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I really hope we see more of Jewelry Bonney

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bonny is linked to the void century era and was born there. she knows everything about the past and devil fruits


anal rape



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>doffy fucks with aokiji but literally shits himself at the prospect of Kaido being "mad" at him
>Blackbeard faces off against FLEET admiral Sengoku and does fine against him at MF after he only just got WB's fruit not knowing how to use it well yet, this is before he gets his 3rd fruit and right after WB shit on him in 5 seconds
>WB literally 99% dead ENDS the Akainu meme in about 10 seconds of fighting
>Ben Beckman sneaks up on Kizaru without him even noticing and holds him at gunpoint stopping him from doing anything at MF, and he's not even a yonko and will be considered 3rd string in Shanks' crew after Mihawk inevitably joins
>Rayleigh casually strolls into MF with no knowledge of whether every admiral and sengoku would be there
>shanks single handedly stops the war in the face of the most hot headed admiral of them all
>Fujitora cannot cut Doflamingos bird cage
>kizaru and Akainu don't go to Wano because they're AFRAID of samurai jobbers like Kinemon
>Big Mom is about to survive being knocked out in a LAVA PIT meaning she could LIVE in Akainu and be fine
>it took Akainu AND Aokiji 10 DAYS to rearrange Punk Hazard
>WB and Kaido could have leveled the island in an hour (individually)

>Bonney won't join
this is why Bonney will join

Hoes still mad.

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Based level 6 reader Chad

sex with Bonney where I make her cum dozens of times and she falls asleep only to wake up to brunch in bed and more dicking

the cutest

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what is she is the devil fruit tree it self.

That is why she eats so much food because she has natural inclination to produce devil fruits by shitting them in to the ocean... bros...

Bonney = reddit
Vivi = reddit

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Redon’s hint
We had a good run, Kaidobros.

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Do we have spoiler hints?

Sanji=Yea Forums
Nami & Robin=instagram
Franky, Brook, Chopper, Usopp, Jinber=none, unpopular

>Top 5 Sexiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Cutest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Prettiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Funniest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Personalities:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato

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These niggers hint small irrelevant shit. The candles that were "Act 3's end" were just the literal fire lanterns in a chapter of nothing. This could just be confirmation of Bitchrochi's death.

Stupid fuck.

oh don't worry it will be 10 times worse haha

Why are Doomposters like this?

How does Redon even gets his hands on spoilers. I never understood this


this could easily him just taking a rest after finally beating gooffy

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How can I get Carrot as a pet?

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>best Pussy
>best anal
>best feet
>best armpit
>best Blowjob
>best boobjob
>best handjob
>best snuggles
>best fertility
>best Dominating
>best fetish
>best femdom
>best loli
>best overall

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Study genetic engineering.

do you guys have any 'weird' one piece theories?

>Luffy's Devil Fruit is threatening to overwhelm his mind and will
>In chapter 1, Luffy, prior to eating his fruit, wanted to accompany his hero, Shanks, and become a great Pirate. At this point, it's obvious that Luffy's view on pirates are simply that they're great, and brave men of the sea, similar to young Chopper's naïve view thanks to Dr. Hililuk
>Almost as soon as he eats the Nika fruit, however, his goal seems to change. No longer does he want to JUST be a pirate, now he wants to be KING.
>He explains his reasoning, 10 years later, to Coby: the king of pirates is the most free person in the world
>flashing through the series, even as Luffy professes to wanting to be selfish and wanting to eat all the meat, he makes a habit of freeing people trapped under corrupt rulers.
>It isn't until fishman island where we first hear of Joyboy...and poneglyphs instill secrets of the Void Century, which the WG wants to keep quiet
>flash forward more, and Luffy's true fruit powers don't awaken until he dies. Both Momonosuke and Kaido are unable to hear his 'Voice' anymore, and once he gets up, he can't stop laughing and screwing around. Even once he starts to 'get serious', he's not...not really. This is a stark contrast to how Luffy was treating Kaido before awakening, when even as he enjoyed himself, he was still serious.
>Momonosuke comments that even though Luffy is up and seems stronger than ever, his "Voice" seems to still be fading fast. The obvious reason is that he's still dying, but what if it's something more?
>My theory is based on these: While the Nika fruit hadn't completely taken him over, it had been influencing him
>we know that Zoan fruits have wills of their own, and that Carnivorous Zoan are far more vicious than others
>and now, with Luffy's will completely silenced -at least for a moment - the Nika fruit has overtaken his body, and Luffy will have to fight to regain control of himself.

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It's Kaido yelling his victory cry, you retards, Screencap this post.

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A halo of fire above his head. Confirmed Hito hito no mi model: Holy Virgin Mother Mary.
Holy spic kino

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>Best Marine
>Best Justice
>Best DF
>Best Strength
>Best Intelligence
>Best Speed
>Best Murderer
>Best Antagonist
>Best Dog
>Best Drip
>Best Boobjob

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Carrot will join straw hats instead of Yamato
Yamatranny will seethe

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ruffy won, the raid succeeded and yamato is joining

I don't know if redon does it but some are in contact and pay to the people who have access to the magazine days before release. These people leak to others who then only tell some stuff to guys like redon, he attentionwhores a little, they tell them the summary later and he posts it on pirateking


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wrong, it's hinting at kaido's victory cry, its' so obvious lol

>Ben Beckman sneaks up on Kizaru without him even noticing and holds him at gunpoint stopping him from doing anything at MF, and he's not even a yonko and will be considered 3rd string in Shanks' crew after Mihawk inevitably joins
stfu with your headcanon anime only

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Go back to /dbs/

You should have outlawed fishmen after your promotion, Sakazuki.

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Fuck that shit, im gonna keep holding Kaidocoins

same, there are still two more acts after all, he unironically hinting at kaido's victory cry

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Kaidoufags are delusional.

added to my luffykek's cringe compilation.

>80% of this post are plain lies
>15% need context
>5% is mixed truth with lies
BOOM i win
BOOM you dilate
BOOm kys

>but some are in contact and pay to the people who have access to the magazine days before release.
Damn, how do I get the hook up

>punch bigger really did end it all

should have invested in garp coin

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Calling all CoC chads!

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Did someone say CARROT

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Rabbit feet.

Film: Red.
August 6th.

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Raped by BBC(blackbeard cock)

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cringy as can be.

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Rodent is a Wanofag, him celebrating means Wano will last longer.

Reminder: his 'three candles burning' hint wasn't meaning Act 3 was ending as many would hope, or that someone 'important' was dying... it was for fucking OROCHI

Redon is a baiting faggot at heart

Luffy(real name Laughy) is Joy boy reincarnated
Nami is a D
It's all destiny shit, everything was prophesized from the beginning. It's all genetics, everyone's related to each other and the pirate king crew's offspring are the straw hat pirates

Racist shanks is the best meme to come out of these threads

No u

Kaido needs to end Luffy, so that Elbaf can start

What if WG's secret weapon are submarines with bustercall and kizaru lazer? Or better yet, maybe these submarines have build in df.

I hate Wano so much. Did I already mention this?


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Luffy, please lose so that this series can be salvaged

>these threads

Nothing more than a just theory

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This arc has gone on too long

I doubt the guys who get their hands on the magazine first would be open to more attention, they can get in serious trouble for that so the only option is tracking the first buyers probably on 2ch or some discord server

But the hint is a wrestler celebrating having the belt after winning, there aren't other things this could be referring but the end of the fight unless it's about burgess or something like that

I want Katakuri to sit on my face.

Gonna bet on you, you better be right


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Momo human form revealed (the wrestler)