Now the dust has settled, how would you have handled this situation?

Now the dust has settled, how would you have handled this situation?

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Who am I?

Raw and unprotected sex.

The bed, ofc

Can I kiss you? Simple as

Fuck Gojo

Quick kiss after the interruption and then after leaving the hotel float the idea of going somewhere to make out

>She's already grinding my cock through clothes.
Pull down my pants and just grab her hips.
Make her move until I conclude.
No words needed.
Leave alone after I'm done.


Ask her if she can introduce me to her twitter friend.

Wrap my legs around him.

>Raw and unprotected
Aren't those the same thing?

What anime is this?

Raw = no condom
Unprotected = no birth control, IUD or anything

continue heavy breathing

finish the job instead of just fapping about it later

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>Teleports behind her
Heh... you're one million years too early to take my virginity!
>Karatechop the nape of her neck, instantly knocking her out
Nothin' personnel... kid
>Silently walks out of the room

Any sane male would have smashed in that situation

Cockblocked by the front desk. Moron could have simply asked for more time.

I would have done nothing and left.

>Reveal a shared interest to a female classmate
>Spend weeks supporting her in her favorite hobby
>Grow closer together over time
>Take her to a love hotel
>She sits on your lap
>"Ufufu user-kun, I can feel that you're happy to see me~"
>Leave, refusing to elaborate

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Mating Press

cum before even inserting

I would never be in this situation to begin with.

eh nandatte?
*runs away*

use your imagination negro

I'd fucker her when she first step out with the succubus outfit.

Okay, then I turn her down and tell her she can do better.

Tell receptionist I'm extending my reservation, then proceed to fuck Marin relentlessly.

Kissed him passionately.

I suck them up and give em to my good ol pal Mr.Krueger and watch the blood shoot up

Rape him.

A fellow man of mystery.

>not inviting the receptionist to join in

>you're one million years too early to take my virginity!
You want to fuck a million year old woman?

Yeah there's just no way in hell I'm not fucking her till she can't move anymore, I couldn't have stopped myself, especially at 17

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begone thot




by releasing all of my sexual frustrations into Juju

just get an extension

do a 360 and walk away

Any actual IRL man would have went for it. Nobody would actively avoid having sex with horny attractive women like the retards in anime do.

Embrace him.


this show disgusts me

I'd ride his dick of course.


If anything I expect trannies are a major portion of the audience, but no, something about how it looks is offputting.

Is it the obvious rotoscoping, or the fact that the characters are high schoolers despite being drawn like college aged adults? except for the loli


no way I'm not having sex with her if she noticed my boner and moaned in ecstasy when I touched her, I'm not pulling out.

there is only one thing to do
Make out
now, affection level determines how long
10 minutes or 2 hours
it's good to take breaks and go for long make out sessions

remember, you gotta beat the buzzer in this scene giving you only a few seconds, now I could do it but most people would get interrupted before climaxing

Pay for a few more hours
Raw sex
Marriage Proposal

In reverse order

(You)'re (You), user.

Behave normally as much as I am able and jerk off after I return home.

Gave him a smooch.

>I expect trannies to be a major portion of the audience
>For a straight love teenage romcom
Do they really? I thought they would have watched yuri shit.

lol ur still a virgin right

are you ok dude

One thind I do know for sure is he handled it better than most people from the thread would.
They'd make memes or joke out of sheer awkwardness and flatline the mood.

>Do they really?
As a general rule, trannies watch whatever you don't like.

Ask me how I know you're a khv.