Ranma is a babe

Ranma is a babe

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The best babe.

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Ukyo /ss/

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Wtf I don't remember this episode

I guess it's time for a rewatch, user.

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Could Ranma impregnate herself?

She would probably end up creating an exact clone of herself tbqh

With a 50/50 chance of boy Ranma or girl Ranma

Power couple.

Oh, hello "significant source of my AGP and TGTF fetish"

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toss one more fetish into the pile

I honestly prefer this couple.

Then you can make them fuck each other and create more Ranma clones.

I get that she turns into a girl but why does she also turn into a slut

Any boy who gets genderbent will turn into a slut (if they're hot). Don't pretend you wouldn't.

Reminder that shampoo has the biggest boobs and so is best girl by default. I don't make the rules.

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Weird how this give people agp fetish but for me wanting to search for a friend who could freely switch gender and letting me explore her during on of the stay overs after playing videogames for hours.

I think that was back when Ranma didn't know that he was the pig. He thought that Ryoga was a dog.

All the girls are.

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I'm not a terminally retarded brainwashed degenerate, so no, I wouldn't.

>I'm not a terminally retarded brainwashed degenerate, so no, I wouldn't.
>Browses Yea Forums

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Black anime



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Black girls like this anime?

Why is he so small as a pig?

he's a piglet


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>Remove your pants, peasant.

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the best babe ever

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imagine corrupting female Ranma until she decides to stay as female just to be your personal sex slave

this is the gayest shit ever
i'd rather stick to actual women like pic related

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She's probably already pretty corrupt, just needs a dicking and she's yours.

of all the actual females you had to post the violent retard that always makes things worse

>not trying to find a macguffin that splits up the male and female ranma instead

you spelled "best girl" wrong, might want to work on your sentence construction

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That's not shampoo though?

I think there's an arc that has that with some mirror that can reflect both male and female ranma

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Cute girl (boy)

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It's the same one where Ranma gave Ranma advice picking up guys and Akane beat him up for being gay.


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If you don't like Ranma, then you are gay

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Based and cutepilled

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