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>no thread
why? the episode of today was really good

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People kept watching this shit after the first half? Why? Do yourself a favor and watch the mecha anime by Tomino and the guys behind Pokemon if you need a giant robot fix.

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yes i watch, i like the mechas and the history, gaijins are evil because shinzo abe said so

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cute and funny, i like the russian traitor

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Plenty of cute Shion this week

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Probably because it's the blandest and most underplayed mecha in existence. Like fuck, they hyped up last week's episode as something that would reveal the despair and post-traumatic stress protagonistguy was feeling, and it amounted to him shooting one guy that was trying to kill him, getting rescued by his buds, and then being like "omg I kill ;_;".
There was a better sense of despair and trauma in any given Geek Toys show for fuck's sake.

The pacing acts like they're trying to drag this out into the 50+ episodes a gundam series usually gets, while we're just getting 26 total between two split cours. There's no sense of urgency, no sense of stakes. There's a little bit of "japan stronk we need to fight back against the gaijin before they destroy us" and it amounts to fuck-all. Who is this meant for? It doesn't know what demographic it's intended for, between the conflicting violence and cutesy chibi animal AI avatars that look and sound retarded.

>gaijins are evil
Unless they are blue eyed and have babies with Japanese women.

Watched Back Arrow due to people mentioning it in last week's thread. I regret not watching such kino as it was airing

I bet 100 out of 150 posts in this thread will be about other shows, and not about this show itself. And the remaining posts will be just necrobumbs.

Well what can you do? It's probably the blandest mecha anime I've seen in the last decade. I don't know, the only other contender I can possibly come up with is Argevollen but that show wasn't horribly bad, just not memorable at all.
I mean, it's not incredibly bad or anything but I am trying very hard to find anything memorable about it. Gai being a mecha-stereotypical hype machine in the first few episodes was cool but it kinda stopped eventually. Now I don't see how the fuck this show can end with a somewhat satisfying conclusion given 6-8 more episode of runtime?

>that look
Shion wants the Amou dick badly

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Gashin looks like he's realizing he's gonna get cucked by the guy that disappeared for 8 months

This is a late night show, so the target audience are adult losers who accidentally watched this boring crap, but at least got interested in the robot designs.

You sound like you should be get some sun.


Ehh, it's decent for a mecha, I've seen worse.

You're welcome. Look into the archive for our reactions of the wild ride.

>There are 7-8 episodes left
>We're still just doing small skirmishes and 3min of Brad keikakuing every episode
this is legitimately going to end with nothing getting resolved

but the gaijin love japanese culture

Some deus ex machina gonna occur and resolve things happily for the Japanese.

>yfw you regain this realization
I really need to cut back using this shit site.

Trio of AIs assimilate/cure Ghost and get to hack every unmanned mech and BTFO of other's nations with it.
They use this super AI to rebuild the nation while the Japanese repopulate and kick off baka gaijin.

Oh great, a new evil and unhinged antagonist who wants to "play" with his "test subjects" on the battlefield, and of course they took the moral high ground and let him live to fight another day. Next episode preview looks like a snoozefest, too. Does the show even have a plot at this point, or is it just going to be random skirmish after skirmish until some political cop-out in the last episode gives Japan its autonomy back?

Like hell it was. I'm out. I'm dropping this and deleting what I downloaded. This is so fucking boring.

Ghost hijacks all the amaims or something idk

I know, right? One of my favorite parts was when Zetsu's country was preparing to invade, and they prepared a pimped up unit for Zetsu. And Zetsu immediately runs off on one of the regular units, laughing like a madman. Why? Cause the regular unit was closer to the exit so he'd get to the battlefield a few seconds later.

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*meant to say "a few seconds earlier".

>surely there is nothing dangerous about giving out Ghost's computer code


>Do yourself a favor and watch the mecha anime by Tomino
btw this is how I felt after watching g-reco
>People kept watching this shit after the first half? Why?

at least it was a slav this time

Oh, man... I'm still sad about G-Reco. It should have gotten 52 episodes. I really liked that world, but nothing was really done with it.

They probably paid attention instead of half watching it

The movies are somehow fixing the OG's mistakes.

activate your windows dumb spic

are the movies worth watching though?

See for yourself. You're only losing about an hour or so of your time.

I can rewatch this latest episode twice in an hr, my time is more valuable than another round of g-reco


>time is more valuable
>on Yea Forums
No it isn't.

>Yea Forums is not valuable
then why are you here?

To lord over everyone.

Because of your bad grammar specifically. I don't make the rules.

and now the pointless necrobumps are activated

Secret 8 month delay before cour 3?

i am watching Kaiji but i will watch back arrow after end

grammar is useless, only vocabulary matters

Kyoukai Senki? More like Gundam waiting room.

gundam is too big, i will watch when release a spin off