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Come on in and join the wonderful world of Ran Uruma, growing girl and magical wunderkind!
Watch as she runs into, often times literally, a varied cast of humans, sorcerers, people in-between, and embodiments of ancient insatiable and all devouring evils.
Buoyed by fantastic art, this is a fun exploration of a magical world and a great story about family, growing up, and relationships of all colors and shapes using a varied set of perspectives and a substantial cast of characters.

Daily, starting between 1:30 and 2:30 PM EST.
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Chapter 21
Sorry about missing the last few days, was planting a garden over the weekend.

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Today we see more of the questionable amount of physical contact with strange adults Ran is put through.

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>was planting a garden over the weekend.
Very nice.

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I wonder how this lesson was listed on the syllabus...
I'd really recommend it to anyone with the time or space.
Much better produce than anything you can get at the store.

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If you're wondering about this, it never comes up again.

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I guess we at least learned a few of Irie-sensei's fetishes here.

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Depends on which side of that she wants to be.
Ran or Tamao.

Ahh, time for the actual lesson now.

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I'm sorry OP for I have sinned. I went ahead and read the rest of the manga over the weekend

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Thats alright, my son.
We all make mistakes.
You can pay me back by telling me what you thought of it.

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So she can actually teach Ran.

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Poor brat.

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I liked it. It made me feel happy

Talk about flyfishing.

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Look at that, Great Teacher Tamao managed to work with two kids at once without anyone even noticing what she was doing.
I bet you all doubted her too.

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Anyone wonder about Tamao's past with Lord Zen since she does not even bother to address him as a Lord? Don't tell me she used to be in a love triangle with Lord Zen and Lady Shizuka?

A few minute break and I'll post the second chapter of the day.
A short extra that leads into our next one tomorrow.

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Jin needs his cape to transform into a wolf while Ran can manifest wings without any equipment. Does this mean Ran qualifies for her father's Crow Squad now?

She seems significantly younger than both Shizuka and Zen. So I doubt the love triangle thing.
Probably just met the guy a good amount because they're both pretty important figures.

We saw at the school that Jin doesn't actually need his cape to transform. He could transform whenever he wants as long as he wants to do it. The cape might just be the equivalent of training wheels.
Ran seems more like Shizuka, who's powers are "Anything she wants to do". Jin and Zen seem more constrained.

Poor fishe

Now for the extra.
A meeting between Otaro and the Crows.

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This is just normal love.

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Its a nice office.

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Otaro is such a pure spirit.

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We all have our Ran displays, right?

Uh oh.

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And with that, we end today.
Got to see some growth in Ran's magical training. And Nio get her groove back. Tamao even acted like an adult, after first molesting Ran just a bit.
All in all a great time.
And nothing at all weird happened with Otaro.

Hope you all had a good time.
Did you ever have a big accident trying to show off your skills?

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Zen might have been her buddy when she was younger. Given that he's a pretty accepting guy and she couldn't use magic.

I was worried about you user! I'm glad to see you back! Thank you for sticking with us.

glad to see you're back! I was wondering what happened to you

I read this manga a while back and wanted to discuss it, glad to see that I have a place to do so.
Spoilers ahead:
I love this manga, but the romance with the older guy is really awful, I can really deal with most stuff in most manga, but he REALLY creeped me out, everytime I thought that he would be gone for good, the story would bring him back, I hated him so goddamn much, especially because Ran was very childish too.
On the other hand, the kid love interest, I could see from the start of what the author might be planning with him, and I didn't really want to see a bully turn into a romance, I thought that I would hate him, but he turned out to bee such a great character, his growth over the manga is my favourite part of it, and him getting a happy ending made me very happy, can never recommend this manga to others because of the pedo old fuck though, why was everyone else so okay with it in this manga, I never got.

I think that's a pretty common view.
Otaro.... can be rough. That he thinks Ran is a near adult does make it slightly more palatable. But it is pretty sleazy even when given the benefit of the doubt.
And when considering that Ran is mentally a child, I don't really know what the author was thinking when she put Ran in some of those situations.

Hibi is bestboy. He earns his redemption.

They're special snowflakes

Seriously, there are plenty of times where the author gets the chance to kick him out of the story only to bring him back in, and the creepiness factor only increases. And he has absolutely no redeeming factors either, he is a gigantic asshole to boot, the entire relationship is so very disgusting.

He goes out on a good note at least.
I felt that his death, while not redeeming him, did at least let him die in a restorative manner.

Puns deserve punishment

I feel the same as you, but the mangaka was clearly a fan of Otaro. She even drew them married yet didn't give us something like that for Ran x Hibi.

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>I thought that I would hate him, but he turned out to bee such a great character, his growth over the manga is my favourite part of it

Hibi was the redeeming part of this manga. He's truly best boy.

>Otaro.... can be rough
He's what we call in the old country, "a daft cunt!"

The dangers of letting your fetishes get out of control.

He has a heart of gold.

He's cute.
I'd like to see him cry.

Keeping them contained is dangerous.

Maybe that's your impression. I think he's a dick.