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Forgot the title in the OP: "Feeling Kinda Gloomy"

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As we expected.

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Based Okarun

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chapter end
okarun training arc?

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Doesn't Okarun know your leg muscles are much stronger than your arm muscles? Learn to kick!

i like this guy

Jiji is ripped! Does he lift since he's 12 or something?

awwww yeaaaa a training arc!!!!

hope that j-pop faggot is dealt with soon

He was a bit fit before but I think the author forgot to unbuff him after the transformation

Good chapter, as the title said, you can fell the gloomyness all around the pages.

Aw shit. I knew she was no good.

why is she following him like that. she's so cute.

I want to be evil-eyed too then!

Aw, they do like each other

Because he's being led by an evil spirit? I don't trust TB one bit.

You can see the exact moment when he realizes he’s lost.

I suppose she suffers from Grandma syndrome, in that she is more permissive than a usual parent.
Suspicious turbo granny makes we wonder if this will truly be a training arc.

Interesting. I like the realistic reaction. I feel that granny is someone that both remained physically and mentally a young adult and has trouble acting as a mature parental figure.

Didn't Okarun already defeat the Evil Eye once?

>Suspicious turbo granny makes we wonder if this will truly be a training arc.
She's an evil spirit too. Remember when she only wanted the dancing spirit to release Okarun and not the Aira and Momo? He's going to get possessed by TB, attack the temple and Jiji will have to master the Evil Eye to save his friends.


sounds good to me

Maybe he needs to talk to Deku for a bit.

I wonder what they’re about to do/if she and Silky will be able to glean anything from what they see? I get the impression that both of them wanna get stronger. I’d love to see a 2 on 1 with them against the Evil Eye.

Only because the DE had his guard down and because he wasn't nearly as powerful as he are now. As he's getting used to Jji's body he only gets stronger.

Why is this manga so good?

Classic stuff. I like this manga. I wish it was less pervy so I could recommend it to my friends, but oh well.

I wouldn't mind that, but after some time. We just had like 20 chapters of Jiji-wanking. Having him become the good guy of the arc and beat Okarun would be too much. I hope we focus on Aira for a bit, who's going after Okarun and TB. That'd be a breath of fresh air.

Protec your girlfriend 4 eyes.

Same. Someone has to be the voice of reason here

don't worry, your friends will watch the anime in 2 years

Good premise, good characters, good art, good synergy between all these elements. This manga is more than it's sum and it was a pretty big sum to begin with.

i dunno how i feel about turbo granny going against the group. Shes kinda has her own importance to the group (in the writing sense) because she acts as 1) the rod that actually grounds the group to the over arching goal. 2) her personality is acting as sort of a balance beam for when antics shift too much to one side

You need to conclude the EE arc somehow.

Jiji the ren.

So true.

Its fresh
And also it can get grimdark in a flash and then go back to silly romcom
I hope the author can keep those two extremes and doesnt become too comercial

He, they will have monk apprentice, Jiji and his alter ego EE as new characters to fill her void. She may even become the big bad somehow.

Not really. Many shonen characters carry a curse around they can't really control for a long time. Most obvious example: Naruto never got "healed" of his nine-tailed fox form and it took him over 300 chapters to master it. No need to rush Jiji mastering the Evil Eye.


>you can fell the gloomyness all around the pages.
eh, not really

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at least with the pacing this manga has had this wont be a long training arc. maybe each get a technique they learn and it gets its own move name and thats that

What it is with people and trusting murderous evil spirit?

I personallz think it's getting stale already after the initial novelty wore off

it's a classic trope

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Jiji > soiboy 4 eyes

sure you do


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>No need to rush Jiji mastering the Evil Eye.
>Look at the heavily damaged temple
>Look at Momo's bruised throat.
Yeah, no. I disagree. Vehemently.

A couple chapters ago someone commented that the character design of the chick who referred Momo-chan to the maid job was too elaborate to not be a recurring character, upon rereading I noticed it was a crop from this page of chapter 10.

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It's not.

why is the evil eye specifically targeting momo so much anyway? did i speed read past that part?

Frustration is getting bigger!!

the ripped jacket was lowkey erotic at least, despite the situation

just with the expressions and empty space they're cast on. The dairy farm was v comfy

What is written on the backpack?
Pile Backer?

More jiji screentime and focus would be fatal

I wonder what Chica forma de ningen looks like

Because she is the strongest in the group
The evil eye is not a berserk, he knows what he is doing and is even adapting to shield himself from hot water

because he wants to fuck her

below 100iq

Narrativewise it serves a lot of purposes, like pushing Okarun forward and creating tension in the group.

He'll have to let her suck his dick, this time

I hope it's not just okarun learning how to kick. I want to see more retarded techniques like the squat combo or the turbo headbutt.

>Remember when she only wanted the dancing spirit to release Okarun and not the Aira and Momo?
TG is linked to okarun so it behooves her to want him to be spared. And in anycase i dont think TG was saying that because she wants aria and momo gone. It was just the situation they were in. and Granny is a very very blunt chracter, with no tact and no filter. I figured her dialogue there was "well if were all gonna die, hey can you atleast spare the boy since we are both spirits?"
I think turbo granny will get her own arc where it shows she's actually protective of the group. The over arching theme of the show is that there are good aliens/spirits and there are bad alien/spirits and morally grey ones as well. and then there will be some faction war or something. if the writing needed to out pace the hype

momo is only for okarun and aria during the 3somes

She is the tsundere of the manga, She saved Momo at the onsen and okarun when the lava almost engulfed them

>I think turbo granny will get her own arc where it shows she's actually protective of the group.
Jiji is that you? Grow up and stop thrusting evil spirits!

I think she just hate rapists (I suspect this has something to do with her death) and Okarun has her power, if he dies, she will remain nothing but a possessed doll for the rest of her existence.

>Blond (maybe)
>Properly dress

But they just want to play with us! They're victims too! It's not fair!

Jiji’s such a brainlet for that

>Okarun self-inserter

takakura ken is awesome dude