>love first 6 parts and think Stone Ocean is the peak of the franchise
>hated parts 7 & 8
I thought those were supposed to be the best parts? They didn't even feel like JoJo other than in name and I hated the art-style change in SBR onward. In fact, I think SBR is the worst part of the franchise, its just so fucking soulless and Johnny and Gyro are unlikable faggots that suck each other off. I miss punching ghosts and Jolyne so hard guys... Anybody else feel the same?

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yeah i also hate part 7 due to americans praising it like it's the best part when for most people part 2 or part 5 were the peak of jojo


Nice ass


I mean It is not even the praise, I expected it to be the best part duo to how praised it is but I got a borefest I struggled to finish for 7 months, while with Stone Ocean I read it all in 2 days. Felt weird.
Also the cast in SBR felt like literal dead weight and none ended up having satisfying conclusions to their arcs (if you can even call it that). The stands felt uninspired as well and just boring... and don't get me started on Valentine and Johnny, people claim Giorno and Diavolo are the worst but I think it is Johnny and Valentine. What even makes these fucks interesting or compelling? Headcanons? SBR reads like Araki being uninspired as fuck and having no clue where to take the story next and well... a cash grab.

i am european sorry if it was offensive i didn't said it in a derogatory way

>part 5
What? Part 5 was always considered the worst along with Part 1. It was only after the anime started and zoomies jumped on the Jojo wagon and memed the shit out of the series that Part 5 became respectable in the eyes of the majority.

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Also, that ending with Dio... biggest bullshit I have ever read. Yes, even worse than Jojolion, how do you guys defend this shit??

Yea Forums hated part 5 for a long time, it's true.

but Japan always loved it

Yeah, but Yea Forums likes to consider itself the epitome of good taste, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Who said 8 was the best? It's fucking garbage.

While it was Publishing...
I remember one year ago JoJolionfags claiming it is peak JoJo. Before the announcement.




>Yea Forums
sorry didn't read


me again also i am a tranny and like part 7

I love part 3, 5, and 6 the most
and I am straight and read JoJo for the cute girls
maybe it is a you problem user

>cute girls

yes, it has really cute girls and I feel people don't give Araki credit and the majority being anime onlies and DP being gay and fucking Araki's artstyle up doesn't help

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yes, you have a problem with that?

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Parts 1 and 2 were the best. Went downhill with stands but some of them were decent

call it what it is - davidpoo.

You're posting fanart. She doesn't look like this when Araki draws her.

peak british female

Part 2 and Part 3 (Egypt only) is the peak of JoJo. Anything past that is nu-shounen gay bullshit.

still cute

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also here are random three girls from part 4

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They don't have enough presence in the story to justify saying you read Jojo for them.

not them but Reimu, Yukako, Trish, Jolyne do offer a lot
there is also Erina, Lisa Lisa, Ann, Mariah, and Jotarou's mom so there is something to look forward to in every part

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Literal sameface

but the difference is that back then Araki was trying

also Lucy and Daiya for part 7 and 8

Daily only for her arc, she turned into a literal gremlin after that.


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art-style changed ruined it and the chicks

I detest literally everything in the franchise that came after Stardust Crusaders

Miraschon is a such underrated cutie

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6 > 5 > 3 > 2 > 4 > 1 > 8 > 7

she is a kleptomaniac tho

Part 7 is Reddit core

Anime onlyfag
Hamon > Stands

This is a 10/10 in bongland.

Was GER an asspull?


Really enjoyed Part 7, but I hope DP skip it and just animate Part 8.

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Giorno had Jonathan's genes and look at what Jonathan's body was able to produce in part 3 and 6
Giorno was just born superior duo to his genes

True gentlemen know Part 1 is objectively the best.

DP fucking up yet again

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Love her so much

Getting to see contrarians become part 7 haters in real time. Neat

I've never watched any JoJo and have no idea which parts to expect to be good or bad because there seems to be nothing approaching a consensus on any of them

That's because they're all different. Also you read Jojo.

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back when DP was based

It’s all good

JoJolion is not good

I want to fuck her so much bros...