Misao and ayano are quite possibly the most pointless characters in lucky star

I mean they hardly do anything other than being kagamis classmates and lets be honest they are hardly that close to her compared to konata miyuki and tsukasa and even the first years is it any wonder why they weren't invited to the summer festival in episode 19 and didn't join the main 4 in kyoto on the episode after. Also contrary to popular belief i seriously doubt they wore even friends in middle school at best they would have been acquaintances but given how mentally challenged misao is I can see definitely where the confusion came from.

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Is Ayano the least popular lucky? I just realized that no one ever mentions her.

if you're looking for a "point" in lucky star you've already fucked up
it's just cute girls having inane conversations about food with ridiculously good production value

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probably because she only had 2 minutes of screen time.

probably because she only had 2 minutes of screen time.

Did i say i hated lucky star i think its one of the greatest animes ever made. its too bad kyoani fucked up by making k-on instead of season 2 of lucky star

i didn't even know her name until this thread

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what does that writing say I cant speak sushi

I watched lucky star in 2007 and frequently rewatch it and almost can never remember Ayano's name.

I don't think anyone is saying they were vital. There's a reason they waited until the last 1/5 of the show to introduce them. The only purpose they served was to fill space in that cheerleading squad.

Yeah, but she's cute.

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Possibly, though Hiyori and Patricia are also unpopular. Yet they're remembered more because they're also more dislikable than either Ayano or Misao

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I'm pretty sure they get more attention in the 4komas. Hell even new characters are added that we never see in the show.

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We don't need more characters, we just need more Kagami.

i bet kagamis thinking "why the fuck am i always put in the same class as those two"

and konata why the fuck haven't those two started dating yet.

The characters were added well over a decade ago

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next year is going to be the tenth anniversary of the lucky star manga being put on hiatus. Lets face it the ip is dead.

I'm sure there's still a few pachinko LS machines hanging around casinos in oldfag districts

This show isn't exactly niche now but if a new season were to be made it would just inspire countless ironic weebs/trannies to come to our threads and ruin the show.

No it isn't, in fact this month was the 5th anniversary of the last serialised page.

you're the most pointless character in the world

I talked about her sometimes during the storytime. I'm fond of her but she is definitely not popular. There are also some characters only in the manga which people talk about even less than Ayano, who is at least usually remembered due to being around Misao.

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Well you have to consider the anime adaptation only covered up to Vol4, and they didn't adapted the whole volumes either, KyoAni inserted a lot of anime only stuff, the most famous example being the Haruhi references. Misao gets more screentime from Vol 5 when she formerly meets Konata and Miyuki. After that she hangs out with Konata since they go to the same college department. As for Ayano, she is not very popular since she is the only Lucky with a boyfriend and she is just a quiet normal girl. But Misao is definitely a miracle of the universe and the best character of the series, at least for me.

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I think Vol 10 is a nice closure to the series, but that's because the last chapter was dedicated to Misao so it's my bias speaking.

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I'm gonna be honest: I completely forgot both of these characters existed until Yea Forums started worshipping Misao. What even was Ayano's 'gimmick'?

Tsukasa is thinking.

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I'll tell you once you tell me why you put those quotations around

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I don't dislike her, but she just comes off as sort of dull and not really unique in any way. And as pointed out, her having a boyfriend in canon sure doesn't help.

Couldn't think of the right word at the time. I suppose 'personality' works.

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Her "Gimmick", if you can even call it that, is that she gets violent when angry, cursing the world and punching stuff but always keeping a straight face. This is never shown in the anime.

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Fair enough, her schtick is being the
>Yamato nadeshiko
or the idealized, feminine, perfect woman. A delicate, and pure flower. More womanly and less clumsy/dorky than Miyuki

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Hiiragi just got pumped and dumped.

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About what?


With me

no she isn't

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The now season will have to dedicate at least three episode to chocolate coronets to make sure they all get filtered.

I think they should be vanilla coronets this time.


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balsamic vinegar

what did Kagami mean by Bread Factory?

which lucky star is catholic

They are all pure virgins so they all must be.

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why is it on hiatus? i thought it was completed eons ago?

>that yuri dream user had a decade ago
>not sure if it was just a copypasta
>balsamic vinegar

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I feel like the author of LS could be dead, rotting away in some apartment in japan and we'd never find out.

or maybe the magic is gone and he or she doesn't know what to do anymore.

its a he despite being named Kagami

what if he self inserted as kagami but as a girl?