Shingeki no Kyojin

So just finished watching snk. Is it me or the anime became bad? I hope the sequel gets a better budget just to see Mina Fubar Leonhart in good quality

Favorite anime season?

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Favorite Season would be Season for me. Perfect balance and Reiner and Bert scene being great

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It's not like there's anything good left to animate

Oops I meant Season 2

GODHOLT's scenes are kino
Sequel with the BAby

BAfat and AAwhale are the same schizo pretending to be two seperate fujo entities.

There are 80 BAgods here

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Yeah it's terrible. Paths episodes is the turning point. Time travel thrown into a story like that is a sign of shit tier writing.

CUTE CUTE CUTE eren giving flowers to carla

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Why is Mimi-chan so....perfect?

I didn' know what perfect mean until I met Mikasa

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>small nose
Not perfect

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I want to touch Carla's flower if you know what I mean

Predict the BAby's name


Mina Fubar Leonheart
She will get both the beauty of GODholt and Annie

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Why was Annie so wet looking at Bert?


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Built for BEC (Big Eren Cock).

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God I want to punch her and kiss her

God I want to fill his mouth of semen

God I want to 69 her and fart



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Stop looking at my ass, Eren!

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Imagine the smell.

Oh no Eren! I fell on your face and farted!



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I miss Yumiru

Me too

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>Mikasa betrays, beheads and cuckolds Eren

>Armin betrays Eren
>Eheh, little shit I hate him so much!

Why is /snk/ like this?

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Mimi-chan did nothing wrong


Eren started it first with his autism

It's not normal to kill your brother for your enemies though

Is this the thread?

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Wrong, Eren's biggest sin was to make Mimi-chan sad


Theres a sequel?

Imagine the smell

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How is it a betrayal if she never hid that she will be against genocide and he told her to fuck off because he hates her?

There will be one with Jean x Mikasa son, Bert x Annie daughter and Eren x Historia daughter

Eren didn't kill his brother.

So Eren destroyed the world because Mikasa familyzoned him? What an incel

>missing the point

Eren killed his spirit

What point?

>Jean x Mikasa
>Eren x Historia
Don't bother, they are AAfags' allies. Why don't you pick a ship that at least makes sense, like AM?

I ship Eremin.

He destroyed the world because he didn't believe Paradis has a fighting chance against it and because the future couldn't be changed anyway.

We are not AA allies

Also Levihan baby that Levi carried up his ass for 9 months

He destroyed the world because Mikasa familyzoned him

he destroyed the world because he was a simp

Mina or Bert

The biggest EH artist, Enko, draws JM and AA too. One of the most famous AA artists, Alysiusart, draws JM and EH. Smaller ships can't survive in this cruel world on their own.

Not here

Wow....just like in real life....

I don't like that LH art much for some reason

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Cutests boomers

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Funny how only one of these ships is canon and it sucks ass.

Maybe is because Armin got the most wanked

They are millenials at best.

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Annie? Made for Godholt's cock

I love SxF