Cocktail Knights

New Chapter featuring Rana!

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oh look, our favorite president Sasori is here too

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Time for some advice?

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A shot huh?

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time for "patrol"

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where are the booty shots

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Let's begin then

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best girl

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Childhood Friends sneak into your room through the window right?

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Some flashbacks huh

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but I
I saw it die? why is it here?
it makes no sense

Are these their power levels?

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It's not over?

A frogs tear's are concentrated...

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poise power

>Big Sister is watching

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And that's it for todays chapter.
Hopefully a translation comes in...

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that's rape



I'm gonna clean some pages just in case TLanon wakes up

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Made for sexual bullying

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That's some pretty fine cleaning there.

Photoshop's content-aware brush cleans that almost as easy as flat-white bubbles.

Now the ass here wasn't as easy

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goddamn look at those buns

page numbering might be off because I can't count

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Never. I'll make sure Cocktail Knights is written on the next nuke

Holy shit, what a pleasant surprise!
Thank you.

It really is her week

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It is strange that he keeps changing the hair color.

W-why is she doing that in class

Well, there are some frogs that change color after all.

>next nuke
Why limit yourself to Earth? We should campaign to put Valentia's butt on the next Pioneer or Voyager instead.

does her butt need a prone bone to?

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Nice 5head.


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Waits moment, didn't this one receive the axe? No that I mind being wrong, mind you, I loved it.

Stupid sexy flanders

Did she just punch scorpie in the butt?

It did. But based author posts new chapters on twitter or w/e

She was such a cute little reverse trap...

Tanlines even.

>posts new chapters on twitter or w/e
Fuck that's great, I needed more baka scorpion girl in my life.