ITT: cute girls stuck in shit anime

ITT: cute girls stuck in shit anime

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I prefer the dominatrix

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dead waifu

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i love her

back off, Ar is mine

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you take that back motherfucker, the anime was fun

It shocks me that the Shinka adaptation, even mocking itself for being the most brainless wish fulfillment isekai trash with an animation budget that probably capped $5k an episode somehow managaed to be one of the best shows that season
Season 2 when

I still miss her...

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I actually liked Gorilla Girl's anime and I am looking forward to season 2.

I don't even recall finishing it but yeah it was bearable.

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That anime was a disaster. I remember someone on a forum once was talking about this anime thinking it will be good because it was written by the LOTGH authir. He said there should be more things like but instead he thinks that anime will become such as there is only one or a few hot girls with no plot and all the watchers will do is jerking off to it. I think he predicted Miru thighs.

Anime series chock full of top tier waifu candidates.

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Priestess from Goblin Slayer

i thought this was madoka for a sec lol

yea, it was fun watching the hilariously awful "animation"

The series was fun. And Ar is best girl.

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What is "every girl in Isekai"

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Honestly, you can put pretty much every girl from Goblin Slayer in this thread.

I could bet a kidney that those are from the same hentai artist that made the Gargantia anime designs.

Fuck you, Mayo Chiki was good , right? It was my first anime, so I'm a little bit biased

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She was great.

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thats a trap

those shoes are fucking terrible


>no one mentioned the GOAT

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my bf

cuz her show werent bad

Any DxD girl...

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Does she not know dynamite explodes?

That's a candle, not dynamite.

I think she fits the series very well.

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So true

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What did you dislike about her anime?


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who dis

Her name is Sayuri from a web series called Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie
If you're going to watch it, only watch it for the redhead

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made for anal

whatd I tell you about falling in love with reverse harem mcs?

yes naruco hanaharu

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