The Fable Vol.02

Volume 2

Vol 1: This is a yakuza action comedy about an autist who only knows about killing people but nothing about socializing like a normal person. Hilarity ensues as he is forced to lay low in osaka for a year with strict orders not to kill anybody.

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In case you missed it in the last thread, looks like waiting for the missing 5 volumes might take longer than we thought.
Kodansha US has the license now. This also explains the mad dash of translated volumes until it got licensed.

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Any idea why volume 18 hasnt been scanlated yet ?

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look 3 posts above yours, mate

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>until it got licensed.
dead in the water, then
not gonna hold my breath for trannyslators to not be little bitches

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So are you gonna study Japanese?

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it begins

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Based OP

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Ah fuck, translations stopped right I tje middle of a really promising arc

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lets look at the positive side, without TCB we would still be stuck on 11, instead of 17. I guess they got the news early and tried to catch up as much as possible

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RIP Fable

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Do we really have to wait for 1.5 years until vol.18?

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There's a fable 2 on mangadex, I wonder if translating that would be allowed?

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