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>lot of things happened
>but the stuco room is where I can be relaxed the most
>I'm glad everyone got back safely
>I thought we'd actually die there..
>the whole story of that day

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>the will of Shinomiya Ganan
>was scrapped, under negotiation between 4 siblings
>this was due to strong opposition from Unyo
>well for that matter, I also thought it would have been the best way to do so
>and there are situations where negotiations are not possible if you don't have a strong card
>it was necessary to guarantee safety of Kaguya

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>Unyo perhaps
>wanted to deliver that
>his method was not very honest though
>we ended up not exposing Seiryu, the second son

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>considering the future, it is better to keep strong card with you
>mentioning exposure alone would be enough to keep him silent for a while
>.. that was the reason
>carelessly playing with fire in night district
>is done by someone who is irresponsible
>if one has something which he does not wish to lose,
>it brings responsibility to life
>if he gets proper job and status

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Fuck you Aka

So how did they open that thing?


>For the first son, Oko
>once he gets to trust his siblings
>and be able to ponder something with them
>maybe he won't rely on that hardened, outdated way of thinking anymore
>the first step for that
>might be entrusting reconciliation with Shijo to Kaguya
>and Kaguya started preparation for reconciliation with Shijo right away
>is there anything we can help with?
>no, that's fine

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>please believe in me and wait
>if Kaguya says that
>well, she will manage it
>we will just have to believe and wait for her
>she will definitely come back soon

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>because both Maki san and Mikado kun are there on Shijo side
>they will manage it
>yeah, she will definitely
>come back soon...
>but perhaps
>this is the moment
>this moment?
>it would be best to do something now which cannot be done when Kaguya san is around
>something we cannot do when Shinomiya senpai is around...
>like for example?

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>for example...
>like chin chin samurai game!
>chin chin samurai game?!
>T: chin chin samurai game!
>this is normally called a drinking game
>just like those Yamanotesen games or Spinach game...
>it's those party games where tools are not needed and simple enough yet needs to use one's brain
had to google what this game is

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>rule is simple
>you point at someone, call a word
>T: call table
>T: chinchin -> nothing
>T: penis -> pop
>T: Samurai -> sha-king
>and person called out has to say a word that matches the call and pass to next person
>it's a game where you repeat that process until someone makes mistake!
>Chi.... ah pop
>if there's call for penis samurai...
>everyone has to say "penis samurai"!
>what kind of shameless game is this!
>I'm member of public morals committee you know?
>you say we can't do this when Shinomiya senpai is around...
>but we can't do thus when I'm here as well!

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Thanks to the translator for the efforts but the manga is crap. I pray that instead of the fourth season of the anime, they make a full-length movie. I believe that the studio will be able to beat out all the shit that Akasaka brought.

Reminder Hayasaka doesn't love Prez and Prez only loves Kaguya.

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>if you play with us, I'll give you this pudding
>only this time alright..?
>hey public moral committee member
>if Kaguya san was here, I'd get preached for a long time
>but there's no worry for that right now...
>such feeling of immorality becomes spice for game to bring up the mood..!
>it makes you hearts pound just by thinking about it right...?
>it's a game with such rule afterall!
>even though I'm known to be pure maiden type infront of men, I can't help it since it is a game!

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>chanting chinchin is legal here!
>and even penis and penis samurai can't be helped because it's a rule!
>empty your minds and chant chinchin!
>you pass for chinchin and say pop for penis!
>then we will begin chinchin samurai game!
>are you ready?!

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>accepting bribes
True Justice, everyone.

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>chinchin samurai game!
>what on earth are you doing?

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Has this really ceased to be funny, or have I become bored with everything?

No, it's just that the game being referenced is the kind of shit only nips would like.

>we weren't doing anything
>I was also working...
>Fujiwara san,
>could you explain to me what on earth were you trying to do in the sacred stuco room
>uh... that's...
>Kaguya san, welcome back!
>did negotiation with Shijo go well?
>that change of course is too much
>stop trying to escape using serious topic

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Both probably.

Boring to be honest, where's Hanasaka?

The same room you watched joseimuke porn in, for reference

>talk with Shijo wrapped up well
>you don't have to worry about it
>is that so, I'm glad to hear
>I have to do some talk with Fujiwara san so...
>I'm innocent~~!
>you were trying to do something that cannot be done when I'm around right?
>just how much did you hear...?
>from the begining

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>sacred stuco room
Look who's Talking. Kaguya is just as hypocritical as ever Fujiwara.

Dropped plot. Add it to the pile.

>I was hesitating on what kind of expression I should have upon entering
>but everyone was same as always so
>I realized that I can act normally as well
>I see

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>Seiryuu: if it weren't for you meddling kids and your helicopter!

Is this the last chapter

>welcome back Kaguya
>welcome back Shinomiya senpai!
>we've been waiting for you!
>I thought you'd take longer!

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>>talk with Shijo wrapped up well
Snoopybros... our cards... our specially prepared classmates... our carefully assigned teacher...

Aka fucked up, bit off more than he could chew, so I'm glad he dumped it. Shinomiya drama was a waste and it's best to wrap it up if Aka can't actually write it.

I feel nothing.

He literally crap himself in everything that happened after the confession chapter.

>I'm back!
>and it's time to preach for Fujiwara san
>with this Kaguya came back
>and stuco room returned to normal
>what a shame

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Me too bro, me too.

>it'd been better
>if I could spend more times like this
>my gradutation date
>is now right under my nose
no break

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>>I was hesitating on what kind of expression I should have upon entering
>>but everyone was same as always so
I don't know why but it feels as if she's hiding something else.

>>gradutation date is now right under my nose

Tears, again...

>>what a shame

I feel mild relief knowing the worst arc is over, yet am still irritated so much time was wasted on it.


Play along Miko.

Thanks for the TL, user!
Since the Shijo conflict seemingly got resolved offscreen, there's a good chance of this being the last volume unless Aka wants to delve into what a long distance relationship entails.

So let me get this straight...


Kaguyas brothers (the ones that matter) just straight said, "you know what, let's give it a chance"

This is literally the worst arc in the entire series. At least Tsubame, iceguya and the hayasaka arc had some actual results, this was just a big get out of jail free card.

Makes me almost happy that Gamer Girl ended on a bittersweet note

>>accepting bribes
I don't mind, but a pudding? Really? Don't sell yourself so cheaply. She really is easily manipulated.

>t. Mikado pretending

Yes. It wasn't even used to create an interesting relationship issue for Prezguya. I think what happened is Aka got overambitious and everything fell apart in his hands.
Well, that depends if this ends at summer seminars or elections. In theory, after the seminars are over, Shirogane should be back for a brief period of time to finish up the student council, and the StuCo disbanding and a new one beginning is a much better ending overall.

There're other things they could focus on too.

>Gets kidnapped
>Friends expend a massive amount of effort and spend millions of yen forming a plan to get her back
>Immediately leaves

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Guys, there’s probably something that happened at the shijo negotiations thats going to come up later

I guess Kaguya exposed her desire to be a photographer in front of her brother and realized the power of friendship for the tenth time.


If you skip the entire Shinomiya war arc, jumping from the IshiMiko phone call chapter to this one, then the manga is actually doing pretty well. The exposition at the beginning of this chapter already nullified everything that happened in the arc, so you could skip to it and not miss much.

Pretty much, yeah. That whole arc was a huge mistake, and I hope Aka realized his weaknesses.

>my graduation date
>is now right under my nose
Good, please just fucking end already before Aka thinks he can shove in another arc.

Flower confession arc soon.

Fujiwara's hands in the last panel look absolutely horrifying

As long as it's just a confession. But knowing Aka we'll have another three volume long mess focusing on his middle school shit.

More like Miko’s btfo.

reading this chapter after watching the latest episode of the godlike adaptation feels VERY bad

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