Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Rasengan doesn't do anything anymore edition

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Never did.

Buntan will LIVE

The only character I remember being killed by the chidori is Haku

It never really did anything. Never killed a single person in the original manga.

Itachi (Taunade dream)
Indra's follower

Are you guys ready for the reveal that boruto was just an infinite tsukuyomi dream this whole time?

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Haku wasn't killed by the Chidori. Haku was killed by the Raikiri.

Rasengan feat is inconsistent. At one point it can shock the entire jungle but at one point it can't even completely destroy

Why is the moon red? is there an actual reason.

I feel like that's always the gambit if Boruto gets cancelled.

I actually want Denki and Iwabe to die because that would basically confirm everyone is coming back to life.

Same thing .Raikiri is literally Chidori with kunai

If it was a IT dream Boruto would be good

Red moon also exist in real world user....

What about Orochimaru and Kakuzu?

>Same thing .Raikiri is literally Chidori with kunai
This is completely false.

Debunked like 40 minutes ago

You guys are both retarded. Raikiri and chidori are the same thing, it's just different names. How hard is it to do a quick Google search and check before posting?

Cutest couple

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Isn't Raikiri shaped more like a blade?

>The only character I remember being killed by the chidori is Haku
It kind of killed Boro when Sarada used it on him. Killed his "core" anyway which meant he couldn't regenerate anymore and devolved into a mindless deformed Akira style flesh blob.

Leaving this sauce here. Please be nice to him.

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>boruto was just an infinite tsukuyomi dream this whole time
Was a good Superman comic.

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Chidori is an A-rank jutsu. Raikiri is an S-rank jutsu.

go fuck yourself

Raikiri is tantamount to "Kakashi's chidori," is was teh name given to the technique and level of the skill of the user because he was able to cut lightning, if Sasuke does something extraordinary with his chidori (rasengan+lightning realese) then that thing gets a cool name, like Kirin

Orochimaru is still alive. Also, Kakuzu was killed by the Raikiri and not the Chidori.

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I think you are mistaking Haku for Rin. Haku was never killed by the Chidori, but Rin did get killed by the Chidori.

>raikiri isn't the same as chidori
Tell me 3 differences between them

The name, rank, and hand seals.

There isn't, they call Kakashi'sh chidori the raikiri because he cut lightning with it, it's just an honorary title.

The Raikiri also doesn't make the sound of a thousand birds like the Chidori does.

Color, strength, people who have used them.

I love Buntan’s cold eyes

For me? Shotas.

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First for Denki and Iwabe finally being dead.

this smug little prick is ASKING to get DAIMYO'D

All me btw

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Nips can't into subtle imagery

Why are Isshiki and kaguya the only otsutsuki with drip. Like their clothes have colors and designs (the tomoe).

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YOU JUST KNOW that some fat old bastard gropped Inojin once

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This motherfucker ate a Karma-boosted Rasengan, no-sold Boruto's regular Rasengan, and survived all of his organs getting pierced by the Kiba Blades. What the fuck is this arc?

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Filler villains have plot armor until the end of the arc

Why else does he dress like that?

I mean, look at his parents

Slutty parents produces slutty son

And they're just okay with him being used by old men and old women?

Keep Sai out of this. it's his slut of wife's fault

bruh Sai prefers to wear crop tops

Take your meds you freaks.

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We're literally discussing the show though?


Yes. They're preparing him for his future

The best couple with best girl!

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Raikiri: Performed by Kakashi
Chidori: Performed by Sasuke
Chidori: Performed by Sarada

There, 3 differences.