ITT: British anime

>He's bloody been holding back this entire time?
>Absolute bonkers, mate, this amount of power...

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>It's not like I fancy you or anything
>You bloody wanker

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>The sodding hell could she be meaning with that?
>I haven't got a bloody clue.

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>I can feel his blastenergy... it's on a whole other license mate
>no. my chap, Krillin. I'll soddin belt you, Freeza.

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>piss off bondrew ye bloody foken bastard

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>His face's proper close innit?
>Is he gonna kiss me or something?
>My heart's beating bonkers here.

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>Wow, fit bird innit?
>And I could like... rent her for a couple quid?

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>Oi, me rubbah nen

وہاں میرے ساتھی انگریزوں کو سلام!
دعونا نقتل الفرنسيين الذين ليسوا أوروبيين مثلنا!

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>I never quite noticed this before
>But his fingers are proper long innit?

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>Oi luv, fancy a cheeky shag now's your missus is done in, yeah? Be schewpid not to, me minge's gushin' for ye

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i wish british people were real bros.....

Just like in my RuneScape!

>Oo, 'ello! Oi fink dis moight be me lucky day!

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>You think I.. like... look fit in my swimsuit mate?

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>shagged a hundred blokes, maybe more

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Oi, Baku me ol' wanka! Fancy shaggin' me bird? Oi'll buy ye a point if ya do! Oi can get a discount wif me hero loicense!

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>He's such an annoying wanker...
>But every time he touche me, I get so randy...
>Have I actually started to fancy the bloke or something?

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>I'm actually getting randy over another bloke here...
>Am I like... a bender or something?

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>not summink

>He's BEEN BLOODY* holding back this entire time?
>Absolutely bonkers, mate. This amount of power...*
Without proper grammar you sound like a paki which makes me think this is less British anime and more BBC Bangladesh anime

>Oi Kakarot you sodding wanker, da bloody hell you thinking with that? You trying to do me in with that innit?

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>foive bongs

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Eh love, kiss me.

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Nuffin rong with a bloke what likes other blokes mate, 's progressive innit. Me missus loves those poofs she does, always reading 'er yowie mengas what with two blokes shagging.

Set me a burn right now Mikasa. Actual clucking for a burn

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>part 2 actually has the word shagged

No one here speaks like this kys


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This one was literally a quote from the BBC dub ye daft wanker

Made me laugh, thanks jajaja

You'll love this translation

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Depends what part of Britain you’re talking about. Down in the south you’d be right. Apart from maybe London no one talks like the examples provided so far.

I'll fin' t' wan piece and chips, fuckin' lush.
I'm gonna be kin' a' pirats'

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it's morbin' time

>"We evolved mate, beyond that fellow we be awhile ago. As we go round and round we advance every time. That's how this old drill works guv!"

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"Awright ye frigid cunts? Guess what me and Annie did last night. Did it pure raw and everythin', then she kicked my heid in for wiping mysel' off on ae curtains."

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>1v1 cunt
>i jost becam mo' poweful than you could focken imagin cunt

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Scottish is still British, though we are loathe to admit it.

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>Nonces like yourself should be in the nick.

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can someone explain the logic behind mass repliers?

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>Come let's go bun a zoot bruv

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mental illness and attention seeking

Amadain teanga Beurla!

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Chainsaw man should be dubbed solely by bongs.
You CANNOT prove me wrong.

>clatty as fuck
>pure mingin

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Oi, Missus Makima, so if oi do in this bloody gun devil bazza oi can 'ave a go at ya minge, roight? Soign me the fock op!

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>this fake society has got me proper gobsmacked mate
>I fancy somethin' genuine instead

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BBC is fake

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>Yer still bloody rubbish

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best thread on Yea Forums

Wow, this thread is like I'm reading Pumpkin Night.

See's a flash a' yer gash hen

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'avin a cheeky isekai fantasy are we?

>You're proper interesting aren't you?
>Won't you be my bird?

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