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monday speedtl

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>shooting finished!
>good work, everyone
>well now take it easy and go tour or something before leaving
>we have to take the plane by tomorrow at lunch time though...
>how are we supposed to do that...
>for now, I want to relax at a hot spring...
>same here
>when will MV be finished?
>well, first one will be handed over as soon as possible but

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Thanks as always

>online editing...
>you cut and paste, make a temporary one to check...
>and online editing again
>we do color correction, CG and VFX and such before delivery
>well I think it should be done by next month but
>for second one,
>could you give me more time?
>that would be fine but why?
>welll~ that's because

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>even commercial creators
>have moments where she wishes to return to a mere artist

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How do you divide zero by zero

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>this trip...
>had too many things happening...
>strange, mysterious ones...
>it seems like they are all connected in a single line...

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>means we are formally in a relationship right?
>which has nothing to do with the show...
>and as a man and a woman

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>your face is red
>get out before you pass out in the tub
>yeah, I do feel little dizzy...
>I probably was thinking about something important
>but my head is getting spaced out and making me not care

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what a bitch

>doesn't care about her relationship with Aqua


>it'd be fine for times like this right?
>I heard
>that you will be taking a main role in a movie
>you got famous
>it's just a movie with few theatres..
>don't judge a work just by its distribution
>it's still amazing thing

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Why does Kana look so boyish?

Frill is so beautiful

>I envy you
>from now on is very important moment for you
>Kurokawa Akane's future will depend on whether you can ride on this wave or not
>nevertheless you followed to this trip...
>how long are you going to stay with feelings of love reality show

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Kanabro here, I think we shouldn't falseflagging.

>it's not love reality show anymore though
>I think I'm at my limit
>I'll be heading off first

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>no way
>hey Akane chan
>why did brother became an actor?

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>>shooting finished!
Again AKa shit? No Ruby MV. This idol arc was only to show us how his favorite ugly hobbit Kana was muh good.

>every chapter is Akanewank now

This is even worse fucking aka

>he was working under director ever since he was young
>and insisted on staying in this world
>the reason why...
>is something Akane chan would know right?
>he has someone he wishes to meet in showbiz industry
>that's what I think

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Damn, Kana got btfo here.
I know she's clearly being set up as the endgame on the long run but this one hurts.

Kana's barely been in it, it's all been Akane Mary-Sue chapters

akane will win the kanabowl

Leave it, man. As long as Kana gets a single panel he'll call any chapter a Kanawank. He's obsessed.

>become famous to meet that person
>is the impression I get I guess?
>who would that be?
>I don't know about that....
>it'd better to not tell this story to Ruby
>I want Aqua kun to forget about the incident...
>giving information to Ruby chan might cause unnecessary trouble to rise
>maybe it's an actor he likes
>Aqua kun does have a side that get swept by a trend afterall

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>I see...
>it's getting late so let's get back to sleep?

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Ruby kinda spooky there

>heh, so this is is showbiz's...
>right right, the Aratate shrine
>even many Emas are written by would-be actors
>they say if you hit wooden panel with hammer, effect multiplies!

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>drooling retards seething this hard
fuck off, toursits

>since we are here, I'm going to make a wish
>yeah let's do it
>please make everyone successful
>please don't let our company actors to cause any troubles

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>Kana's barely been in it,
What? The part of the MV focused on muh "Kana is the best" muh Kana Kino idol panels" the two other girls barely been in it. Even Akane x Aqua discussion was about muh" Kana will be popular".
>it's all been Akane Mary-Sue chapters
Akane Mary Sue chapter and Kana Idol Sue chapter in Ruby own arc. This girl deserves better. Aka don't like Ruby.

>please make me be able to perform better
>please make me become successful quickly
>make Aqua...

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>please make me become successful quickly
Is that Kana's or Aqua's wish?


Maybe they both have the same wish, maybe it has different meanings as well, not necessarily related to showbiz

>to be able to find the one who killed mama and sensei
>as soon as possible
>whether it was due to each one's wishes coming true
>or being guided by someone else
>this MV drew huge attention
>that became an opportunity for name value of new "BKomachi" to rise by a huge margin

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Sasuke beach scene vibes here.
Way spookier, though.

>double mangekyou
Such lust for revenge!

>went from I will find the killer to I hope Aqua will find the killer in 1 chapter


So in the end she still wants Aqua to do everything?

Lackluster Kanaservice.

>and half a year has passed
>Ruby and I advanced to second year
>Akane and Arima advanced to third year
>it is story of a year
>where everyone's activities
>starting make a big move
>T: project proposal
>T: lies of 15 years
>T: chapter 7: mainstay

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Please understand, the audience will die if Aqua is not on screen for more than 3 panels

Best Ruby face so far.

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Ah. Spoilers made it sound like they were already in the middle of filming it but it's about time to set up the bait for papa.

Thanks for the TL

As readers it's really annoying how the secrets are piling up and aren't getting resolved even if he wants this to go another 200 chapters it's kind of ridiculous that Aqua and Ruby still haven't found out about each other.

Now we have the added secret of Akane and Aqua's relationship without Kana finding out. Nothing resolved on that end either.

Hacksaka again, it's all so tiresome.

But why is would this even get proposed if Aqua stopped seeking revenge unless this is a glimpse to the end of the arc

I hope Ruby still does something on her own. This is a shitty move.

>T: lies of 15 years
so are we resolving the Aqua/Ruby identity finally?

>really annoying how the secrets are piling up
agreed. Though wrt your Kana point, I think Kana suspects now.

What's the chance of getting ruined like Kaguya?, it's already showing redflags now and then.

I should've said, Kana suspecting and the pussy footing about finding out would've been fine if not for this 6 month time skip. Now we're supposed to believe this hasn't been resolved in the 6 months that passed

Maybe as a tribute to Ai's memory? May not even be Aqua or Ruby who kicked things off.

Ruby knows she's a retard but that Aqua is smart, so once he finds the killer she'll just kill him herself.

I don't like it but more in character.

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Thanks for the TL.

Surprisingly lacking of fanservice despite onsen, I was really hoping to get good view of Kana.

ooo boy you can't spell snake without akane, let's tally up these transgressions in this arc alone.

>Aqua tries to break up with her tries to keep him by enticing him with sex
>admits she doesn't know if she loves him
>leaves before he can break up with her
>forces herself into the idol trip
>sees Aqua is attracted to Kana and knows he went on a date with her so intentionally puts it back in his head that going out with her would put her in danger while knowing that his mom was murdered in the past the same way causing trauma
>after discovering a dead body decides to steal Aqua away for alone time where she lays the pity on heavy
>cry crocodile tears until Aqua is forced into action to make her feel better
>despite Kana's concern for Akane on her date with Aqua, Akane has no concern for Kana and almost attempts to rub her and Aqua's relationship in Kana's face while Kana is trying to help her
>Intentionally keeping information from Aqua so he stays away from his desire to get revenge because she thinks she knows what's best for him

Wow, probably the biggest snake in any romcom I've read this far

>trying to help Akane

ok retard