Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Shouta's worst nightmare edition

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post elmas

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Will he ever hit puberty?

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After he devours her whole

Based elmachad

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I went to pixiv to look at some fanart, and as always, it was a mistake.

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One of the few Elma fanarts that follow her canon proportions (i.e. having massive hips and waist) while making her look like the original source everywhere else. Not even the anime or COOL himself seem to care that much about it, they just draw her like as Tohru with short black hair


If Lucoa allows it.

Sometimes I wonder how high is their body count. Both seem to be really open to having sex, Elma was about to do it with a stranger for food. I guess Tohru would be lower since she's an edgelord, strong as fuck, a mass murderer and technically a princess, so I guess that would scare the fuck out of most dragons... And I'm not sure about Elma, but she isn't as high of a member on her faction as Tohru and she's not as abrasive, so who knows inb4 she was the harmony's faction bike and that was the real reason why Telne wanted her to get married

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I love Lucoa so much bros.

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Tohru is too prideful, not a chance.
And Telne had always been watching over Elma since she was a child, because Elma was the means to strengthen her faction by political marriage, and Elma was aware of that.
The only time something could have happened is when Tohru and Elma were traveling together for decades, but there's not enough evidence to say anything.

According to her spin-off, Elma is also a mass murderer. But Elma probably targeted warmongers while Tohru likely killed a few people simply for annoying her
Tohru's body count is 1: Elma

>Lucoa showing nipples in the latest chapter
My fucking dick.

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post please

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Here you go, I've posted other pages despite being official from the manga, the janny trannies still ban me. Bonus page of Gyaruru-chan.


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Dios mio... La creatura mexicana del 56% and la goblina tetuda...

When I think about Dragon Maid I think about the consequences of being the equivalent of an Olympic God (in might, intellect and lifespan) walking among regular humans. The amount of damage I could do, how insignificant is everybody compared to me. Would I do the same as Lucoa, be a functional slave for my own amusement? Or double down on my nature and become a turbo-NEET as Fafnir? Elma / Kanna / Ilulu / Tohru are LARPing as humans with varying degrees of success, but that doesn't seem the way of a god. I guess all of them have their in-character reasons to do it, but that seems like a waste. Like grinding on an MMORPG while having God Mode activated, it must feel pointless

Aaaand now I realise I went on an autistic rant. I just wanted to say that thinking about how many people Elma has fucked in a series like this is being a beyond mindbroken coomer

no nips though m8ty I wanna see Lucoa nipples

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Why not post the whole thing?

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user... open the link.

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Kobayashi is my wife

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Okay Tohru you can stop posting now.

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Go to make breakfast Tohru, Kobayashi is about to wake up

The problem once again is society. There's lots of dragons bullying you into conformity that you can't ignore w/o something extra. And fuck off w/ the tardspeak.

What a coincidence, mine too!

how long would you be able to endure lucoa’s paizuri?

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That reminds me of an episode of Judge Judy where a guy sues a stripper with huge boobs for neck trauma from Mikey Mousing him.

My last two digits in seconds.

If she's holding back and teasing me, probably a minute or longer
Otherwise not long at all, I'd lose much too quickly to those boobs

It would be a two panel instant loss.

Forever, my death-grip syndrome is beyond repair at this point

Is this normal in human-dragon relationships?

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you think they limited themselves to dragons?

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None of the other dragons try to feed their own tails to people. But Elma doesn't sound particularly shocked when Tohru brings it up, as if it's a known practice among dragons. Could be an outdated custom that only weirdos do nowadays

>Doing it in front of Kanna
What perverts.

Either that or Tohru's been trying to get someone to eat her tail for a while now.

Heading to bed but I'll leave a question: what happened to Tohru's mother? The manga has referred to Tohru's parents as a plural multiple times. She supposedly had a good relationship with both parents but only Damocles has ever been seen or talked about specifically (unless I missed a more recent chapter)

>She supposedly had a good relationship with both parents
With Damocles for sure, but we don't know about her mother. Some anons speculated that Lucoa's friend during Elma's arc was her mother, but considering neither of then seem to recognise each other at first glance it feels too forced to be true.

But whatever, it could be worse. At least she's not an orphan like Ilulu and Elma

this but it's a one panel instant loss

the way this artist draw lucoa so... plump, soft-looking and meaty... oh god

Fafnir is taking a bath
Will you join him?

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No, he'd kill me.

This brings up an interesting idea
In their human form, the female dragons' tits are their flame sacs
So does that mean the male dragons don't breathe fire? Where do their flame sacs go in human form? Why don't they have tits?

you have to go back

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>In their human form, the female dragons' tits are their flame sacs
That's only Iruru.

>Elma was about to do it with a stranger for food
Which chapter was that one, i forgot

A guy invited her out on dinner and she accepted and some anons think that means she was ready to fuck him.

Forgot the link, sorry.

For Tohru, Elma, and Lucoa, they're their mana pools. For Kanna they'll be her batteries.

after reading that chapter...


that dude wasnt getting any (dragon) tail, only an empty wallet

I could see Elma getting into a relationship with a human dude if hes like, an amazing cook or some shit like that- but i always just assumed Tohru is either only into women and more recently kobayashisexual

I'm not usually into cowtits characters, but damn Lucoa is my weakness.

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you know it's fixable, right?

Surprised there's no electric thing

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