Amagami-San Chi No Enmusubi ch48


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What killed the manga?

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Non-yae focus arc.
Just wait until it's yuuna's turn for true death.

"They" lost interest in the manga

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I feel like a lot of the romcom type manga have been in a bit of a slump lately. Kaguya, KmK, Komi, this one, etc. 100gfs tends to bump their threads just because they don't want them to die too early, but they didn't really bother much with their latest chapter either.

Seems like the collective interest in romcoms has dropped to critical levels over the past months. Cuckoo and KmK threads are also dead as fuck.

Asahi won

I'm always impressed at how 100kano threads keep getting necrobumped. Some of its threads have even hit bump limit through sheer effort.

Asahi won the marathon (off screen)

Asahi and Uryuu broke free from the time loop.

Uryuu says he had a lot of time to study during the loop. Asahi reminisces about when Uryuu told her that he will be by her side no matter what (during time loop). Uryuu asks him if she's disappointed that she can't have him for herself now. Asahi says no...

...Because she wants to see Uryuu's future now

Yuna tells them to calm down because they still have the "Tanabata after festival" to do. Asahi is confused because Uryuu didn't tell her about this

Starting this year the Amagami shrine decided to do both the original 7/7 Tanbata festival and the 8/7 Tanbata festival (according to alternate lunar calendar). Asahi is told this is Yomiko's idea.

Asahi is told to make up fun and good ideas for this August festival. The internal "scales" of Asahi (Shrine vs marathon) balance again, showing she wants to do both again.

They're just blah blah-ing about the festival

The girls are cosplaying as old school godesses/maidens to promote the festival (Asahi's idea). People like them. Yae asjs is Uryuu likes the outfit (he does, duh). Uryuu asks the usually strict Yuna if shrine maidens are allowed to cosplay


Yuna does some mental gymnastics saying how it's fine and won't offend the gods (she wanted to wear them). Asahi declares that her idea of promoting the shrine was a success

Asahi gets all cute due to the compliments. Yae points out that Asahi changed...

...that she feels more like a little sister now. Asahi used to act tougher than her age, but thinks Asahi is more cute due to her being honest with her feelings

Asahi says she can be cute because her sisters treat her as such. They just say nice things to each other

Yomiko says the alternate 8/7 festival date wasn't her idea (despite old man telling her that it was). Yomiko says she didn't tell anyone about that

Uryuu asks her about the alternate date (forgetting she only said that in a time loop and never in this time, confusing Yomiko)

Anyways Uryuu asks if his shrine can do the alternate 8/7 date. Yomiko tells him that to do this he will need approval from all the authorities, associations and sponsors (Uryuu does get permission)

Uryuu says he will do whatever it takes. Asahi finally learns the whole story and is thankful to Uryuu. Yomiko asks Asahi to keep her telling the truth as a secret from Uryuu

Uryuu asks what's up, and Asahi says it's nothing.

End. I am busier than usual these days so I might do these quick translates instead. Thanks

The threads were never that active since it’s clear Yuna will win.

Why does Yea Forums love Yae so much?

Just fuck already!

Two chapters left in this volume. What are we thinking? A two chapter mini-arc? A breather chapter and then a cliffhanger chapter setting up Yuna arc?

>breather chapter
I wonder if Asahi will admit she likes MC like Yae did at the end of her arc
>cliffhanger chapter setting up Yuna arc?
Will her arc be as one sided as this one?

Thanks for the summary

The alternative lunar calendar date is arguably the actual “original” since it’s the older version, and it’s still a 7/7 date in that calendar. The new Gregorian calendar date was a rush job where they just moved “seventh day of seventh moon” to “seventh day of July” without factoring in the different starting moon. Also, since the Gregorian calendar does not track the moon phases, the lunar calendar date does not necessarily fall on August 7th.

What does this expression mean?

What do you mean by one-sided? Uryu blushed multiple times at Asahi.

We don’t. We held polls and she came in last.

I think one-sided as in Asahi getting all focus in her arc, whereas in Yae’s arc there were Asahi focus and Yuna focus chapters.

God this boring arc is over. Next chapter is Yuna or Yae chapter
>What killed the manga?
Asahi arc and her full screentime.

>After this shit arc all the readers are ready for Yuna arc!
Yuna's arc can't be worse than Asahi's arc.

t. Seething Yaefag

Yae is so Cute. The best big sister. Asahi don't deserve her.

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Haters jealous that Asahi won.

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Why doesn't anyone talk about Yuna?

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Designated winner, so not as much shitposting material.

She’s still pretty popular though. In the last few informal thread polls she tied for first with Asahi.

>Designated winner
That's Asahi

I'm waiting for her arc. There's not much to say since Asahi has the current spotlight.

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Yae past
Asahi present
Yuna future

We will see yuna won

the eternal imouto spot

Reminder that Yuna will win because the other two are both sister-zoned

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We'll see Yuna get truck'd

This is not Fuuka

But I thought Yae was the most popular on Yea Forums? Or are Yaefags just a vocal minority?

Let's find out

Yuna is probably the future. Asahi says here that she wants to see Uryuu's future.

I'm not voting until Yuna's arc

>I'm not voting until Yuna's arc
It can't possibly be worse then the other two though.


>But I thought Yae was the most popular on Yea Forums?
That's not really saying much though. It's not like the IP numbers are super high. It's always been a small group that cares for the manga.

Asahi's asahi

>child belly

what's a proxypoll