What is the minimum and maximum age to be a Precure?

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Minimum: 0
Maximum: infinity
How old was Cure Flower?

I want to fuck her

I'd watch a magical granny show, just for the novelty of it.

She's literally an grandma.


She has a younger form you know.

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Such a great pink cure

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Miki, they are talking about you.

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Happy Birthday my charming daughter!!

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Why'd they make her so cute

How old was Tender? She seemed older than Yuri.

Would you?

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Still my favorite pink.

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Precure at any age

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There's so little to indicate her age anywhere in HaCha other than the (still vague) age gap in this flashback. She could honestly be anywhere from a year or two to five-ish years older, and the blobby art style makes it particularly nebulous.

But then HaCha wasn't the most well thought out or planned piece of work.

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Why is Ako the only one who doesn't turn into a old hag when she becomes a precure?

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We need an actual ex-cure moms storyline where all the main girls moms secretly know about their daughters becoming cures and they transform one last time to help them out at the end.

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This recent episode had some funny lines

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And your wise cures don't know how it feeeeeeeeeeeeeels

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I would lick that forehead.

I sure as hell hope you're not implying 14 is the minimum age to be a Cure.

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Cure Ace is not a hag

standards are to be broken, but mine are those

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Cute and canon

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What's the closest thing of Pink cuming inside another Pink?

how long did it take for Hikaru and Lala to do the sex after this image?

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I want to see Kanade forcefully creampie Hibiki, is that so much to ask

Yes considering they’re both girls and no creampie can happen. Unless Kanade is a futa with balls.

What does that have to do with an old fashion pie to the face

Nyuk Nyuk Precure

Hime and Iona hatesex

Anyone notice this? It was my favorite reveal this episode

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Why is she so autistic?


That dog is invasive

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I love my wife.

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Theoryposting time, what if Narcistoru can't actually see the Recippepis? First things, he's extremely self-centered and considerably older than the girls which seems to go against the profile Rosemary described of people that can see the Recippepis (Small children and people that really value cooking). His Bundoru box seems to have some sort of radar on the top left corner and he mentions that if they start using it officially, they won't need Gentle anymore, implying that Bundoru needed her until this point in particular. This episode also let very clear Gentle is unaware about Amane to a certain extent, implying there's some split personality shenanigans going on. Maybe Bundoru needed to keep Amane personality inside her body so that Gentle would share the ability to see the Recippepis.

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Cure and Spicy

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I hope Amane does good as a Cure.

Same here.

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She pretty much has to be better than as a villain, but I wish her luck too.

Amane has a "strong sense of justice" listed on her bios. I think she'll be more agressive with Bundoru than the cures themselves.

I like what you're saying, but could the part about not needing Gentle anymore simply mean that she doesn't have to go on missions anymore stealing? If that duty is on the guy now, I can see why wants to make his life easier with a radar.
But maybe he truly does need it, in which case she can't see the recippepis either I guess?

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I thought artists liked Manatsu being paired with Sango while Minori for Laura.

Alternatively, Narcistoru may be able to see Recippepis but doesn't have any reliable method of locating them which is why he created the radar.

>She can't see the Recippepis either I guess?

Maybe, when Gentle deposits the Recippepis in Episode 1, we never get to see Secretoru watching them or not until they become bookpages. But I don't like joining her with Narcistoru because Secretoru mentions wanting to eat at trendy restaurants, liking curry and uses that shrimp tail behind the tongue expression which may imply she cares about cooking.

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I want to fuck Secretoru!

Imagine if Gentle being rubbish at being a villain is intentional and she's just there because they can't see the pepies


Wasn't that the implication in the last episode?

Fuck off

I'm sure a plethora of husbandos love your wife too user

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