Spy x Family

who's in the wrong here? Yor is just hiding her side job, but Loid is faking his whole identity.

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why do we need 4 spy x family threads at the same time


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>589% increase in sales

Is this evidence that anime can be profitable?

shojobros we won

My hero academia in the fucking mud

I would lick her frontal bottom immediately

I thought the manga was already popular before the anime came out?

Isn't it like the only manga that got a boost this season?

Haven't you heard? Yea Forums is reddit now

Why can't Loid figure out that there's definitely something wrong with his "wife"? I thought he was supposed to be smart and the fact that she can fight (and almost beat) a professional spy in h2h doesn't bother him just doesn't sit right with me.

because it's a comedy manga

because he's a logical person and the most unlogical thing would be that Yor is an actual assassin.

>Why can't Loid figure out that there's definitely something wrong with his "wife"?
This dude is dense in everything regarding relationships.

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Didn't he fuck countless women for his missions? How can he possibly be bad at this?

Fuck off Fiona. Get a cat.

>How can he possibly be bad at this?
Probably spies have some basic tutorials about this.

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Because unless he has a plan he can't interact with women on the spot. He probably planned her seduction stunts early.

Would a mind reader date you?

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where’s mha?


One Piss bros...

Nah we're fine

what went wrong?

How the fuck is komi that high

The more I think about it the less wholesome the series feels, so I don't think about it much.

She fucks a lot of dogs.

He did risk his whole mission to save Anya in the first episode, he didn’t have to do that

The power of shilling and fotm, pretty shit what the manga/anime industry has become, good for the author I guess.

What level of cope is this?

The level of I don't care that much but nowadays the quality doesn't matter but the marketing aimed at normalfags.

Takopi is so fucking overated.
Literally carried by shock value only.

Don't Look Back is 100 times better as a short.

Yor will be revealed as not a virgin and purityfags will seethe

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she's kissless

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jannies being lazy

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Yeah, both she and Loid will be outed as such after it is also revealed they banged all night.

just shut up dude no one cares

Best part of this series is no shitty NTR bait characters so cuckold artists can only cope

Both new spy woman wants to cuck Yor. Also Yor brother NTR'd by Lloyd.

How is this even on the list?

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Yuri and Nightfall are made for NTR doujins though

The manga ended like a year ago?

The only boner that Yor will have seen is going to be Loid's.

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Why would he wonder if Yor had a previous relationship? How is that relevant?

you don't have the (You) count extension?

The mission

He needs as little snags in the mission as possible.

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Read the manga ages ago but couldn't understand the appeal at all.

Does this shit still has the boring SoL format or does it finally getting some actual meaningful arc and actual interaction/progression between characters?
I also don't understand why there are shippers of the main couple when they barely interact at all.

Why are they like this

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Be ready to see an influx of spy or family manga over the next few years.

The eternal debate

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Why do retards still think anime isn't?

what debate
Fiona doesn't even care about Anya

Shippers don't need much to go off. How much of a newfag are you?

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nice hope we get to anya timeskip within 100 chapters or so

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I am glad that the manga is selling well, but the downside is that it attracts shitposters.

>I don't understand how a show built on a man and woman playing marriage has so many shippers
You really are autistic.

Loid and Anya are shitters. Even when he figured out that Yor had feelings for him, he still went spy mode and continue his charade ad part of his job. Anya just does shit on the school for sake of her father's mission and will end breaking Damian's heart sooner or later. At least she figured out that being a compulsive liar will do more harm than good so she's lying less

Loid is getting the electric chair unless he decides to open to his family

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