Flying witch

New chapter for Flying witch just dropped

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so did my pants

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>another hamabe chapter

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Has she never met tey Rabbit thing? My memory is hazy on this series because its bi monthly/ quarterly.

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Apparently not, i would have thought she met Hamabe before aswell,

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Heh heh

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>SOL has deep worldbuilding and lore

What a twist


And the last page

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Do you think he learned to speak just so he could tell Chinatsu to do his style properly?

More likely the handprinting made their magical contract better, so witches can now understand him.

what is this image trying to portray? are witches aliens who ascended down to earth

That is more likely but i prefer to think that Hamabe learned to speak just because he wanted to tell Chinatsu she is shit at drawing.

Seems to be something like that. At the very top we see something like a spaceship battle. It's hard to interpret the rest at a glance, but I'm fairly certain there's a reference to the magical affinities at the top as well, with those strange symbols.

Was this shot really necessary?

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inb4 hamabe mom is the female god spirit on top left. chinatsu will be super rare 1/100k spirit witch

Pantsu spotted!
They're shorts though, but that's nice regardless.

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What kind of voice does Hamabe have?

>you understand what I'm sayin'
Hamabe has an accent


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Middle panel, that's a Motocompo?
Where's Akira's bike? That would be the icing on the cake in that messy room.

chito is so cute

I want to squeeze a brown witch's tits
honk honk

Man, I love pictograms like these.

Just a rough guess but it seems like witches and non humans were aliens, they were fighting some dark forces which they painted black (the spaceships and the one pictured in the witch percussion). The major 9 clans (they have marked symbols on them) landed on Earth, grew the world tree which gave birth to humans and were raised by them. This became the age of pagan and spiritual worship of human history. Over time, humans civilizations developed and waged wars. Witches was persecuted and fled to the moon. Non human closed themselves off to the world. Flower(poppy?) border beneath that is probably a powerful magic cast over the world where no one believes in non humans and witches @ dashing rule, etc. Witches then return to Earth and establish a government to keep their existence a secret mostly to humans and dealing with supernatural problems. They also reestablish contact with non humans and help assist one another.

I could be wrong on some parts but that's my interpretation to this.

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I can't stop reading Harambe.

I want to have cold fire in a summer heat.

>fled to the moon
f*cking lunarians

tat mirror looks handy



seriously i can cum to this right now

feetservice: the manga

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Imagine if he have voice like Norio Wakamoto.


>Akira is just there chilling.
What a cool senpai.