What did Sakura meant by this

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la puta


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Condoms? How uncharacteristic of her.

What did he meant by this

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Yoshi, we're leaving. To protect paisen's marriage.

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It's almost here

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Gamo redemption arc NOW

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Gamo will slaughter digs with her ancestors technique

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>no ahoge,
What did Nanashi mean by this

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Ah yes strong seed Senpai, strong seed

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>Last page 2nd panel Yoshi
Holy shit is this the angriest Yoshi yet?

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Super Serious mode

>shikki will never show up agai-

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Who are the two sneering sluts? I need to catch up.

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At the height of their fame and glory, they turned on one another
Each struggling in vain for ultimate supremacy
In the passion and depth of their struggle
The very art that had raised them to such Olympian heights was lost
Their techniques vanished

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When was the last time you read? Go catch up before coming here.

The among signals her mood. It's up when she's chill and down when she's mad


How does "Nagare Boshi" translate as "falling star"?
I get "flow of mother and child"?

I think senpai was trapped somewhere and Nagatoro was seething?

Based rabu

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that she's a

As the Demon sleeps man turns on man, His blood and madness soon cover the earth,...

You're close. Go read from chapter 96.

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In the showers? You must have just not been paying attention because they both are in that chapter with the titty monster that molests Noato.


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Can't wait for the next chapter of this shounen battle manga

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"All held the finite and infinite as unrelated. None could foresee that the history of the two would become one."

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I thought they looked familiar, didn't want to commit to them being the shower girls.

>Rabu user succumbed to the dark side because of us

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What does the sign beside the entrance gate say?

>Yoshi turns out to be a sword master
I'm okay with this.

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>spent whole weekend in these threads hyping up today
>been here literally the whole day doing nothing else
And now it is finally time for me to take a well-earned rest

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At this point, do we even need a big dramatic confession when they are doing shit only serious lovers would do? Senpai is literally going to the god of marriage ready to take Nagatoro.

I rabu NagaMondays!

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by unironic consolefaggotry and reddit memes. fuck you

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Should I add that to the list now or wait till next chapter?

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Nah I'd wait, she might just pull out a gun.

Silly dekinai user. Obviously, it says LET'S CUM.

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Idiot Savant swordmaster?

It's like every single noise, chaos and consolewar faggotry above disappears the moment I see this page.

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Someone do a Tenchu 1 cover edit

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take your meds schizo, your waifu is a confirmed whore


Is this the famous double 0 Covid strategy?

The war was thrust upon us user, all they need to do is stop posting and the suffering will stop .

I don't regard Marin as my waifu, though?

They need the red clouds on those robes

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He was broken by a fucking rice dish user.
Let him scream out his pain, he probably needs it.


People need to stop calling yoshi stupid. She's protected nagatoros and naotas love with hawk-eyed vigilance. Every move made has thwarted by her. You are just to stupid yourselves to see her intelligence

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>but yoshi was not amused
shes really about to smack a bitch

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Sleep well, dream of big sword fights.
I think I'm supposed to read something about a cry baby neighbour so I'm gonna do that.

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every mention of lobsters cuts off a year of my lifetime,

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Great series, enjoy it!

I will protect Hayacchis romance

Nagatoro expected Senpai to call her bluff and actually take her to get the god of marriage's blessing. Based

Until next time fellow yoahi scholar

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Ahoge? Retracted
Battle Mode? Engaged
Eyes? Starting to form Sharingan
All Yoshi needs now is flowing crimson / golden aura.

Slam tight, fellow Yoshifag

Gamo is the sub in this relationship, that much has been made clear

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I can't get over how stupid japanese onomatopoeia are.
How the hell is kun kun a sniff?
Yoshi and Gamo as Trish and Lady/Nico

Is there any force on Earth more based than Yoshi right now?

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He actually gave the twist away on Twitter last Nagamonday

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I heito redditors, newfaggots, discord troons!

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How is sniff a sniff? A sniff sound sounds like whrrp

Prayer for good fate/omen