How many years before a series is considered as 'classic'?

How many years before a series is considered as 'classic'?

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Inuyasha was a pile of shit

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Classic = influence X popularity. Got nothing to do with time or quality.

The better it is, the less time it takes.

Escaflowne was neither and yet it is a classic.

No it isn't. It's a pile of shit only a small group of fat fucking western niwaka enjoy.

Well Evangelion was already being called a classic when Yea Forums came into existence, so like 9-10 years?

People already consider Attack on Titan a classic. It just matters how popular it is when it hits the mainstream.

if people enjoyed it and it’s been at least 10 years, or enough time for a whole new generation of anime enthusiasts to prop up, then it’s a classic

with everything speeding up recently, right after it completely airs.


influence is clearly a function of popularity and quality

Cult classic is STILL classic.

This is probably true.

In addition, any series that is labelled an "instant/modern classic" will either take one year longer to become classic or has a 5% lower chance of becoming one at all.

Haruhi was considered a classic when Disappearance came out and that was only 4 years apart

At least 10, imo. You need time for it to sit and for a new generation of watchers to find it. If they still like it a decade later then it's held up.

I would say it's hard to tell, but at minimum 3 years after airing. Typically 6+, and generally only if it's popularity has random spikes of interest over time.

Yeah but the ending theme was perfect.

Me too user. Me too.

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If people are still talking about it a decade later

>t. Naruto fan

so Umaru is a classic then?

The atmosphere of the ED alone makes it a classic.
I hear it. FEEL it.


Can you FEEL the angst?

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what the fuck is a 'niwaka'?

Spy X Family is already considered a classic, so...

It won't be in a year when people are over their honeymoon period with it.

Chainsaw Man hasn't even aired yet and is already considered a classic, so...

Wouldn't that mean "popularity" is relative to audience size? A title with a small but extremely dedicated audience is still "popular" in a sense.

This. It kind of happened with the manga, too. It was all over Yea Forums for like a year before people got bored of it and moved on.

Forty seasons.

This shit had such a big influence on my life it made me rent my first apartment in my hometown's downtown just so I could see city lights like that. And then after a few years I got sick of living downtown and got an apartment closer to where I grew up.

But at first it was sick, the first night I was there after I moved in I sat out on the balcony and listened to this song.

Classic just means S-tier. A show can be an instant classic.
When we say "classic" in terms of age, we're more often talking about a classic era or classic genre that has stood the test of time.

What if people rarely talk about it, but it's literally the most important series for me that I that I think about every single day for years after completing it?

No one knows if anything today will be remembered 1000 years from now. Classic is a made up distinction based around supposed consensus within a particular group of people, its never universal.

people were calling urusei yatsura a classic when it was still airing lol

They said the same thing about Demon Slayer and... Well... Is already an historic seller.

Look at this fucking niwaka

No one will be watching anime 1000 years from now just like we don't watch stage plays from 1000 years ago today.

>not watching Oedipus Rex in your local theatron

It doesn't have enough cute lolis


Sounds fair. It needs to have been around long enough to see if other things drew influence from it and that it impacted the industry/world in a big enough way.

fucking fujos. They ruined theater!
If only it was about a princess fucking her father but nooooo. Had to pander to the shotacons

10 years, and then a mostly accurate assessment can be made. Eva was already being considered a classic back in 2006 when it was 10 years old and that was about on the mark.

If people are still talking about it even after the initial hype vanished

Case in point, we still talk after that ferris wheel.

Is there a such a thing as a forced classic?


Demon Slayer's manga was frequently out-ranking One Piece even before the anime aired.

It has more to do with reputation over time. I'd argue that while quality is a huge factor (why would you go back and watch something that's 20 years old?), popularity at the time isn't as important as you might think. If people in 2022 want to explore 1940s cinema, for example, they're probably going to go straight for film noir movies that were made on the cheap for a smaller audience. Meanwhile, society has already practically forgotten about the 2009 mega blockbuster that was Avatar.

Unlike Urusei Yatsura and Ranma, Inuyasha hasn't really acquired a reputation as something that you need to watch if you want to have a well-rounded knowledge of anime. It's just a drawn out and sorta okay-ish shonen action series from a popular author that didn't leave a huge impact on what came after. The classics of the 00s are things like Fate, Higurashi, and Code Geass.


It's not about time. We can agree that all classic fulfill these requirements:

>Their momentum is past over.
For example, Monogatari could be now considered a classic, since it's momentum has died and new works are no longer considered relevant or as good as before.
>Their production context is no longer relevant or no longer exists.
Artworks are a product of their time. For example, there is no way a series like Slayer could be done with its sane cultural impact. The last two attempt proved you can't just replicate success from a different time or context.
>It's regarded in a positive way as a good to great artwork.
Madoka was great. Ergo, it's a classic. Haganai was not, so it's not a classic.
>Its considered an AotY. Seasonal stuff can't be considered classic.
This doesn't mean that a series that only got 1 season can't be a classic. But 1-season series that were quick forgotten can't be classics. For example, Bocchi.

Posting a picture to drive the point home. We already have classics that people will go back to when they want to see the anime zeitgeists of the late 90s/early 00s and the late 00s/early 10s encapsulated. It's just Inuyasha isn't really among them.

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What if I regard Haganai better than Madoka?

Then you're going against the grain rather than with the prevailing opinion.

It always surprises me the sheer amount of people that have such an emotional reaction to this, the ferris wheel specially. It gives me an indescribable feeling.
Has anyone here not watched this ED as a kid, and can confirm if they appreciated it without nostalgia?

late night adult swim to watch this and fullmetal was the best especially in a mexican household when its winter
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Yashahime is already considered a classic so...