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sex before marriage is forbidden.
we must save these young men from the whore for the future of japan!

sex with Sakura is mandatory.
We must ensure these young men fuck the whore for the future of japan!

>Tfw no friendly slut to take my virginity during a schooltrip
Why even live

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Imagine all the STDs she has



Yes? Why the screaming, everything's going as planned.
Naga gets Paisen.
Gamo gets Nagabro.
Yoshi gets the bunny.
Sakura gets the rest of the school.
We've been over this already.

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Gattochan bros...
Wtf is this?

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I want a spin-off centered around Sakura’s quest to deflower the last (non-Senpai) virgin boy in their school, who is a puritybro and refuses to bang her on account of her sluttiness.

But Sakura is neither in love nor a maiden anymore.
It's more like RABBIT IN HEAT or something

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where the fuck is the dump

Imagine the threesome

Jesus, what a PUTA

This, where the fuck is STALKER

Bisquetards forever seething

All of Sakura's holes, judging by the OP and last chapter

>1400 replies in multiple nagatoro threads in just 12 hours
>legendary copy pasta that will forever beat down Marin coomers
>Melt down of a life time
>Dozens of new memes , OC and art
>Lobster Risotto
>As always, fun
What a great day Nagabros. And the dump hasnt even happened yet.

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bros, i dont think i will survive this dump. i get excited just reading the pages and all the replies, my weak heart cant take it

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>Lobster is trash
>written by a passionate author who has deep knowledge on cosplay and the otaku culture

>Nagatoro is a masterpiece
>haha penguins and amogus

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Could Sakura solve the issue of Japan’s declining birth rates?

What copy pasta?

Stalker has to prepare the TL for roughly the first half of the chapter cause retards spam the thread so much now that we go over 500 posts before he’s even reached page 10.

A maiden she can be
And I never siad she was in love


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>lobsterfag actually got the dump delayed
nevermind I'm on team marin now

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For those who missed it >Lets take a look at marin for instance. Shes pretty, hot and cute all in one, in both personality and looks.
Shes very popular at school and has tons of friends. But also has time to be a loser otaku, and obsess over anime with hundred of episodes, porno doujins and video games. Definitely an impressive feat. She loves to stuff her face with gas station fried food but also cannot cook, yet she can make a living as a thin sexy model. She indulges in a super popular and time consuming hobby that is cosplaying while being portrayed as an anime otaku loser who schlicks it to hentai doijins and porno flash games, but also super popular with a healthy social life and a large amount of friends. Something doesnt really add up to me, a sense of artificial nature in an attempt to appeal to everyone in an unrealistic manner is what becomes apparent. Right off the bat she has very little flaws and her interests are so varied it seems hard to even have the time for all of them, in particular her popularity and a healthy social life and obsession with long formed anime series. We see the artificial and corporate nature of her overall character. An artificial creation, not a realistic character, designed to appeal to anyone not smart enough to pirate their anime. Perfect for coomers because she hot and nerdy and fulfills an unrealistic fantasy. Perfect for weeb broads who want to self insert pretend like their trucker guts dont matter when looking for love. And of course for people who are legitimately interested in the cosplay hobby , looking for tips on building their own outfits. Sounds like a winning combination for a large corporate entity looking to make big bucks from a group of people who are too stupid to read free manga sites or pirate anime properly.

user... thats stalking...

. . .

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>bisque has more sales
>this is somehow proof that nagatoro is winning

Fun Starts here

enjoy the ride nagabros.

Also, someone needs to learn about paragraphs.

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He deserve this.

Post the translations and my stalking shall cease

>marinfag causes a 2000 post shitstorm full of butthurt and cope
>nagachuds think this means they won
lol, lmao even

Stalker probably preparing the translation beforehand for once so we won't get 2 threads again.

dump threads have gotten too reddit for me, actually I bet reddit has better discussions than 100 tiktok-tier replies of zero substance

Console wars are cancer

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Shit moves to fast for legitimate discussion at the time of release.


>someone else said that as they were being posted
>was met with "lol asking for reddit spacing"

>Sakura's quest

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All the threads here have been fucking abysmal for months now.
Avatarfagging, ritualposts, people spamming their shitty fanfics and headcanons, console war faggotry, etc, and good OC is a rarity.
It’s why I never TL jackshit from the streams and such because people here are braindead apes that can’t be trusted.

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are you going to post the same shit in every single thread you fucking gorilla nigger

I also see a lot of stale memes like "maiden in love" whenever nagatoro blushes
shit like this is why we made fun of reddit years ago, or some other site? I'm old and senile by now fuck

>console war
The war was forced upon us brother.

Shikki is endgame

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Is it true that S.T.A.L.K.E.R's Nagatoro threads are full of Discord posters who come from his own server and only post in his threads? The posters in his threads don't act like Yea Forums posters at all.

Maybe, but they've snowballed in popularity over the past 3 years so you can't attribute the awful post quality to any one particular group. There's Yea Forumsermin, SEAmonkeys, Discord posters, DBSpics, and the usual Yea Forumsutists all posting together in the dump threads.

The truth is that this board, and really this entire site is filled with Twitter crossposters. Content from there is constantly posted here and vice-versa. It’s why this entire place has gotten lower quality.
No. Some of them are just lurkers, crossboarders, or people that generally only pop up to see new chapters and then wisely leave right after.

>metaposting like a nigger instead of enjoying the chapter

Some people read it an hour ago

stalker posts once every 2 minutes you passive-aggresive faggot, and I don't enjoy reading the cringy fluff provided by everyone else in there

kill yourself contrarian hipster faggot

>in nagatoro threads at all
accept that you're the retard here

I'm gonna draw that JanembavGogeta Shikki Nagayoshi parody