Fuck marry kill

fuck marry kill

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fuck mio
marry yuuko
kill whatshername

Yukko fucks then marries Mai, Mio kills herself

Those are children. I cannot have sex or marry a child. And I would never kill anyone, much less a child.

Marry Mai, the rest are whatever.

Fuck Yukko
Marry Mio
Kill Megame

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fuck mio
marry yukko
kill mai

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fuck mio
marry yukko
kill mai because I don't want to be a tsukkomi every day for the rest of my life

These posts can't be more correct
Not that I dislike Mai, but if one of them has to go...

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End Yukko's suffering
Marry Mio
Keep Mai as a sex slave

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F blue hair
M dumb one
K smug one

the dumbness is stored in the butt

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There's only one choice for marriage

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But only if she's still a virgin.

Too young for that.

Now, maybe in ten or so years, then fuck Yuuko, marry Mio, kill Mai.

why does everyone hate mai

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I want robopussy tho

I feel more like it has to be Mai because she'd survive if it's funny.

She's a bitch.


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>literal children
ill just give them a noogie and tell them to work on memorizing the times table

Its that Mio and Yuuko are better and Mai is random

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Why does a robot need panties?

She's kind of a cunt

For me to fap to.

brat erotic

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Lets be honest, Sakurai-sensei was probably sucking major dick back in highschool and every jock has been between her legs.

Why would anyone do that? That's gross.

Shy girls always get pounded the most.

Marry the smart one, fuck the one with the twintails (while pulling at the aforemensioned twintails) kill the retard, that bloodline ends right here

To make them even cuter

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fuck mio
fuck yukko
fuck mai

Yeah, and fuck the cat, too. I can't stand it.

Now that's been established, how about these three?

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Fuck Mia
Marry Yuuko
Kill Mio

People haven't gotten over that incident with her dogs.

How do people come up with stuff like this?

Exactly. Thank you user.

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Yukko is a baka

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fuck nagumo
marry wako
kill niikura

Do not lewd Yukko's feet, you filthy degenerate.

marry mai
don't care about the others

>fuck mai

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>Marry Yukko
>Mai kills you

And when her ghost haunts you?

you just do the usual trick

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I don't want to kill any of them.

Robots leak oil everywhere, panties prevent leaving an oil slick wherever she goes.

I want to change her oil

Mai was actually fucking around, right?

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>nano wets the bed just like her creator

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she just likes messing with people

they shouldn't have put detail in her feet then.

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highly rapeable brat

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Definitely marry Mio, because we both draw.
Befriend Yuuko and fuck Mai.

Although I thought marrying someone usually implies you get to fuck them too.

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Marry Yuuko, I want a fun tomboy baka
Fuck Mio, her voice makes me hard and she would probably be freaky
Kill Mai, Im sure she would survive somehow

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My inference was that Fuck was a one-time thing and then we were committing to Marry. Anons weren't thinking about keeping mistresses from their wives, right?

Reject all 3
Merry nano

idk i haven't seen the movie

Kill all 3 and marry Nano

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a merry nano to you too user

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Holy based

You can't fuck her properly with that key sticking out of her back.

We'll just stick to cowgirl

I would love to bust a nut on mai-chan's face while she reads her book.

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