Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!

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The main conflict of the first arc is set, Zwijo is cute when angry and wants to weaponise rush duels to crush their war enemies but Yudias wants to end the war in a peaceful way.
Zwijo isnt pleased with Yudias being a cuck...

Next ep preview
Episode 7: モンスター種族言えるかな? – Monsutā Shuzoku Ieru ka na?
(Can You Name All the Monster Types?)
Feeling that he’s still not good enough, Yudias asked Yuhi for a special Rush Duel training session. Yuhi used the Special Training Mecha and the Special Training CD to train Yudias. Yudias was able to answer every question, and his training seemed to be going well, but then the Special Training Mecha went out of control…

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Bring back magician girls.

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Sex with Yuamu.

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Next week is a non-duel episode. Ep 8 will probably give us Mimi 2.

There's nothing wrong with allowing both of those philosophies to exist.

This little girl... Needs correction...

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Does yuamu take any job?

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Kidnapping Yudias and forcing him to use duels to crush the enemy!

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I'd hire her to perform a lot of jobs, if you catch my drift.

So the velgear aiens speak some kind of french derivative?

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Cathy is an old woman now.

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She deserves to be locked away.

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How can rush duels be used for that purpose?
Depends on how many of yudias and zwijo's friends fallen in battle. Some things can't be shoved aside.

Did you skipped arc-V or something ?

Arc-V is consider non-canon, anything and everything is fantasy. If we are going by XYZ story, it could be a key or something that they build for some reason.

Oh, so you think the velgear can materialize rush duel monsters? I suppose that's possible. Velgear probably have a lot of technology long since lost.

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>6 IPs

My point was if they could summon real monsters in previous yugiohs why not have a similar concept here.
But it probably has something to do with the Earthdamar since Yuhi said that he became worse at card games after losing it via anal phrobing.

So zwijo has a repetition gimmick like gavan or luke did. Maybe aliens arrived to earth long before yuga went to space.

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I wonder if they'll hand that duel off to yuhi or yuamu. I think it would make more sense to have yuamu duel whoever plays that dragon looking monster.

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Despite having a decent number of non duel episodes the plot is kicking off faster than sevens. Plus I don't really mind the non duel episodes for explaining shit trap cards and spells. We don't need every episode to be a duel for tutorial mode

Zwijo extracts all the attribute damars after beating other duelists to make an evil god weapon is what you mean.

>Was better pre anal probing
>Yuamu still beat his ass while he was apparently good and was the better twin in terms of dueling ability too
Damn... I wonder if they're just gonna wank her off like Luke because of dragons or if they'll just have her not duel much and just have the majority of her time setting up plans and inventions since yuga did that almost more than he actually dueled

Plans and inventions. but she'll still duel more than manabu and zwijo. She'll also have to look good compared to yuhi.

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I want to lose to a 12 yo girl and be forced to be her bitch

Are yuga/asana shippers still committed? Or are they as confused as everyone else?

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sorry to interrupt your thread
I'm still not over how Arc-V turned out
I can never smile to a yu-gi-oh show again

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That show was destined to fail though.

it wasn't
if only it wan't for that anniversary movie fucking with the production
cut the prison arc and that cyborg villain in synchron, make it about getting Jack out of his depression, also don't make the characters stuck in locked rooms so they can interact more
give those episodes to the xyz arc
cut the battle beast mini-arc from fusion in order to flesh out the main villains more
give Yuzu, Sawatari, Renji and Shun an average of 1.5 more duels
change Zarc-Yuya desing
there, I fixed Arc-V

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It doesn't work, the whole point is to drag yuya across the dimensions and then have him fuse into an evil dark god. He can't interact with yuzu otherwise he would just go back home. Anyone who stands in the way of the evil dark god has to be crushed. They can't make a different villain to end on because you can't top the evil dark god. They can't unmerge the characters in the end because that was the point of the series in the first place. No one wanted to see the millennium world story be placed on the main character. It was a mistaken premise. People barely even tolerate in the other series, vrains had to be completely bleak from the start just to have that kind of story with abstract computer fairies.

I don't know, haven't read Japanese comments in a while. But the western fandom is still convinced it happened and probably won't change of mind until a Mutsuba character shows up who isn't related to the twins in any way.

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what if ruka and rua were earphones?

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>no real solid vision
>no trapping people into cards
Arc-V was silly in its own way but fairly coherent. Zwijo's plan makes zero sense.

by contrast Yuudias' apparent plan to end the war without bloodshed by having people duel instead is pretty coherent, even if naive.

*Cute woman

Why the fuck anime is so shit? What happened

>Yuhi said that he became worse at card games after losing it via anal phrobing.
probably just cope for repeatedly losing to Yuamu and even Yuudias like an idiot.

Even if it did have some effect, he lost to Teru back when he had his "earthdamar" and then kicked his ass without much difficulty after he lost it, so it's clearly not crucial.

I'd equip them

Vrains and arc-v flopping made them go full retard

Do you think M chan hides in yuhi's room in between episodes?

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Yugioh has tried too hard to be yugioh when the core audience only wanted to see anime where high schoolers/college students play in card game tournaments while acting crazy and having a slight pretension of magic and edge.

Why do you ask this question every thread?

Yeah, he even thinks he might be better off without even having whatever it is anyway.

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Plot leaning more towards the lightheartedness of Rush, early GX, and early Zexal, or is this series taking a more serious route?

Why is he black?
Plot somehow feels more childish than ever before

There's some shading over his face there, but I don't know how you see black.

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Is transamu rainiac a good ace monster?

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Sevens was so fucking bad holy shit

Luke lost fair and square.

Well no guarantees but this show seems like it'll be filled with surprises so they should be ready for anything.

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Yuamu should wear her other outfit.

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You're non-canon.

Sevens was great and only midwits don't understand it.

Then you have a shit taste, cause it turned out pretty well.

so what other character does yuhi and yuamu descend from?

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I wonder if it could really be that simple...

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Because they'll never stop being mad.

Aliens were always there, the Chubaka alien having many generations on earth reveal was to indicate that and NOT that Go Rush is centuries ahead of Sevens like some retards assumed.

I've never seen Arc-V, but I saw DSOD in theaters twice and I hope you die mad.