Honzuki no Bookworm Ascendance of a Gekokujou

>Present Day
>Present Myne
Lets all love Main

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Can't wait for the best little sister to appear.

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Which is it?

It's Doctor.

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We need more myne high arts

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I love Maine in a sexual manner and would sleep with her.

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Not in this season.

theres the potential for her to show up in a tiny glimpse in the epilogue of this season at the very end

she would not reciprocate at all

it's a mystery

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Her parents are illiterates, so whichever ends up her first contract.

Her dad is a guard. Doesn't he have to be able to read lists and shit?

Actually, yes. I believe he can't do math though.

Barely. And he doesn't know how to write.

May I pray for a blessing on this meeting ordained by Dorehfanguah?

Is there no episode this week?

Oh, today's "Myne tempts grown adults and mocks illiterates because she can" day!

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RAW where tho?

Myne's red cheeks.

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wrong, he can read and write, and mother and sister are learning too.

Isn't Sylvester the current Duke of Erenfast?

Why is he keeping his identity secret?

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After almost 3 seasons, I can say that I like this. Are the LN good anons?

Also, Myne is Mine!

Because he wants to.

>Myne is Mine!
Get in line.
Read a book while waiting for your turn.

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>Rosina whoring

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just started part 4, It sems its almost time for royal academy, btw I feel kinda bad for brigiete, shes a top girl but the whole noble autism and must protect my land sucks but its not like its only her who has to suffer from it, btw damuel was gonna suffer a shitty ending had he accept her proposal, dodged a bullet right there

what's killing the hype? we used to have 1000+ post threads...

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Practicianchads, we can't stop winning.

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It's shame that they cut the "flower offering" part, Jil's surprise about educational level of the orphans, and bunch of other stuff.

How loose is she after 7 kids?

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Still tighter than your mum.

What makes you think he's the duke?

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Lady Veronica is right about bastards

If you watch the anime, then before you watch the last episode of season 2, read the epilogue of book 5; the anime butchers the scene REALLY bad. To be specific, when this scene occurs, stop watching and start reading. After that you can continue to watch. It is the emotional climax of the first quarter of the series, and it is horrendously bad in the anime.

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Spoonfeeding so that you faggots have no excuse. Buy the book. Pay Miya.

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That's my name

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Quof is that you? It's Drefangeur.

O mighty Myne and Maine of the endless skies, ye mighty God of Darkness and Goddess of Light; O mighty Eternal Five who rule the mortal realm, ye mighty Goddess of Water Mein, God of Fire Mayne, Goddess of Wind Main, Goddess of Earth Mine, God of Life Mien; I ask that ye hear my prayers and grant thy blessings.
I offer thee my heart, my prayers, my gratitude, and ask for thy holy protection. Grant those I love the power to strive toward their goals, the power to deflect shitposts, the power to heal their bans, and the power to obtain digits.

マイン is the Goddess of Chaos

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>Are the LN good anons

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Isn't that a girl's name?

Kamil? But that kid looks like a boy?

That never happened. The closest we get is 600 about once a year. What happened is that more and more people read the WN, so there were fewer people to discuss the LN's every other month. The threads still regularly reach 500 posts. Discussing something you just read is more fun than discussing something you've read 10 times and which was just rewritten. Additionally, we are in part 4 right now where the pacing slows down a bit. I mean book 18 had a single event of current significance; sure it matters more latter on, but that's like expecting largescale discussion of the series after the events of the first 2 LN's; there would be nothing to discuss. Basically, have more intelligent posts or wait until part 5 releases in english or season 4 comes out.

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it's a male name

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camila is the female version , camil is for guys

Can't wait for Myne to read books together with Kamil

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Delia should be raped to death by old fat nobles.

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she aint getting anything even whenshe becomes a truly 10/10

That's Kamille. Kamil is an (((illiterate))) (((nigger))) 'name'.

You don't need to be an attendant to offer flowers.

Based Nobleman

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literally me

That's only because she gets sentenced to a life without old fat nobles to fuck her

yeah I know but thats what she gets for being dumb, no fat bastards for her but on the other hand she has her family with her