Kunoichi tsubaki

happy smiling goblin

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a thread died for this

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It's just you and me here OP.

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"they" will enter the thread soon.

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Someone should request Jahy in a cunny itchy costume.

Patiently waiting for my wife Fuki's episode

> tfw wiping ajisai's feet

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Rindou and Mokuren's feet in my mouth as I'm filling their wombs for impregnation

Rindou who?
I'll lick Sazanka's soles instead

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>Dislikes: Sazanka

why does she dislike the girl with the best feet after mokuren?
also ajisai toes.

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getting kicked by sazanka!!!

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Nobody likes sazanka.

>tfw made OC about this show weeks ago but there hasn't been a good thread about it in all that time so I still can't post it

Is it weird that I'm fapping for most of the episode?

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Tsubaki is so flexible, she can kneel and sway her feet at the same time

How are sales going? Why is this show only popular on Yea Forums?
Even jewtube has barely nothing on this

Bros... I think I got turned into a feetfag

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What a loser.

And there never will be.


it's literally impossible not to be after watching 1 episode

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feetfags makes me sick

Yea Forums isn't the right place for you then

Nothing of value was lost.

mokuren's bare feet flopping plesantly on my face!

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I'm not into feet, I'm into little girls. I just like every part of them.

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I made more room. Please populate the nightmarish miasma with cute

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Yea Forums isn't feetfag haven you feetfreak

Sazanka's feet.

It literally is


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away with ye outsider

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I've got a question, Is the manga on Hiatus?
there hasn't been an update since March, and i can't find new raws anywhere

Raws were posted a few weeks ago, but it seems translations are slow or dead. I don't get it either.

I know it's perspective, but her left foot really looks disproportionately tiny here.

I sure hope she wiped properly first

>t. formerly closeted footfags
I've never been into feet, never will.

I hope not

Fun fact, If you had a severe run of the runs(eg, ODed on milk or OJ), after a certain point, there's literally nothing left, so a quick hosedown will clean up good.

Who gives the best blowjobs and why is it Benisumomo?

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this show was such a waste
what a shame

thats because she is working really hard practicing
but dont tell anybody
its a secret

Raws for chapter 50? Where

Is it just me or does the way Benisumomo dress make her look like a street urchin? A sexy street urchin, but still.

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your right they should all dress like mokuren

It's also translated, but not typeset.

she dresses like a cheap whore

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benis could make anyone orgasm in 10 seconds with her tongue

I just realized there's no TP in there... do kunoichis really...?

That's because she is one

It's the open vest, very common in depictions of street urchins like Aladdin

W-where at?

These threads hit bump limit very quickly on the day the episodes air. Hell, we've had a couple in the same day

Its the stinker for me

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Who is she whoring herself to when there's no men around?

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Getting lots of replies doesn't turn a shit thread into a good thread, it just encourages people to make more shit threads.

Other girls, duh. Just like the boys' class are likely gay with each other too.

Asagao will lick her clean if she says it's chocolate.

Come on she's not THAT dumb.

What does she charge in exchange for carpet munching?
The village doesn't seem to have any system of currency so they must barter with something

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That's what they want you to believe

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First worlder detected

>cheap whore
Who is the most high class whore?


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Nah, Mokuren also dresses like a cheap whore, hell she probably doesn't even charge and does it for free

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