Do you have any anime/manga you consider to be 10/10?

Do you have any anime/manga you consider to be 10/10?

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Fire Punch
Girls' Last Tour
Oyasumi Punpun
Violet Evergarden movie
Ghost in the Shell
I need to read more manga

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>Fire Punch
>Girls' Last Tour
childrens manga
>Oyasumi Punpun
pretentious pedo manga 0/10
anohana more like onahole
>Violet Evergarden movie
movies dont count also its not that good writing
>Ghost in the Shell


>childrens manga
Girls' Last Tour is deeper than Ghost in the Shell could ever hope to be.

Yes. 10% of them.

yeah well so is charlie and the chocolate factory if you write an essay about the industrial evolution and capitalism technocracy

I personally don't believe perfection exists but there are anime/manga that I like enough to place above the rest.

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rapaz pill me

Only the first season of big O is 10/10, the second is 6/10 at best.

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i wish big o had more episodic stuff

number scores are barbarism

That's how it was originally intended to be.

No, its just shitty cartoons for kids.

Yes but I will never tell anyone which one it is. I will leave it in my death-note(not the anime).

It's not cartoons mom, it's anime

anything written by Satoshi Mizukami

A lot, I'm not very smart so I don't really notice that something is shit, but when I think 10/10 I don't really mean something flawless as much as I mean something amazing, as good as it gets. I don't think there are any flawless anime

Dragon quest it’s getting pretty damn close to being a perfect kids shounen.
I also think Afro samurai and s cry ed are great.

Patlabor ova

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BLAME! and Akagi

Urusei Yatsura
Elfen Lied
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Howl's Moving Castle
Serial Experiments Lain

Not really a high bar you set here

You are a Man of wisdom just like me


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the Anne of Green Gables is kino

before a week ago I never seen anyone on Yea Forums talk about this series now all of a sudden I see atleast 1 comment about it a day

It's all the same guy spamming it.

Blame, Ping Pong, Akira, Shigurui, Noiseman
Now I really want to see Big O

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>Now I really want to see Big O

It's a great show, definitely worth a watch

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I really like 7 seeds and unlimited blade works route of fate stay night

I've heard is bad compared to the anime. Should I watch it?

No and it's very simple. Ideals, 10/10, perfection or whatever it is - those just don't exist

Yotsubato, vagabond and grand blue

Yotsuba and Slam Dunk.

He spams Ann of Green Gables. I spam Ronya the Robbers Daughter. It's just part of being based.

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10/10 anime - Big O(excellent taste brother)
10/10 Manga - Blame

YagaKimi is as perfect as romances can get.

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If you've never heard of this, go read it right now.

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I mean I never said I dislike the series recognition. Anne of green gables is a true canadian classic and the anime adaptation is really good aswell


Yes, and it's called Breaking Bad

Big O is a solid 4/10

Yeah but I won't list it because it will get shit on immediately and I don't care for subjecting myself to that.

>Elfen Lied
>Neon Genesis Evangelion

Based, big o is still my favorite mecha anime.

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I'm dumb and I've just finished TBO, can some lore master explain to me the ending? I thought I had it but the barrage of plot twists near the end fucked me up.

>before a week ago I never seen anyone on Yea Forums talk about this series
How have you liked your first week on Yea Forums? Remember to lurk 2 years and watch at least 300 anime before posting.

Agreed for the anime. Should I read the manga?


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Honey and Clover
Nodame Cantabile
Princess Jellyfish (manga)
made in abyss (manga)

Cast in the name of God

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is The Big O on HBOMAX with the rest of the adultswim stuff?

the original hajime no ippo anime is honestly perfect

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The manga is even better, thanks to an awesome presentation and ... well an ending. It has a lose and boring stage drama in the middle which feels like filler so you can just skip it. Also, keep your distance from the official seven seas translation which is notorious for misleading context, mistranslations or even mixing up characters names.

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if only the rest was animated like this
if only the rest was animated

Mobile Suit Gundam
Getter Saga (manga)
Princess Tutu

outlaw star, bebop and big o