Kingdom 719


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I just want this battle to be over...

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On what?


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no break. see you next time.

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F for Gakurai, he hardly did anything.

i never read these early translations because they are scuffed and i'd rather wait until they are decent

Peak meatgrinder

He died as he lived

F it's been years

RIP Boomer

Thanks, user!

thanks user, surprised an old minor character bit the dust already

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In the flash of the blade

Gonna need to check them digits

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triforce vs triforce


The less named characters in the unit the better, it's already amazing how Shin's army can lose half their number every war but all the named vets make it out.

He's dying so Garou gets the fallen comrade boost Just like Kyoukai will when Rei dies, don't forget that.

We haven't even seen Kanto use his Shousa stand yet.

Real historical events

That looks like fun

Literally who?

Gee I wonder if Shin will be able to overcome this random dipshit


The absolute disrespect, he joined the unit over 350 chapters ago after Duke Hyou died

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He'll be missed

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>Shin enters a battlefield
>trillions of Qin lives are at stake
>the enemy is a Zhao army led by Riboku
>the enemy general is winning, he's clearly an instinctual type
>Shin gets ragdolled around, our protagonist is in BIG trouble
>Bihei has lost confidence
>"A general that keeps on winning doesn't exist"
>Shin suddenly gets a lot more pumped up
>*unwraps Ouki's glaive*
>close up of his face, nose bleeding and eyes dilated
>cut to the enemy general pissing himself in the corner
>"I will become....
>....a great general of the heavens"
>this triggers his opponent to have a flashback to his tragic past
>this in turn triggers Ousen to do nothing for 30 chapters straight before saying that it's all going according to his plan
>a robed silhouette appears in the distance, drinking mercury and looking at the horizon
>" a great general of the heavens...."
>this is all merely Kanki's maneuver to bait another general into a fight
>Shin enters a battlefield

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Gakurai must be avenged, Zhao will burn

Would be funny if shin just killed the zhao guy in the first page of the next chapter

He's gotta say his monologue first

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thank you, TLfam. See you next time!

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RIP in pepperoni, the Hi Hyou are the realest niggas in all of china, always charging into suicidal battles like it aint no thing

shit makes no sense if Chu is the largest territory why can't they just steamroll the others

Oh but they will

Were shields not invented in China?

Because as much as Hara wants us to believe that chinks, especially qindogs and zhaopigs, multiplied at absurd speed like zerglings , human resources were still extremely valuable and people didn't just recklessly send thousands upon thousands of soldiers to their death.
Chu sure has the advantage of being the largest territory, but they ain't playing no Sangoku Musou until they know they have a chance to curbstomp Qin to the point they can't get back up, which was also Rebook's original plan in the first place.

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>and people didn't just recklessly send thousands upon thousands of soldiers to their death
Well until they did, that is. By the end of the Chu and Qin war the armies easily numbered on the millions on each side.

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Nooooooooooooooooo not Gakurai Duke Hyou's left overs

Thanks user

is this the most repetitive manga ever made ? shit's getting worse than one piece it's unbearable

>ignores his forefathers legacy of meritocracy and lets his friended a campaign he is in no way, shape or form ready for
>ends up being a colossal fuck up and the worst roadbump they've experienced yet
Sasuga Sei-sama

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It's explained in the series.
They have more landmass but that also means they have more to defend. If Chu invades then the other countries will take the opportunity to invade Chu.

This series is at its best when the battles end, but so far it's been about building up the armies for the future.

Disorganized hierarchy, bigger territory means having to defend from more angles and states, having to spread their armies out more, states more likely creating alliances together once they hear about chu dominating or gaining territory near them, qin having crossbows, greedy fucks ruining their economy, etc, etc ,etc
They do have alot of influence and even when qin create unify the states they have a big role in their downfall

Not his fault everyone he trusted turned traitor

After the Ryofui coup arc, everyone kinda became caricatures
>Sei: Shin is the key to uniting China but I won't make him a great general
>Kyoukai: I am Shin's wife
>Karyoten: NO, I AM SHIN'S WIFE
>Riboku: You may have won this battle Shin, but not the war!
>Ousen: Just as planned
>Kanki: I am Humanity

Shin lis LITTERALLY luffy at this point

I feel like the whole manga is stuck in a small back and forth rut with Zhao. Only after this arc will there be a change in the status quo.
But no. Much of the story so far was about Sei's battle with Ryofui before we even got into Qin expansion proper.

Unholy devil quads confirm

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I think the issue is that we just have had big open flatlands since, I dunno, the arc after the coalition war.
In fairness when armies get this big it probably is were their fighting but hara should either be focusing more on the surrounding politics and the long plays (ousens locust tactic was the most fun part of that arc) or the evolution of warfare rather than football tactics and UUUUOHHHHHHH