AI generated pictures of Made In Abyss

Pretty spot on.
made there

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It's evolving...

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guess which anime this is

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Death note??

hunter x hunter
it seems to be having real problems with the eyes.

>it seems to be having real problems with the eyes.

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What if the ai is simply portraying the real world and how things really look, and it's just our minds seeing anime and life differently to cope with the horror?

I don't think anyone is going to guess this one.

it's an old anime

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Lain + Elfenlied?

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elfen lied is correct

you didn't google lense search did you user

10 years ago i worked as an artist, and was told this technology would one day replace me

today i work as an artist

Elfen Lied?

no, i swear

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weird results
can you guess?

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the anime called pinky something

looks like

guess the anime

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pany and stocking

maybe you've got it but got the name wrong

these are abjectly horrifying

no anya?

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what gave it away? i hope you didnt cheat!

Spirited Away, easy

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Nah, I figured out it was Elfen Lied too. The hair color gave it away. You don't see that shade of reddish pink that often, since pink-haired girls tend to have more cutesy colors overall.

The grey blob in the center. It's really interesting how accurate google lense search works on these

ding ding .

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most fun Yea Forums thread all week

Here's a cryptic one Yea Forumsnons. This image describes the special move of an Anime character.

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Spirit bombs from DBZ?

I don't see it.

It's supposed to be Cromartie High School

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here's another one

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One piece devil fruits?

correct, nice one user

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reminds me of this

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K on?

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Love Live?
Never watched it, but the AI gives me similar results when I ask for it

nope, hint: despite how scary it looks, the colors are pretty spot on.


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probably wrong, but dorohedoro?


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Some schizo made hundreds of these creepy lucky star pics.

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I hate this.

lol the fuck

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this ai was made for me

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The bottom left makes me think AoT, but the top right makes me think armstrong.

easiest one to guess but pretty

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also very easy

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peridot from steven universe?

Holy shit the mix of the character and the real life thing is amazing lol. Wouldn't work with anything else

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probably the only character where the eyes work

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the tits

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Can you try other gems?

>the Promised Neverland

forgot pic

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Yeah, because there are so many gay boys in armor with long white curls