'Tis Time for Torture, Princess 140


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Chapter end.

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Fuck yeah that's a good pic.

Beast girl chapters are the best


Demon Lord is such a bro

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Hamongous what?

What did the princess talk about? What?!!

OPT material right here

How does one get isekai'd to this world full of hot demon girls and beastkin?

People always credit SxF for making them want to start and family and shit, but Demon Lord >>> Loid

Big guy

Based pigservant

so you're telling me...

For you

food is just an instant win with this girl

I wonder how Deus and Machina will feel when they meet Ex, having lost all hope and respect

Of course it comes back to cooking

>cheetah print bikini
I am now instantly interested in your manga.

I thought I was the only one making steak in a wok

Cute butt

Stop apologizing you dumbshit!

And we are back to a food manga.

Why is she so smug?

This pleases the Hellord!

My wife Torture

Just talk away.
I'll give you the rice, the onions, the karaage, the whole meal.
Just talk away.

Can Anya play with Mao-mao?

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Just tell a secret and there will be an end to the horror.

no, my heart wouldn't survive it


You just know.

deliciously brown catgirls fuck hamsters?


I wonder what a hamster steak tastes like.

Her poor little brain is overwhelmed.

These demons really know how to look out for one another.

Thanks man.

Stir-fry is best in a wok.
Anything that needs to be tossed or aerated is best made in a wok.

>3rd panel

Gotta protect that smile

I guess I read steak and just think about large chunks and searing instead of stir frying, never did pepper steak before you see. Yes, I do that with a wok

How do I master the art of the wok?

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Step 1: buy a wok
Step 2: use it
But seriously, Woks have the hottest spot near the bottom, so keep your ingredients in motion (thats why the flipping). If you add seasoning or sauce, IT GOES ON THE OUTER EDGE OF THE INGREDIENTS!
Remeber, the wok is more scared of you that you are of it.
BAM! Now you're a wok chef.
Get a wok holder if flat oven. Get flat wok if no want holder.

Season it with oil.
Cook a lot.

Also, before cooking, heat the wok to ripping hot and add some oil and swirl it around before adding anything else. Lower the heat and let it cool. Discard the excess oil, but you should now have a slick mostly non-stick surface on the wok to make frying easier.
Remember, high heat, short time.

Watch those Chinese sweatshop chef training videos

Everyone talks about who's the greatest cook alive.
In reality its not some celebrity chef, but some Mexican or Chinaman working in a near sweatshop that can cook for 1000 people a day and not put out one bad plate.


Dumb princess

honestly great out of context page.