opinion a long prison sentence might as well be death. Spend all your life getting bored in tiny room with nothing to do and surrounded by other violent fucks. At least now I live alone and get to watch anime Maybe if you went to prison in Norway or something. And what are you going to do if you get out and are 45 and haven't held a job in 15 years. Most will probably never really integrate back.

Also it costs money to keep those people away from society. Made worse by abominations like and the private for profit prison system.

couldn't we just actually try to redeem them?
only reason we haven't yet is because people just dismiss inmates as complete lost causes regardless of any context.

Even if we just kill em all it doesn't mean said abominations won't just find new ways to make bank on human misery (they aren't the criminals after all)

How does he die to the witch?

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to be honest it all sounds just like normal heat transfer
t. different user, who did a few modules on heat transfer during engineering degree

Unfortunately I think some people just lose at society and can never really function in it. Maybe in a different time, different place, but at that place and time they are just not suited to society around them. We don't really have an Australia to just banish them to anymore, but they have to be kept away somehow because they are harmful to the majority.
Now, not everyone who ends up in prison is like that, sometimes it's because people were dumb and unlucky one off time and can be easily reintegrated, but the punishment still needs to be there. It's a deterrent and also restitution and retribution for the harm they caused.

really I just think you don't want to put in the effort
maybe there are crazy and monstrous serial killers, but how many are there? Is every death row and life sentence inmate like that? There are plenty of anime villains that I would say "yeah go kill them!" but I don't know how many people are like Light and Johan? and then there's the argument itself. If I accepted "just punishing criminals" as a good call then I would have to say that every governing body in the world is just and legit regardless of merit.

I agree that we don't live in a world crawling with bands of bandits and goblins and that is the reason people don't want to kill, but I think that's a good thing. Most of the people actually threatened by criminal activity are also threatened with being confused for said criminals that those not threatened call for the execution of. It's the "tough on crime" bullshit that's the main reason why we're dealing with prison profiteers. This "they're going to be exploited anyway, we should just kill them anyway" doesn't really sit well with me


Tierlist for "implementation of characters jumping to wrong conclusions" (ascending):

>Shit Tier
Characters never make mistakes, nor jump to wrong conclusion, instead every inference, no matter how much it might lack logic or self-contradict itself, happens to turn out correct, unless someone is deemed as "stupid", then they tend to end up being wrong instead.
>Keikaku Tier
Same as Shit Tier, but now it's also possible for "smart" characters to induce other characters to make mistakes via some sort of "keikaku".
>Sasuga Tier
Same as Keikaku Tier, but Main Protagonist comes up with seemingly endless wisdom... wisdom that they aren't aware of, yet somehow any mistakes they make end up playing out in their favor be it due to some sort of unknown hidden luck ability, being a literal schizo with an alternative super genius personality without being aware of it, or simply not being aware about an increase in intelligence in general. Often played for laughs. Can sometimes be mixed with higher tiers.
>Yea Forums Tier
In addition to the traits of Keikaku Tier, there are important main-spot-light key-scenes that show a character making a grave misunderstanding which has immense consequences on their character arc and the story events, while being unable to resolve the misunderstanding for a longer while. Often used for dramatic effect.
>Simulation Tier
Characters organically make mistakes across the story, including any "super geniuses", regardless of protagonist side or antagonist side or neutral characters. Despite that the way they reached those mistaken conclusions are often logically sound and they only end up being wrong simply because they lacked more information and did the best they could with what they had known.

how crucial was the battle?
if it doesn't really move the tide of the war who cares
if it makes General B's victory look heroic in comparison then ok just prop up General B at General A's expense
if it was a battle that caused a turning point in the war, well you have worse matters to worry about

for me it's
>battle shounen tier
no plan, no wrong conclusions, just punch shit

Not that guy. You can be put in death row just by being born in the wrong place and get your organs harvested for later.

As for the redeeming part, there are mountains of factors both internally and externally for an ex-con. After all, you can't help someone who is incapable of accepting the offer. If anyone can pull off this miracle, that means we already achieved world peace.

Isekai chiropractor.

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witches are strong

lot of them probably could it's just

a. more profitable not to
b. aids more in your approval rating to declare him a monster and you a noble hero that will slay him
c. people don't really want to grasp that the scary people's lives are worth anything (if it was up to them all of Yea Forums would be gassed)
d. no one is a saint, and no one wants to look like a bitch, so slights both real and perceived will get lashed out at, and trust isn't easily given. it'll take time and empathy to get somewhere more than most people don't want to give for the aforementioned "don't want to look like a bitch" reasons

but on the other hand "kill em all" is historically shown to be quite the slippery slope. Have those in power arbitrarily determine life and death and they'll end up "punishing" a whole messload of crucial people needed for society to run and only keep alive those who told them they look pretty today.

Sexy shortstack goddess.

>is every single tier

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That's just subversion of Keikaku Tier, like how protag group just has to punch very hard to break Franklin's keikakus in Infinite Dendrogram.

>witches are strong
Oh no.

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Nah Overlord is a solidly at Sasuga Tier.

Then what was the point of getting so many cheats?

Any apothecary out there want to make this ragged kot happy?

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Latest vol reached the Yea Forums tier with ainz's character.
Simulation tier is for characters like jircniv and phillip.

No, that's a ridiculous philosophy. If an evil person chooses to murder people, that's thier choice, and they're still responsible for thier actions. Me choosing not to kill them doesn't magically transfer thier agency and guilt on to me.

>After waking up from a nightmare, Iris realized she was the Villainess in an otome Game. But in the game, all of the love interests had a hidden abnormal way of loving, so no matter which one you went after, you'd have a Happy Bad Ending. And in the worst case scenario, the royal castle goes up in flames...and if you didn't capture the heart of any love interest, the Villainess Iris would stab the Heroine..?! But she refuses the idea of such a future, therefore she'll take it upon herself to prevent her ruin and Happy Bad Ending!

why isn't there more otome bad endings where the villainess wins?

If the story treats it as a binary decision between murdering everyone or never killing ever, it's a story for retards.
On one hand, even if someone is trying to kill you, they presumably have a reason that isn't being a criminally insane lunatic. Edgy explanations like the one in your pic assume that just because someone is a criminal they're also a feral dog rabid lunatic looking for any possible opportunity to murder someone. That's a pretty childish and retarded way of looking at a situation.
Even if we take the most generic example, look at a bandit. They could conceivably have a backstory that looks like this:
>Guy is poor
>Resents the wealthy for calling him a peasant and telling him to work harder even though they never worked for anything in their lives
>It's not fair, fuck it, I'm robbing these motherfuckers
>Oh shit, I got caught.
>If I go to jail I'm going to get my head chopped off, so I need to kill this person in self defense so I don't get hung or something later.
Is this guy's actions justifiable? Not really, and he is a criminal, but it's not like he's a satan-imbued murder fanatic. The dude could probably be reasoned with one way or another, and shit, killing him is a zero-sum game. Killing him earns you nothing, letting him go earns you nothing, it ultimately doesn't matter that much so it's generally better to just have mercy or YOU are the bloodthirsty psycho that probably shouldn't be allowed to live.
On the other hand, if there really is a hideously evil satan-imbued lunatic who just wants to murder all living things, why the fuck not just kill them? Unlike the previous scenario it's not a roll of the dice whether they reform or continue doing evil, you already know. There's a difference between having mercy and being a retard, yes you should have mercy because those moral choices are what gives the concept of justice credibility, but there's no reason to apply that across the board unless you're stupid.
Every case is unique.

the answer to all these /pol/bait questions in isekai threads is "MC is an OP plot-armored demigod with bullshit cheats, he can do whatever the fuck he wishes"

>Law exists to protect the society it exists in
Stopped reading there

>but what about the good bandits!
Listen to yourself.
Maybe mr murderer isn't so bad after all, he only murdered and raped my family!

>reincarnated as a person that just straight up kills the heroine if she doesn't capture

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when tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty

Nah, they are either affected by Ainz's Sasuga-aura, or victims of Demiurges/Albedo's schemes, or a combination of these two. Yea Forums tier would be something like Rudeus' ED in Mushoku Tensei. Simulation tier requires a large chunk of the cast (and not just a few) to also succeed with something within the story at times or at least give a competent impression during ongoing events.

too busy trying to worldbuild using my fetishes

I'm not saying that you should never kill someone, I'm just saying that if you aren't a childish dipshit you would realize that to kill or not to kill isn't a blanket decision and the correct choice is going to depend on context.
If you opportunistically kill everyone who gives you the slightest excuse, that really does make you a retarded psycho, edgy faggot. A dangerous, bloodthirsty fucking freak.
If you never kill anyone despite it being obvious they're going to cause massive damage if you don't, that really does make you a retarded pussy, whiny faggot. A useless, sniveling, naive fool.
If you try to make a wise decision based on the facts of the situation and context, that makes you a well-adjusted normal human being.


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u gay

Why is Luxion so mad?

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