"You don't understand, he's supposed to be shit!"

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Still better than Valentine.


t. Hamon beat

People pretending to explain this character, and why he's actually a "subtle" and "clever" villain, infuriate me.
Sometimes I wonder if they read the same manga as me.

Hey OP, are you the same person making various Jojolion threads every day or what? But yeah, Tooru is shit and has incredibly dumb hair.

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Lmao, imagine waiting 10 years for this garbage

Tooru is such a fucking dogshit character.
He ruined the manga.

I made some of them, these past weeks.

Araki WAS on the right track

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With Shitbin? Not likely.
Damo on the other hand...

Even normalfans dont like him

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>poor Gappy
I was about to say it's because people haven't read the manga, but Valentine is first on whatever site that is.

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Literally the only reason people dislike him is because it's implied he took Yasuho's virginity, and incelbetacucks hate the idea of an """impure""" woman. In their mind, he "ruined" their "precious waifu" Yasuho.
Admit it. If you hate Tooru, it's because you feel cucked everytime you look at him. The thought of his big rock cock penetrating Yasuho reduces you to a seething pile of impotent rage, reminding you of all your inadequacies. You feel targeted because you're an otaku who seeks manga to escape, and you feel Tooru invaded your space to personally attack you and violate your space, just like he "violated" Yasuho in your pathetic mind.
You know you'll never reach Tooru's level of chadassery, even if you died trying. That is your Calamity.

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Love his design, Love his stand power.

Hate his personality and what he does in the plot, Hate how his stand pulls shit out of it's ass.

His stand should have been a self aware stand like Anubis, just dicking around without a user.

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Speaking of: i fucking hate that moment when Wonder of You is still attacking without a Stand User, like, if you really wanted that, why not do it from the start, fucking remove Toru, leave the cool stand.

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That whole chapter was a pure Calamity.
It was so bad that I remember people theorizing that everything was a Paper Moon King illusion.

I never seen such cope before, god, if it wasn't because of the last arc, Jojolion would be my favorite part.

I’ve never heard anyone ever have that complain. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Speaking of calamities, someone should post that one Josuke and Yasuho panel. You know which one.

I liked the final arc. I think the main reason Jojolion's last arc wasn't received well was because people read it as it was publishing, which made the final arc feel like it was dragging on forever. I started reading the manga close to when it was almost finished, so by the time I caught up to the final arc it was over, so I didn't have that problem.
The other thing is fans got caught up in their fan theories and headcanons and got upset when it didn't go the way they expected or they were wrong. When frankly, most fan theories I saw weren't that good, at least not better than what we got (after I was done with the manga I went back to look at fan reactions as the chapters were releasing).
While admittedly I didn't care for Tooru as much as other villains characterwise, I enjoyed Wonder of U as a stand ability and thought the final arc was really suspenseful and intense. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading it.

Why’d it take so long to introduce the main villain of the part?

>I think the main reason Jojolion's last arc wasn't received well was because people read it as it was publishing, which made the final arc feel like it was dragging on forever.
I don't think so. It's not my case, at least.
I recently reread the entire arc, and I didn't find it better.

>fan theories/headcanons
I think the problem relies more with not how people's theories were incorrect, but the plot points they were theorizing about didn't get resolved.
>bite marks
>origin of the Higashikata curse
>explaining the Wall Eyes (even if they are relatively easy to explain)
>mystery baby
>the stadium
I think Araki had enough time to wrap things up but wasted a lot of time with dialogue repetition and dragging out the fight itself. He likes to write in the moment and that style clearly didn't mesh well with the mysteries he tried setting up early on.
I have a strong disdain for people who expect the next part to resolve these questions, as extending the general plot to the next part isn't something that Araki does, I'd rather move on to a new story with the type of format that he prefers to write in.

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I reread the whole manga and had fun and got incredibly bored in the exact same places, so yeah, it had nothing to do with reading monthly in this case.

I will never understand the obsession jojo fans have over a random ass baby who appeared for one panel 10 years ago expecting it to be set up for some big reveal.

This. There's a huge difference between
"The plot wasn't resolved the way I thought it would be"
"The plot wasn't resolved"

Araki put it in his story. We were forced to read about it so we expect there to be a reason why.

Reading it monthly actually makes it better because you have a month to forget about what happened in the previous chapters. If you read it all at once, the whole arc will be fresh in your mind which makes the terrible writing all the more apparent.

>I think the main reason Jojolion's last arc wasn't received well was because people read it as it was publishing
Nope. I tapped out of Jojolion halfway in so I didn't torture myself waiting for monthy releases, read all of the second half when they announced the next chapter was going to be the last, and I still thought it was really shit. Tooru is a terrible villain and has fuck all presence or character to speak of.

Even if it was true that reading the manga monthly makes it seem worse than it is, that's still a bullshit excuse. Jojolion IS a monthly manga. You're supposed to read it that way because that's how it's released. If the story is bad in the original release format, it's a bad story.

Johnny got his with misfortune and the baby got hit with good fortune

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I'm not asking about fanficiton though, I'm talking about Araki's own writing.

>random ass baby
Araki has never had a random ass baby before. Two appeared in previous parts, one for comedy purposes and the other for plot purposes

So who could actually beat him in-universe without space-time hax like the Joestar protags?

Jotaro Kujo

We had more than Lisa Lisa and Shizuka, like the baby who got eaten in PB, Mannish Boy and I swear there was another one, but can't remember.

You honestly believe there isn’t even the tiniest bit of a connection between the corpses ability to redirect misfortune and Johnny dying after using the corpse when both were written with in ~4 years of each other?

Why does he look more like OG universe Josuke than the MC?

I actually forgot Lisa Lisa was on the boat, I was referring to Dio's green baby in Part 6. But yeah shit there's a few I've forgotten and from that list you've just made none of them are included randomly. I think Araki just forgot shit like he does a couple times per part

Every other series has a distinctive final boss, a boss whose dangerousity grows at every apparition or intervention, creating a sense of impending doom that make the final confrontation epic, and his defeat catartic.
Tooru was clearly invented at the last minute as last boss. It's like the Rockmen Organization had no ranks, and beside a communal scheme on how secure its money, every member acted on his own. No one was really the boss, Tooru was just the guy who had the idea to infiltrate the hospital, and was literally the last rockman to kill to disband the organization. End of the story. THE STORY OF A CURSE! Yeah, right.

Without an asspull, nobody. Araki himself said that Calamity is the strongest thing in JoJo. Trying to overcome it is beyond hope.

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Yeah. If you try to apply how the corpse worked in SBR to what happened in Jojolion, it doesn't fit mechanically. This isn't anything like Love Train redirecting attacks to hit other people. Johnny just used the corpse to transfer his wife's disease to his son (unintentionally), and then transferred it from his son to himself. Then he died, and his head was crushed by a rock as a result of the corpse awakening a stand in the Shakedown Road trees. None of that relates to the baby whatsoever.

Jesus Christ, I reread the Green Baby arc last week, how did I even forget about it. The thing about JJL baby is that it's not a random baby from 100 years ago that was found after Johnny died, it's about the circumstances of its discovery and that Yasuho immediately connects it to Josuke. I think Araki had something in mind, then got sidetracked and either forgot about it or said "eh, fuck it".

Jesus hated Johnny so he killed him and gave his wife rock cancer.

Not everything is a gun, Chekhov.

I just said aside from Joestars.

You said without space-time hax. I'm saying that Jotaro can beat him without needing time stop.

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If we follow the pattern, the main villain of Part 9 should be good.

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it's the dumb hair

Thanks, I hate it.

I really don't see reason to chimp out over JoJolion ending, sure it wasn't masterpiece people hoped it to be, it ended up being your average JoJo. Final arcs were always stupid and rushed, I don't think Araki can write them well.

>it ended up being your average JoJo
No? It was significantly worse than anything we've ever seen in Jojo so far.

You're wrong.

I'm not wrong.

I don't know, Jojo always lands the ending, and I remember people hoping that at least the final chapters would be good and salvage what was possible of the part. Me included. Boy were we wrong.

>Jojo always lands the ending
Parts 5 and 6 exist

Araki lost the ability to write endings after part 6 which was some kind of lightning in a bottle for him. I don't think he even knew what he was doing in Part 6 and that is why it worked. Well, that, and him still being young.

There’s a lot of good final arcs in the series
You’re being over dramatic

How is it dramatic to say that a story is of lower quality compared to other stories? We're on a board dedicated to discussing anime and manga.

I think he's 100% the villain with the most problems as a whole but he has this weird charm to him that just makes me really like him, I just can't describe it

>but he has this weird charm to him that just makes me really like him, I just can't describe it
It's called headcanon.

Araki is like 60 now, a grandpa... it is natural that his brain doesn't work as well anymore, heck I realized this in SBR already.

>Jojo always lands the ending
I don't know. I hated time loop arc in Part 4, arrow bullshit and then statue bullshit in Part 5, was kinda miffled on Emporio in Part 6, and then the whole AU Diego in Part 7. Though otherwise Part 6 and Part 7 had good endings, I guess. The weakest part of JoJolion is that Tooru is just boring and barely does anything. It's so weird, considering he gave Head Doctor, a fucking stand, so much personality. I would've loved it if Head Doctor was the stand user instead.
>at least the final chapters
What do you mean... Before final arc manga was really widely loved.
Either way, I agree that final arc is kinda weak, but I think calling it the worst manga ever and a trainwreck is just TORtanic mentality and desire to connect it to other "trainwreck endings" in past years. The rest of manga was fine. Dropped plot points are just that - they were always here. I don't get why people keep asking about Wall Eyes though - isn't it super obvious that they're just JoJolion's equivalent of Devil's Palm... and that's it?

>isn't it super obvious that they're just JoJolion's equivalent of Devil's Palm... and that's it?
No, since literally the first chapter of the manga has the Wall Eyes doing shit that the Devil's Palm never did.