Dragon Ball Super

Piccolo's enlightened philosophy of anarchy and chaos is VASTLY superior to Frieza's crude fascism.

Piccolo is the true master of evil.

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Shut the fuck up with Spiccolo. Nobody cares about his shitty forced day.
Let’s talk about how awesome Goku and Vegeta are and how cool they look, as we always do.

Gents... Execute.

>EoZ Goku ignores his friends for 5 years, before finally fucking off with a little brown boy
>GT Goku fucks off for half of the series with his son and granddaughter, before coming back to fight threat after threat with little breaks in between, until he finally passes on like he was trying to in Z, which he does without telling any of his friends or family besides Bejita
Why do people hate Super Goku again? The only continuity where he kept his promise to get a job and left Gohan alone, btw.

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>forgot about Goku fucking off for 7 years to waku waku in the afterlife

GODly? Won against Hulk.
JOBgeta? Lost against Thor.

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What if Goku became a pedophile and went on a massive child raping rampage?
>Goku out in the open raping a child; bullets just boucing off him
>Uses instant transmission to bring child to a wasteland to rape them where no one can here them scream
>can create ki rings to trap child and rape them without them struggling
>can bring them to the hypoblic time chamber to give them a years worth of rape in a day
>can give them a senzu bean if he damages them while raping them
If he wanted, he could easily. And no one would be able to stop him.

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He meant to stay dead that time. That's the most fucked up part about GT, he was waiting for the moment he could finally be free and in the end he got it.

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Change the history of war,
O almighty Fusion!

Deep in the recesses of my soul,
A flame has sunk deep and low.
Who is it that will tear through the silence
And draw it out, rousing it to burn?

Though each day may come and go,
Though dreams and ambitions may grow and grow,
As long as tragedy in this world remains,
For us there will be occasion to call!

The stronger the foe,
With greater strength a hero can oppose!
(Here we go!)
You'd best get ready.
(Now is the time.)
If you call out in love, you'll summon a storm!

I am the sun,
And you, the moon!
With our forms made one,
In mortal hands is held power divine!

Align now your fingers,
Converge now your hearts!
Change the history of war,
O almighty Fusion!

Though opposed in mutual distaste,
One we are in mutual respect.
Our peculiar friendship, now,
Is transformed into burning light!

When in the power of Saiyan blood
Man entrusts his hopes and dreams,
A warrior will be born
Who defies all belief!
Invoke now the name of Gogeta,
And a legend will begin, right then and there!

(Hurry, now!)
I'm not holding anything back.
(Let out a fearsome roar!)
Energy of Divine Mystery,
Unleashed to rout evil!

Embracing your rage,
Knowing mortal pain,
Let bloom the rose of humanity in your heart!

Boundless and ravenous,
Your tremendous power only grows.
Even the gods may fall to their knees...
Before the face of Fusion Reborn!

I am the sun,
And you, the moon!
With our forms made one,
In mortal hands is held power divine!

Align now your fingers,
Converge now your hearts!
Change the history of war,
O almighty Fusion!

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A new government would eventually form, one raised by outlaws perhaps, but a government just the same. Horror would give way to peace in due time, as it always does. The people would yearn for it, and so it would happen.

You CANNOT take Order from the heart of Man. You cannot steal away HONOR. These are Truths ESSENTIAL to the core of humanity. Anyone who claims otherwise is SICK, ignorant of the hearts of the people.

Humanity...is LIGHT. And GOOD will ALWAYS prevail. BOOM.

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Why is he so brave?

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Piccolo realized this perhaps which is why he said his demons would actively hunt down and kill anyone who tries to "brandish the sword of justice"

This? TRUE.

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Justice ALWAYS prevails.

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. . . . . . . .

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This puny god better go away before Chadren's fist splits his skull in half

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Agreed. He was a great character. Frieza wasn't fascist though, he was clearly globospacehomo.

Shut up and tell Vegeta to bring me another beer.

>Cell: I'm an Android
What? No he's not...

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post the real version

SHITren is REAAAAAL quiet after seeing this...


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Goku has always gone years without seeing any of his friends and besides he has IT. GT Goku visits Chichi from time to time.
>and left Gohan alone
Kek, and you are telling me he didn't do that I. Roz and GT? Where is finally a scholar and keeps up his training?

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Oops, meant to post this. Don't know how I posted adult Gotenks by accident.

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Say it.

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Not to mention Eoz/GTku had 10 years of peace where he chilled with his family whereas Superku leaves for months/weeks without seeing his family once.

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Piccolo Daimao's rival.

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Fascism is the when corporations and the government merge which is exactly what Frieza did, it's simultaneously an empire and a business.

Roshi's three-eyed slave

Today i will remind them.

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E E E Exit.

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CHADhan won.

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sigma rule n890129: beat the shit up of the one who called you a retard


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There is literally nothing wrong with that.

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Damn it Loki get off 4 chan. Stop trolling these poor Anons.

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Of Ponyren? Yup yup YUP.

How fast are Goku and Vegeta? Can they match the speed of a planck instant, that being 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds?

The fuck is a planck instant, you filthy american?

>Goku has always gone years without seeing any of his friends
>First, to train for the return of Piccolo
>Second, to raise his only child
>Third, to train for the return of Frieza
>Fourth, because he CHOSE to stay dead and wanted to pass on
>Fifth, EoZ when he came back anyway after Buu - he disappears because...
>GT Goku visits Chichi from time to time
Sasuga. Now tell me, my melanated friend, what was the OTHER part of their promise? Huh? I believe it starts with a J and ends with a B. If I'm not mistaken, Bejita does it ALL the time. What is that 3 letter word?!

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>not taking an upper decker as revenge

It's ok Bejita, Goku lost to me twice.

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Goku's max speed is the speed of light (that's what "Instant" Transmission is according to him). Hopefully that answers your question.

>The Planck time is theorized to be the smallest time measurement that will ever be possible, roughly 10−43 seconds. Within the framework of the laws of physics as they are understood their lifetime, for times less than two Planck time apart, one can neither measure nor detect any change.

God damn DB was so comfy when the concept of God was literally just guy in the sky, that became just Earth's Guardian now, sigh.

>Frieza's crude fascism.
To this day I don't understand how Frieza's empire worked
>Operate a space business genociding worlds and the selling the planet to the highest bidder
>Also claim to be the Emperor of the universe
>Super reveals there's like 20 intelligent races left in the whole universe
Who the fuck was Frieza selling planets to? If he was just conquering for the sake of expanding his own influence that'd be fine, but he's a spaceLand shark in the business of ripper property out from under the owners and selling it to someone else. I just don't get how a business man is also the emperor of the universe or who the fuck is buying these planets.
Maybe the whole thing was just a weird "your parents paid me to be your friend type thing by King Cold and the whole business was just a sham for his precious boy

>God is an old green guy
>He's not even that wise, pretty stupid actually
>People can just fly up there and beat him up
Not comfy for me, Kami is one of the worst characters imo

Dbs bros.... we are babies??!??!

The DBS shit about 20 planets with life just makes no sense, just based on the different alian races in Frieza's army you already have more than 20 races, among many other plot holes like the one you pointed out.


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>5 years after the end of the 23rd Budokai did not happen
>Goku staying on Yadrat for a year and a half did not happen
>3 years preparing for the androids
>B-But...muh 7 years....
>he disappears because...
Are you being dumb on purpose?
READ the fucking image

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>Can't understand basic quantum mechanics
Really, Jirenbro?

Yep, I've thought the same thing as well. They just messed up by saying there was such a small number of planets with life. I don't know why they would even say that.

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this is us.

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The IT is faster than Whis who already travels at light speed.


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only 20 inhabited planets because no one could afford rent to Frieza